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The Conversation: Ron Paul

Smiley and West head to Texas to speak with former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul about drones, Libertarianism, and his new radio program, Ron Paul’s America.


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Just listened

and was about to post, but you were there.

This could be one of the most influential interviews by Dr. Paul.

More fruit. Spread the news .... outside of our own echo chamber.

The conversation

Is vague, and why the other post attracted attention. You might have left a link to your post on the other thread.

I'm no expert when it comes to titles, but I know I clicked on the other first because it had a headline that informed me WHO was in "the conversation".


The Title

I do my best to keep the title the same as what the site it came from has. This way people can see that it wasn't manipulated and know what to expect.This way it keeps the integrity of the original post, to keep any copyright law infractions from happening.

You are right though, it is bland, and that I should have also provided the link in the other thread. Much appreciated on that.

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changing the earth

one post at a time.. bump.

Fantastic interview!

I loved it, thanks for sharing.

Bump for Ron Paul!!


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

OK, he just said

being able to work from home is important to him.

He could work from home and do this. Once a month, maybe?
How cool would that be?

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Up vote because I can't

Up vote because I can't imagine why someone would down vote your post. I very much enjoyed (and related to) your post on racism. I'm seven years older than you, and grew up in the south. The history that you describe is spot on.

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