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How the System Works - and What We Can Do

I posted this in another thread, but decided to start a new thread because I wanted to take a different approach to discussing this.

Here is what I wrote:

The top investors in all the largest corporations are the same companies, specifically: Fidelity, Black Rock, State Street, Vanguard, JP Morgan Chase, New York Bank Mellon, and a few others.

Not only that, but these companies are also the largest shareholders in each other, in most cases (largest shareholders of JP Morgan Chase, which itself is a large shareholder in other companies, are Vanguard, State Street, etc.).

However, keep in mind that these companies are also mutual funds, hedge funds, and "investment management" or "advisory" companies. So, if 10,000 people each have $100,000 in retirement funds with Fidelity, then Fidelity investment managers will need to invest that $1 billion under management. So, it stands to reason that they will invest in some of the larger companies.

JP Morgan Chase has a bank, a trust department, and also does "investment services." It is the largest in the world, managing $2 TRILLION in assets.

Bank of America also manages $2 TRILLION. Citigroup is nearly $2 TRILLION, with Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs near $1 TRILLION each.

Between those 5 companies, they control a total of $8 TRILLION in assets.

The total value of ALL the publicly owned companies in the WORLD is about $50 trillion.

So, these 5 companies could buy up almost 20% of every publicly-owned company in the world. But they don't do that, of course. They would diversify investments and only a portion would be put into stocks.

However, they don't have to buy up all of the stock anyway.

Let's say the world's stock market valuation is $50 trillion, and these 5 companies have $10 trillion to work with.

They could buy 51% of every publicly-owned company on the planet and it would cost $25.5 trillion. They have $10 trillion, so they would have to borrow $15.5 trillion. Who would they borrow from? Duh. They are BANKS! They would borrow from each other. And how would they do that? Double Duh. They are FEDERAL RESERVE banks or connected to them. They would be able to PRINT that money, one way or the other.

Keep in mind, they do NOT want to buy (or better yet, control) EVERY company out there. Probably more like 1,000 or so is all, and probably only a few dozen are really important -- those that build infrastructure (government waste is a HUGELY profitable scam ... er business), defense companies (military industrial complex), oil companies, etc.

And it's not even "their" money. It is your money, my money, your neighbor's money, etc. People put their money into banks, retirement, funds, mutual funds, trusts, etc. for various financial reasons.

By CONTROLLING THE MONEY, they can control the big corporations, and through that, the politicians.

Regardless if it is specifically the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, various CFR members, or anyone else, the important thing to figure out is that it is this CONTROL OF EVERYONE'S MONEY that is the KEY to their power.

And don't forget, large companies (defense contractors, media companies, infrastructure companies, etc.) also need to BORROW money from time to time, and THIS is another tool used to gain control. Loans can be written in such a way that the banker gains the right to put one of their guys on the Board of Directors, for example. Inside information! Plus, the ability to call a loan due gives the banker massive power over the company.

The Federal Reserve is the primary tool that backstops everything else, but it is controlling Average Joe's money that REALLY gives them the power.

It is through using YOUR money through banking, financial services, retirement planning services, investment advisory services, insurance services (Warren Buffett's big tool), bank lending, and then the Federal Reserve to do the heavy lifting when necessary, that a relatively small group of people can control MOST of big business, big media, and the politicians.

And then with that money, they also fund the government's universities, making sure "their" agenda is promoted in academia.

By offering deals, they buy the politicians, too. Newt Gingrich set up a "consulting" company after he got booted out of Congress and made millions through that company. Karl Rove has his own "consulting" company, that gets paid by the GOP.

Acorn and other "non-profit" companies get grants from government, which are used to promote politicians, who give more grants to the NGO's.

Big Business gets contracts with the government, which lines the pockets of the directors and others who are connected, including politicians who sit on those boards when they are not in office or running for office (Romney is back on the board of Marriott, Herman Cain sits on several boards -- and he's as dumb as they come).

This is how they use the capital of the masses to their advantage. They funnel it into banks, investment companies, political campaign contributions, charitable organizations, that are all POLITICALLY-CONNECTED.

Business is great. Charity is great. Investment is great. Some investment advisers are great (most are worthless tools, just parroting the "mainstream wisdom," but some are very good).

But there are SOME people who gain advantages by setting up a system (or participating in that system after it was set up by others) that funnels money FROM the masses TO THEM.

This is what taxation is REALLY all about. This is what central banking is REALLY all about. This is what Big Business is REALLY all about. This is what Big Charity is REALLY all about. This is why Big Media and Big Education REALLY exist -- to support the narrative that these other institutions are "honorable" and that anything or anyone who is contrary to or even talks in a contrary manner is somehow ... a "conspiracy nut."

Probably the only way to defeat this is to: (a) educate a lot of people as to what is going on, and (b) start to structure alternatives and using the alternative services instead of the rigged system. Imagine if 20% of the people who currently funnel their money into the corrupt system were to stop sending money to them and instead send their money to a free market alternative -- and did so because they understood what the reality was (meaning, they also recognized mainstream media and education as propaganda)!


So, I would like this tread to be where people can point out PRACTICAL WAYS to stop doing business with those who would use our money against us.

How do we funnel our money AWAY FROM "them?"

Here are a few ideas:

(1) Do NOT buy insurance from Geico. This is Warren Buffett's company, and he is one of "them."

(2) Do NOT bank with the major banks (Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, to name a few). Instead, do business with smaller banks, but make sure they are not owned by the big banks.

(3) When you give to charity, make sure it is not one of the "Big Charity" organizations that get a lot of government grants.

(4) If you have investment funds with one of the largest companies, move your money to a different company.

(5) Don't buy gas from the former Rockefeller companies, which are not among the largest corporations on Earth: Exxon, Mobile, Chevron.

Anybody else have specific things to do?