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IT'S TRUE! Police officers in Illinois allowed to work 'half-drunk' in multiple counties: Video

View more videos at: http://nbcchicago.com.


The Daily Mail: A shocking new report has uncovered union contracts that allow police officers in Illinois to show up for duty while ‘half-drunk’ or up to one-percent under the state’s legal limit.

Three departments in suburban Illinois permit alcohol limits of up to .05 while two others up to .079 - or one percentage below the state's definition of being drunk - the report by the Better Government Association found.

The contracts reason a glass of wine taken with dinner before an overnight shift or a shot of cough medicine or mouth wash as possible sources for the blood and alcohol levels.

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Hey, they speed, run lights, and break other laws...

Why should we be surprised at this?

must be nice



The difference was that whenever a cop was pulled over for DUI, the "right" thing to do was to take his keys and give him a lift home - officer discretion (corruption).

Now consider firefighters pulled over for the same offense - jail, loss of vehicle, loss of job. That is of course unless you're well connected -

Now consider your average citizen.....

Reality - the red pill that's hard to swallow

When they are out at the bars

When they are out at the bars until the sun comes up.... I'm sure this contract helps out.... Hypocrites...

No wonder they can't shoot straight

and their union supports this?


How does alcohol react with steroids?


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With driving, even small amounts affect judgement.

Coupling alcohol and firearms with dangerous situations is a combination for disasters, IMO. Zero tolerance is only way.
Even Small Amounts of Alcohol May Impair Driving
Study Shows a Link Between Car Accidents and Drivers With Less Than Legal Limit for Alcohol in Blood

June 21 2011 -- Driving with a buzz can be as dangerous as driving when you are fully intoxicated, a new study suggests.

The blood-alcohol content (BAC) limit in the U.S. is set at 0.08%, but levels well below this legal limit are associated with car accidents that cause incapacitating injury and death. According to the CDC, close to 30 people in the U.S. die every day in motor vehicle crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver. This is the equivalent of one death every 48 minutes.

"Buzz kills," says David Phillips, PhD a sociologist at University of California, San Diego. "No amount of alcohol seems to be safe for driving."

The new study appears in Addiction.

In the study, drivers who tested positive for blood alcohol at levels well-below the legal BAC limit were more likely to be in severe car accidents than sober drivers largely because they drove significantly faster, were less likely to be appropriately using a seatbelt, and were usually driving the striking vehicle.

The more alcohol the driver drank, the faster that they were likely to be driving, and the more severe the car accident was likely to be, the study shows.
Alcohol Blood Levels

Lowering the legal BAC limit may help, Phillips says. In Sweden, the BAC limit is 0.02%; in Japan, it is 0.03%.

They carry firearms

In michigan, to carry openly or concealed, you must not be impaired in ANY WAY. .00% is the acceptable limit.

.05 or .079 BAC is not "half

.05 or .079 BAC is not "half drunk". Have you ever had a couple beers or a glass of wine? It's not drinking which makes the cops criminals, it is their actions. A drink or two does not suddenly transform a person. I think that this is looking at the wrong place for the true problem.

I'll reply to THIS and your other reply in quotes

"A drink or two does not suddenly transform a person."
Actually, would you agree with me that that would depend on the individual? Some can hold their liquor better and drink quite a bit and they are fine. Yet others, you give them one, JUST ONE drink, and they already feel the effects. These "effects" hamper judgement and reaction.

"a cop having a beer or a glass of wine is not related to bad law enforcement."
No it's not, but it is related to a possible bad and/or slow possible life saving decision. It could affect the officer's patience with a suspect, which could lead to the officer going overboard. As it could lead to a delayed reaction and bad motor skills where the officer just failed to save his partners life in a fire fight, where the outcome would have been different otherwise.

Some points to consider.

You Missed The Point Sir!!

The fact that they are permitted to drink, drive while protecting and serving the public and at the same time the public cannot drink and drive...

Do you see the hypocrisy sir? Can you see that this is wrong sir?


and it also points out that cops don't believe it's dangerous unless we do it.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

It is generally legal, in

It is generally legal, in most states, for the "public" to drive if they have a BAC under .08. Did you not realize this and do you not understand that a couple beers or a glass of wine will put a person very near this limit while doing almost nothing to effect the senses?

My point is that this rule, especially considering that it is the same rule that average citizens must follow, is not what makes law enforcement misbehave. I am no fan of cops, in general, but this post is misguided; a cop having a beer or a glass of wine is not related to bad law enforcement.

Ahhh :

That explains it.

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Well, we are half way there, then.

Get them to work passed out drunk, and things should be a lot better.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

this explains more imo

The stress must be off the charts in some places...from the schoolhouse to the jailhouse ...