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I just got bit by a dog!

...while delivering a pizza to a guy!

His old lady pooch ran out the door, tried to bite my right foot; the.customer yelled at her...she ran around behind me and snapped at my left.calf....what the???

He told me she's never done that before, handed me.$30 on a delivery that cost $26.51 ... He said "keep it"....whatever...need to put that dog down, dude!!!



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Go to the hospital, they have

Go to the hospital, they have bad bacteria that can really mess you up!

They will see you first, clean out the wound, and give you an antibiotic. It can get really bad if you don't get it cleaned out.

The hospital???

Did you see the picture? Looks like a paw scratch and a bruise. I'm no doc but I'd laugh that guy right out of the ER if he came to me with a 'wound' like that.

I washed with peroxide,

...and put neosporin on the scratch...

If the owner wasn't yelling, that dog may have punctured my skin & calf...she was running away from his voice while snapping...

Time to put that old dog down though; the old lady is "mad"!

old lady was doing

her job.
it's the owners fault.

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Apply Iodine. Betadine is what I use on wounds and bruises.

It fights infection and promotes healing. When the body makes replacement tissues, Iodine and Omega3 (ie fish oils) are needed.

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