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Ron Paul interviewed by Tavis Smiley & Cornel West - Imagine that! This is wonderful!

These two had to have been impressed with Ron!


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Ron Paul communicates the message well

This is the right way to get our message out. Not by shouting and arguing, but by politely telling the message whether they are ready to hear it or not.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.

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Good RP Interview

I like Tavis Smiley. I think he's genuine in his motives and feel badly that he still trusts that Democrats have black people's best interest at heart, particularly where education is concerned. Nothing hurts them more than what the current system has devolved to, thanks to progressives being in control. I think he needs to put Bullworth on repeat until he gets it.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
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Hi mdefarge

was just getting ready to listen to this interview and was running thru the comments first and came across you. Have thought of you often and hope you are well.

Hi bear

Yes, I'm fine - if at the moment we're experiencing a wild windstorm. I'd be worried about the power going off from downed limbs, but I think all the trees around here got well-pruned during Hurricane Sandy. I've been thinking about you, too.:)

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

We had a tornado go thru a town south of us a few years back

...the trees...I had never seen anything like it. They remain a reminder. What a sweet surprise to see your valentine! I am glad I ran into you so I could have Valentines Day all over again! We a have a pretty and sunny day today. Really enjoyed Dr. Paul's interview. Can't wait for his radio program! Tavis and Cornel scare me a bit. Then again, someone, is telling me there is a good form of socialism...one that is voluntary and one in which the individual is supreme. I am not very smart about a lot of things so I am still trying to figure it out. Have you ever heard of John Pilger?

Smiley and Cornel gave a

fair interview. They allowed Dr. Paul to make his points without interruption and for that they have my respect.

they seem to

like him

Good stuff

That's what I have been missing. Not gotcha journalism or 3 minute segments. A more philosophical discussion.

More, More, More!

If Ron Paul had just recommended them a couple of books on economics, I think we'd have a couple new converts to libertarianism. He did a great job pointing out the flaws in their magical thinking.

It was almost as impressive as the time he silenced Whoopie Goldberg with a simple question.

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Interesting. I'll definitely

Interesting. I'll definitely listen to it. I've occasionally listened to Smiley and West and tend not to agree with many of their viewpoints, but they also have pointed criticisms that are fair.


Ron Paul is the one to articulate all those seemingly impossible questions. You can't blame people who are in fear for being in fear. I would like to hear or see a proforma/a "what if"... we never had a Federal Reserve. What would 98cents on every dollar ever issued remained in the hands of the people - what would America actually look today? What was "Argentine Rich" and what did that look like? Paint the picture Ron! I can't imagine - maybe freedom to create, solve, dream, live, give, love and learn. Let's do it!

This is good stuff.

This is what the Daily Paul USED to be all about. This is what drew me to DP. Everyone here should listen to this and "vote it up".

Vote this, vote that, whatever.

It is conversation like this that I miss. Thanks for posting.

Oh my.

Cornel West and Ron Paul having a conversation. Yes, I will be listening to this. Thanks for sharing.

And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

I listened to the Smiley and

I listened to the Smiley and West program last Sunday night for a few minutes while driving to church. I was really impressed with it, at least to the parts I listened. They were really adamant on how horrible the drone strategy is and they were really bashing Obama. I think Ron Paul and these talk show hosts have a lot in common. The thing is, they both want the same thing. I tend to agree with the libertarian way of getting those things though. History seems to support the libertarian ideals for providing civilizations that we desire.

I just found the ending to be perplexing. Ron Paul talks how democracy is not very desirable but Dr. West seems to think that Ron Paul was embracing it.

To be sure, some distinct

To be sure, some distinct philosophical differences, but a respectful exchange of opinions and ideas! Something for every person willing to listen and think.

