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Pot vs. Coke

Pot vs. Coke

I want you all to remember that the common sense of the Mayor of New York City is truly noteworth.

He wants a certain amount to POT for daily use to be allowed; while at the same time outlawing or forbidding 16 ounces of certain sodas such as coke.

We must protect the health of our youth !!!!!!!! Right?

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Marijuana isn't detrimental

Marijuana isn't detrimental for your health, however, banning sodas is still ridiculous

Even when they are right they are wrong.

OK, I can get on board the "coke is worse than pot" bus... but you say you are taking us all to "Government Approved Portionsville? Wait a minute. Driver!!! Is there an alternate bus service?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Not that I agree with

Not that I agree with outlawing anything. But at least he's going after the MORE harmful of the two.

No one goes to jail for possessing soda

Sugary carbonated drinks cause far more health problems than weed, however the state has no place telling people what they can put in their bodies.

good point, Monsanto Produces most of the chemicles is Coke

which is something most people don't know.

The fact is that Coke is made up of unhealthy toxic chemicals in order to make high profits while pot is a plant nature gave us for free and has many benefits.

The idea that pot is safe/better than sugary sodas may seem absurd to some old fashion folks, but it's very true.