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The War Is Over...And We Won. All that's left is surviving the turbulent transitions ahead.

The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick

The war I'm talking about is the war between individuals and the state. You see, governments have already lost. They just don't know it yet. There has been a war going on between collectivizing, coercive government and the allied forces of individualism, freedom and markets for quite some time. Exactly how long is hard to say because for most of history it seems that the governed more or less accepted that they need to be governed and accepted the brutality of politicians, whether those politicians were tribal chiefs, pharaohs, princes or presidents. So there wasn't much of a fight going on between the forces of coercion (the state) and the forces of cooperation and peace (the market) for the first few thousand years of human civilization.

But something started to shift in the last few hundred years. Maybe it was by accident and maybe it's the result of countless fortunate accidents; scientific discoveries coupled with explorations in philosophy. But humanity managed to reach an Age of Enlightenment and an Industrial Age. Standards of living began to rise for the masses, and people started to realize that being free was much, much better than being property of the king. Later, at the end of the 20th Century, they would also realize that being free was also better than being property of the collective. Not only was it better for individual happiness when one was not owned, but it was also better for material progress when a bunch of free individuals were left alone to use their talent and resources to satisfy their desire to create and to make a profit.

So it's hard to pinpoint when the war started exactly, though it's almost certainly within the last few hundred years; and it really picked up steam with the colonization of North America. But I can suggest a definite period for the end of the war.


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Thanks for posting

I really needed a counterpoint like this one, especially today.

The perspective of this article is an equally valid one to the alternative (that they are winning, and we are already fked). It's one I consider often.

Sometimes we need a reminder that the future is not written yet - and that the countervailing trend of Internet may just prove their undoing.

I got that same inkling when...

I got that same inkling when I found an article by Representative Ron Paul at www.antiwar.com back in 2002.

Raimondo, Garris, Horton and others had already been busy denouncing the unConstitutional Wars in Bosnia and environs for several years. Their efforts in these info wars is second to none.

Please Support their efforts. No one knows when the next surfer in frustration will type www.antiwar.com into their browser and realize that they are not alone in their hatred for the killing and destruction of modern war.

By 2007 I was plowing through Rothbard and all the great lectures at www.Mises.org As an engineer I could not understand how men could use an elastic measuring stick ($FRN) to build an efficient economy. Simple. It can't be done.

In January 2008 I became a County Delegate and attended the MI State 2008 GOP Convention.

Since then I have regularly visited Daily Paul where free men and women gather to comment, debate and rant and rave for liberties lost and liberty found.

When the War with Afghanistan commenced on false accusations I had little hope for the new millennium.

But here among some of the most amazing liberty minded individuals I find solace.

It is not whether we agree or disagree, but because we care enough to share our thoughts and agendas in the open.

The price of liberty for us and our children is eternal vigilance.

Thank you one and all.

Free includes debt-free!

Drone strikes, kill list, gun control

This war is just beginning. You'll know the war has began when the collapse of the US dollar inevitably occurs.


are you smoking?


Less Optimistic

I would like to be as optimistic in my appraisal of the situation however there are still a host of appalling signs that this is not the case. We are still not in control of our federal government; we are still not in control of our corporations; we are still not in control of our nuclear accidents spoiling our hemisphere; we are still not in control of this shit being sprayed into our skies; we are still not in control of the reckless spending of our politicians; we are still not producing inspired, creative and intelligent youth able to compete with their Chinese or Indian counterparts; the list goes on.

Perhaps if you could provide some evidence that our future is not set by the satanically oriented power centers of the planet's self-appointed resource managers I could share your sentiment. Oh please furnish evidence...


There has been an ongoing battle of ideas, ethic and philosophy, between Individualism & Collectivism, which Collectivism has largely won.

The real awakened 'liberty-movement' is too small and far too slowly growing to stay ahead of the accelerating curve, despite the wishes, feelings and fervent desires of the larger 'hopeful' membership.

Factually, we are amongst the most carefully controlled and managed people on earth and most don not even know it.

The real war hasn't even begun yet.

It awaits an unlikely broad-awakening to this battle between ethic & philosophy and of individuals subsequently and necessarily drawing an unbending line-in-the-sand and subsequently pushing-back with necessary force, likely of arms.

Working hard to avoid it, but people had damn-well better wake up to the very real likelihood and prepare in earnest for its coming.

As I see it.

Interesting viewpoint

however the evidence I see, especially since the events of 911, lead me to conclude something to the contrary. I hope I am wrong.

I hope he is right.

Forgive me for being a bit jaded, perhaps... but I understand Ed McMahon is driving around looking for me, and I am still waiting for the Tim Turner inauguration... I appreciate the sentiment, but the governments that lost and don't know it yet are still taking money out of my paycheck and performing live-action vigilante executions and threatening to drone me for thinking too loud... I guess I was hoping for a victory that was a little less oppressive, maybe even an obvious one.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.