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Violation of Constitutional Protection of 2nd Amendment in Montana

I received this information from an acquaintance who I don't believe would lie about such an event. I was not a witness to the event. I'll recount the details of the event as relayed to me, but I won't name the participants.

A couple of days ago, the son of my acquaintance was traveling on his bike with his rifle strapped over his shoulder as he normally does. Unfortunately, a cop stopped him and harassed him about carrying the gun. The boy was familiar with his right to bear opens in an open-carry state so he refused to relinquish his gun. A "superior" officer was called and arrived on the scene. One of the officers responded that the boy didn't have any constitutional rights, grabbed the gun, ejected the rounds, jammed the barrel into the ground, and confiscated a couple of the rounds. Why would an officer steal bullets unless there would be an attempt to frame the boy if necessary? Although the boy stood his ground, the officers were intent on confiscating the boy's rifle as well. After a temporary standoff, the officers returned the rifle to the boy, but not the stolen bullets.

This crap might be tolerated in Connecticut or New York, but I sincerely doubt it will be tolerated in Montana. Although I've encouraged the acquaintance to file a complaint, a much stronger message needs to be sent to the local law enforcement. I should provide the acquaintance a telephone number for a contact within Oath Keepers.

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Cops have to account for every round they fire,

but if they cop a few rounds of the same caliber, they can lie about how many shots they fire. Or maybe the caliber of the boy's rounds was the same as the cop's second gun, you know, the one he shoots you with when he can't use his official one.

thanks so much for the info!


Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html