Did I Miss Something? Seemed to Me

like a race rant attacking Ron Paul for not wanting to support the welfare queens from now on until the end of time. Poor poor black folk NEED the extra gov'ment help and iffin yo don't like it, yo is racist Mista Paul. WHY do SO many black people CONSTANTLY have to be about RACE? Rev. Manning and Thomas Sowell and our fun buddy TMOT would have had a lot to say in this interview! Call me racist for this post I really don't care. I am SICK of having to be "politically correct" or be labeled some stupid label made up by the puppet masters in order to divide us! The people that scream the loudest about racism are the MOST racist of all! Ron Paul was trying to explain that people should be treated equally according to the INDIVIDUAL and their ACTIONS and all those two jerks heard was "we need to cut funding for blacks because libertarians hate blacks" GIVE ME A BREAK! Why is everyone here acting like it was so great?


It was so great Skippy, because Ron Paul politely articulated

how FOS West was, wanting special treatment for blacks. What I loved is how he just couldn't be dragged into a debate about a race & instead kept it about individuals. You won't hear discussions like that with a voice like Ron's ANYWHERE but with him! I LOVE IT!!!!

I felt that Ron put them on the spot & made West appear racist about his own race! If only millions of people could hear this kind of discourse. I hope that Ron's radio show makes that a reality.

Well, Okay, You Are Right

Thanks for the response, I just really hate it that Ron is ALWAYS having to defend his stance. It seems he is ALWAYS butting heads with people who are intellectually stunted compared to him. I just wish once in a while he could share his knowledge without it turning into an attack by people with an agenda! I hope you get your wish about the radio show!


Why shouldn't he have to defend his position?

Smiley and West are coming from a perspective that if the government would step in and look out for minorities, they would be better protected and able to pursue prosperity and happiness. Interventionism is their long-held view. Paul's view is new to them and completely foreign; this is a third option for them that they likely didn't know existed. Believe it or not, these people are learning too. They don't assume to have all the answers.

So Paul's answers about treating people as individuals will only be accepted if that approach can stand the test of objections. They had questions about it; there were no "gotcha questions", and they weren't trying to paint him as racist. They were kicking the tires. It may seem disrespectful to the dealer for you to kick a car's tire, but if it can stand, you'll buy the car.

In the same way, there are many who question the merits of libertarianism. Those people are going to ask the questions THEY want to know about, not the ones YOU want to tell about. So don't be so easily offended. Tell them what they need to know.

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Kaspersky security software is telling me

This site/link is dangerous and denies me access.

Do your best have no expectations

Norton anti-virus told me something similar.

I listened anyway. Why are people voting your comment down when all you are doing is reporting a fact.

You Got Voted Down

because your antivirus says it's a bad link and you had the NERVE to say so, I got voted down for the same. Did we somehow offend people on DP by having our anti-virus software detect problems with beavis and buttheads site and dare to say so?


Yeah, My Anti'Virus Did Too

Listened anyway because it was RP but after listening to those morons doing the interview I am sorry I did!



I am being voted down for simply stating that my Norton antivirus software is telling me that the site in the link is suspicious. WTH is wrong with people here?


I voted you back up, but I

I voted you back up, but I think the reason you got downvoted was for dismissing Tavis Smiley and Cornel West (who I don't always agree with, but they were very respectful) as morons, not for the AV line.

Cornel West

When West speaks of a good government controlled by the poor, what he is describing is Communism. Where the government provides for the people. He doesn't realize that in a system like that, the most devious, wicked minded people will take over and everyone will live in misery. Or maybe he does realize it...

Try arguing what you're for,

Try arguing what you're for, not what you're against. If people voluntarily choose to be in a communist society, what's the problem? Did you voluntarily choose to be in our current system?


The Problem

Not everyone will choose to live in any system. That's the problem. If 51% of the people choose Communism, is it ok to impose that system on the other 49%? That's the point of liberty. That's what I'm for, or are you not familiar with the site that you're posting on.

Your comment may be the dumbest comment I have read in a long time. And don't tell me what I should or should not do.

So you're against democracy

So you're against democracy or communism? Or some combination of the two? You seem pretty confused.