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Currency Wars - let the game begin!


Always interesting to see how things end. I don't see much else that the Federal Government can do to prevent an economic collapse. Just seems like they are running out of ideas, and the fact they are looking at inflating the currency only goes to show how desperate things have become. This ought to be a good show...

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Deep breath, my friend.

My father got tipped off to the coming silver shortage and economic collapse... in the late 1950's. He died waiting for it to happen. These tuckfards have rabbits they can pull out of hats you never knew existed.
I agree, things look VERY serious right now, some decidedly funny business happening in metals. But... do not "bet the farm" on their inability to find another magic trick.
I don't mean to sound condescending at all, I just see that you have only been here a few months and the first ride around the metals market-go-round can be a rough ride.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Hyperinflation is nothing new to me...

Brazil went through some serious inflation in the 80s and early 90s. We just learn to adapt to the system, bartering becomes second nature. Farm equipment was purchased with bags of soybeans, food purchased in quantities when we would sell some of our crops, negotiate a new car when the crop gets harvested...well you get the point. Some people can adapt, especially people living out of the cities and those that have low day to day costs. As for everyone else, well life gets a little harder. But you do get huge raises.

As for buying metals...some is good, but I'll stick to farming, at least I'll still have some food.


Farming is the direct path to liberty. Metal is still a nice "rainy day fund."

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.