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How To Feed The Homeless


Even better:

Difficult problems require creative solutions.

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Aside from funny , it's noble

Fishy I like you, but I'm gonna have to call you out. I posted this as a joke which you seemed disturbed by:

The way you worded your response, I wrote it off as maybe you being a little oversensitive about a joke that was partly based on invasion of privacy. Maybe I was wrong and it had to do with people showing a little skin that you didn't find amusing, but you did mentioned hidden cameras, so I don't know.

Yet taking money out of someone else's pocket for the benefit of someone else's, however noble and whether it was done under false pretenses or not, doesn't bother you?

Different things hit me differently on different days.

Thanks for blowing it off if I was cranky. And while I have to agree, it is a form of theft, I also need a laugh from time to time. It does expose how willing people are to kow-tow to a corrupt police force without so much as a second thought.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Geez, I can't even feed the homeless right.

ha ha I saw the title and

ha ha I saw the title and immediately said I bet that is fishy's thread... Tom Mabe is a crack up

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