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I am hurt and now I got hurt and now something hurts worse on top of that.

Hey you know when Aaron Russo was dying we tried everything.I mean everything but all he asked for was prayer.

Totally helps, I know. I let you guys know I am sick just in time for your prayers to power me through losing my pop and I was starting to catch a wave through my birthday and all these other medicines...

and I felt LIFE and VIGOUR and ENTHUSIASM returning to my body and I had been threatening...I hinted to these guys that if it keeps up like this...

I might just be able to get out on the jobsite again.

And then I publish my little ebook fandangle and the feedback I got from that? BAM. That did it. LIGHTNING! and I told my bro Les-Joe dude, put me out on the jobsite, I am back with a fury, my right arm misses the 18oz Estwing on my apron, the nails in my bags are the sounds of a gun fighter's spurs and my steeltoes drag fires across the subfloors.

SURE IT HURT LIKE H-E-DOUBLE TOOTH PICKS but it was music to me, I was riding a wave and more than cautiously optimistic that if I play this right I might get back to being the real me and the oath I took.To be here for you when you need me in the ways in which you need help. To "bear the burden" so it was said. And to have relief from the more severe aspects of my condition was truly like being on clod 9 and the skies were looking clear and blue and I worked a full week working younger men half to death and this body was just loving the pain.

Then I started falling off a ladder and i tried to grab roof and that didn't work so I tried the last-ditch which was to jump away from the ladder but it turned into noodles and all that made me do was invert. So then just by instinct I'm trying to twist around and at least get my arms legs, anything in between me and the fate beneath but the rational part of my brain has this clock ticking and it's saying we're gonna get hurt in 3, 2, 1, BAM!

No I'm ok, luckily I broke the fall with my head, neck and shoulder. Same shoulder thats really had me all screwed up.

Yeah I'm ok, the elbow I broke as a kid? Well now it's broke again. Funny how it don't hurt as much this time. You get older and other stuff hurts worse.

This totally put the crapper on my whole coming back to life trip though. well not totally, I still feel the internal strength after having taken a 12 foot body slam, I just can't do much with it but type on one hand. Oh and I just threw away a pretty good life-long safety record. I been hurt on the job before but not many men can or would do some of the jobs I have done.That's part of why I command respect among men. I know what I'm doing, I know what needs to be done. I don't assert myself all the time, I'd rather let my younger brothers do it. But if I sense things going astray, this steel toe boot cones down with the voice of THUNDER.

So naturally I take the quick ride down the ladder and in this day and age of instant communication, everybody in the camp knows that The Great Smudge Pot...

fell down and had to be picked back up. Like a little kid.

And The Great Smudge Pot didn't get back up on that ladder. Not yesterday he didn't. And The Great Smudge Pot's younger brothers more or less scooped him up and conveyed him home to an adoring community.

Who hit him up for pills.


Yup. And this is the hurt that is hurting ne nore than the hurt on top of the hurt on top of the hurt.

I really am "disabled" I'm sick as dip and it's physiological. I just don't wanna be and I'm more scared of government than the devil himself. I must be the only person for miles around living by a very old code which states that I got my problems and you got yours. Everybody around here is on food stamps. They mostly are hooked up n state medical care and literally GETTING INJURED ON THE JOB TO THEM MEANS FREE DRGS AND PAID VACATION AT THE LEAST.

The poor home owner was concerned for me but also for herself. It's almost presumed that somebody's insurance is getting activated and lawsuits to follow. OK that's conventional wisdom right?

Yeah? Somebody has to pay for me falling off a ladder?

OK well how about this: the fact is I fell off a ladder and no matter what, I probably won't get "better". And no amount of money will change that. Screw that, I want back up in the ladder. I want billables coming in well after the day I die. Everything I have I paid cash for up front or it was given to me by individuals. In my tradition it's not even appropriate to ask for one's self in prayer, the 7 Ceremonies always involve sacrifice.

How about I say no to emergency rooms and x rays to tell me I am hurt and splint my arm just as good as they ca? How about we all do NOTHING BECAUSE AT LEAST THAT WON'T MAKE IT WORSE?

And I do look upon these camp grounds as repositories of simple values of decency where there is always a spot indoors when it's cold outside and a plate of food and a brew and a kind word around the camp fire, where are these values gone if nobody understands that I live here and I work for what I have and what I can't pay for I don't have? Even what people consider crucial emergency medical care these days?

And I weep not for me but for my people. My Oyasin. Look what my people are reduced to on and off the reservations.

Two guys saw me fall and they both say they saw me bounce. That only means they only saw me hit the ground the second time. The third time was when I got home.

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I also took 2 inches of sheet metal

just below my eye. Man you can bet we took our time easing that one out.

It hurt pretty much. But not as bad. Hey get this, when these jokers I got for neighbours learned I didn't have any pills from the goverment milk tit they offered me some.

It's their way of trying to say they care.

Man. Yours and my tax dollars going to buy these people drugs and I get them back like somebody is doing us a favour?

Let's call the cards shall we? These people can't give me anything I didn't pay for, they can't feed us with food stamps because we already bought it for them. BOTTOM LINE IS YOU CAN'T CONFER OR CONVEY THAT WHICH YOU DON'T OWN.

For me this truly encapsulates freedom. If I own it, its mine to keep or to give away and don't try to market back to me what I gave you for free.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Remind me not to ever stand too close to you

during a lightning storm. All kidding aside, I hope you have a miraculous recovery.

I probably won't get "better".

If it were possible would you want to get better? Listen to a veterinarian.

Here what he would say.

Drinking carbonated beverages de-calcifies bones making them easier to fracture.

He would also point out that your graying hair and varicose veins and joint problems were a copper deficiency.

For about $120/month you could be back on that ladder by summertime.

Two summer ago i moved two tons of scrap fenders and hood from my lawn to the recyclers. I build roof on my house for the back of my house and helped my son and daughter put new roofs on their houses.

A year ago my knees were in really bad shape, I could barely walk for the pain.

The vet told me what vitamins and minerals I was missing. My beard is getting darker and my joints are now happy. This summer I will be back at it again.

Free includes debt-free!

Hope things get better for

Hope things get better for you. There is no shame in asking for or needing help when you really could use it....

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

May Great Spirit wrap you in his wings

of love and comfort, and walk with you hand-in-hand through this terrible time. Know that each experience we bring to ourselves, is for our own learning and soul growth. Be at peace, my brother, and bask in the fathers light. I send you love and light in the days ahead.

I Am Sorry

that things are going so wrong with you these days. I can tell you that if you are somewhere where you can get shiatsu treatments that they worked wonders for me after a serious car wreck. They do wonders for you spiritually and physically if you can find the right shiatsu doctor. It's very healing. Also, I have had you in my thoughts ever since you lost your dad. You probably have more people thinking about you than you could ever know for what that is worth. I feel for you and so do many others (once again, for what that's worth) keep keeping on, you deserve better times and you WILL find them!


Sorry for all you are going through

A lot of people are roughing it right now. My wife has crohns disease and we have been driven into poverty after losing our $200k house in 2009 after we BOTH lost our jobs just a few months apart.

I've got a bachelors degree and 18 years experience in network admin but the only places around here that are hiring IT people are the MIC and I refuse to go back to work for them. Right now I work but its in the service industry...took a job from either a teenager or that a person with less education would normally have. We did sign up my wife for medicaid but we both have been stolen from by the State for over 35 years...and with my wife having crohns...she had little choice. I don't have or need health insurance...but she does and we can't afford all the natural alternatives that would likely keep her disease in remission.

On another note...which I expect will get me voted down in mass... Does your specific situation not provide a perfect example that prayer does not work? I just don't understand why people pray when clearly people who are deserving of a helping hand from "God" are regularly ignored? Add to that God has yet to heal an amputee. At some point it would seem people would recognize that praying does nothing... but clearly thats not the case.

Hope you begin to feel better soon.

God does answer, my friend,

the problem is that God will help you, but he won't do it for you, which is what most people expect. And some things are supposed to happen to us for the soul experience we need. We always draw experiences to us for our soul learning. May you find the peace you seek.

And yes, I will be praying for you and your wife, my friend.


Hey krp.nc , what happened to your video post of D. Duke exposing Znst control. I went to follow up the comments and it is gone with Acccess Denied 403 coming up instead. Feel free to respond via email. I friended you here on DP.
Steven of Virginia

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.


accidental dublpost

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

Thanks krp

I understand your comment but if anything I tend to be more accepting of a spritual type of "oneness" with the universe than anything resembling what most people describe as "God". I wholly disregard that any bible is "the word of God".

Also, what is your criteria for disproof? In other words how would you know that God did not exist? How would you be able to tell if your belief in what you call God is false?

and I'm not being a smarta$$ saying this...its on a T-Shirt I own and I enjoy saying it anytime someone says they will pray for me.

You Pray For Me, I'll THINK for You! (Nothing personal, I love all my friends in Liberty!) In fact when I'm arguing constitutional rights, I always have to say that my rights were granted to me by my creator...or sometimes I say my humaity but since the constitution says creator...I'm kind of locked in with that word.

Enjoy your weekend!


I can't believe what you just wrote. shudder. And you don't hurt? My hat is off to you smudge pot. That's incredible.. I'm blown away.

3 lessons

1) Never grab for a gutter while falling off a roof. Any half witted rooffer will tell you that. But human nature will have you grabbing something that will lacerate your finger.

2) If someone hits you up for pain meds? Shoot them "accidentally" with a nail gun and they can go to the doc.

3) (I have short term memory loss from too many concussions so I already forgot) In any case your story may be an allegory IMHO. So lessons 1 & 2 may be useless.

Anyone worth their salt will tie off a ladder, only idiots and those falling off of a roof will grab a gutter - saw it myself - firsthand - half his finger got ripped off, and people hitting you up for pain pills, say sure, these are the kill, and give them a laxative. Or shoot them on accident with the nail gun.

Hopefully they take three at once. Honestly I can't remember #3. Take it from someone who has had numerous injuries, especially those to the dome, it will screw you up. Last CT scan I had my doc said no more concussions (thanks for spell check), and I've had two since then.

Always tie off a ladder. #1 rule. #2 rule - never grab a gutter. Rule #3 never take off an existing roof. Leave that to idiots who will fall off and grab the gutter. Rule #4 - never hot mop. Only an idiot would do that. Luckily the one time I could do it I got bit by a necro spider and had 10 ft of gauze in my ankle. I was the lucky guy to feed the cylinders into the machine.

Yep, I definitely agree with

Yep, I definitely agree with the gutter thing. I have also seen someone tear their middle finger almost all the way off.

love to you

I wish I could open people's eyes to how much they aren't living. May someone learn from you.

Today is a beautiful day, the crocuses are blooming. Spring is on the horizon, a new year begins.

For You Smudg Pot!!....{{Let It Be}}

{{Let It Be}} {{Let It Be}}

{{Let It Be}} {{Let It Be}}


God Speed!

Hoka hey

but I guess not today, my friend, and I am glad you bounced.
Do you have a good herbalist available? If you can find Arnica Montana, the REAL stuff, not homeopathic (although both is even better) you may find it a blessing on the aches and pains. My husband once lost a shot at a millworking job over it... :) He and another young man were given a competitive chance at one opening, sent them to pulling green-chain. I fed my husband homeopathic arnica and he rubbed down with the liniment a couple times a day. At the end of the week, the other guy could hardly move he was so sore, Mark was fit as a fiddle. So they decided Mark must not have been working hard enough and gave the other guy the job - lol!
And I am so sorry about the people, I can only echo Jesus... They know not... I would say "Hand them a list of possible side effects" but these are the same type of people who simply do not believe bad things could possibly happen to them. Even when bad things keep happening to them...
You are not "disabled" you have been mislabeled. I am sorry that was done to you, or to anyone. There was a time we cherished our elders, even the ones who probably didn't really deserve it. We excused them with things like "eccentric" and "curmudgeon" but now we just treat them like another mark to shake down.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

+plus for arnica


Someone downvoted your +plus for arnica?

Perhaps it's someone who feels threatened by so-called alternative remedies. Arnica is readily available w/out a prescription and works wonders.

Sorry to hear about the accident, Smudge Pot. I'll keep you in my prayers and wish you all good medicine.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Let it be

Let it be that my heart becomes soft and let my eyes see

Let the hardness fall away from me and let my ears be open

Let thoughts of goodness govern my actions and my feet to walk in The Way

To deny violence room in my heart, Tunkashila, let it be

And let it be that I endure and grow with grace and humility like the leaves on the trees that just fall away in their time.

Tunkashila, let it be.


Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.