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We lost.

We had our convention today to elect committee members. We had a slate of people to put up against the establishment. They had not been challenged in 12 years.

But one by one we lost each election. I'm not sure why.

These people were so quick to pat each others backs claiming victory in this year's elections. One of our representatives won by 1 vote. Hardly a victory.

Out of 180 delegates elected last year, only 90 showed today.

Our party is not only broken...but we are broke. They had a silent auction at the convention today. Some of the top donations were some pies and a couple of bottles of wine.

Last year's convention was the first one I have ever attended. I was horrified by these people. We were touted as infiltrators and democrats and forced to show IDs even though we are in a state that does not require IDs. Yet each and everyone of them claimed in their speeches today to want to reach out to the youth vote.

Well guess what...I am the youth vote! And I was the youngest delegate on the floor by at least two decades.

My party is in trouble. We are on the verge of being non existent.

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Never give up!

Look at the size of the liberty movement today compared to 5 years ago.
The youth of this movement is growing faster than my age group (50+), and has the staying power to take over.
Remember, these old time crony's will die off, and we need to be prepared to step up and step in!
In Liberty,


Stay strong you only been

Stay strong you only been going to conventions for one year, keep gaining experience, knowledge. You learn by doing, stay in contact with all Ron Paul Republicans. Never stop, thanks for your work. You did good, you showed up!

Lesson to take home from this:

In any remaining county or state conventions: Spend at least the two weeks before it reminding OUR delegates that it's coming up, helping them arrange to be there, and organizing a coherent plan to win it.

You know that's what THEY are doing. When we've got the numbers we can beat them, but only if we're organized well enough for those numbers to COUNT.

If we stay at home, we lose by default.

Yes there are two ways to win. But winning by transforming an existing major party is one HECK of a lot easier than starting a new party from scratch or beefing up an existing minor party such as the Libertarians.

- The majors have a bunch of institutional advantages they built into the system.
- If we don't transform one of them the UNtransformed party will still be out there to oppose us. Further, it will be more unified in its dirty-trick attacks once our supporters are no longer there to oppose them.
- If we can't organize well enough to win at the party level (or at least, when corrupt party officials cheat us out of a win, expose them, and drive them out of the party or leave them with a useless wreck), how can we HOPE to win at the GOVERNMENTAL level?

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

I live in a very rural area.

I live in a very rural area. Not many Ron Paul supporters. Lots of farmers. It's hard to win here. My slate was not even all Ron Paul supporters but a mix of people who want open doors ( I'm still working on these people but I figured it was a good thing to build a coalition with the ones who invite me to their table). The fact is, our local establishment has not been challenged in over 12 years. We are going to challenge them every time.

Bummer bro

Our liberty delegates lost at ours too. Doesn't matter much. We are not depending on the party alone to make the changes needed.

'Out of 180 delegates elected last year, only 90 showed today.'

That is because the election is over. Where we are the most effective is when we are the minority. The reason why we defeated the party, Rove and McConnel and won Rand a Senate seat is because we remained united after the 08 election and rallied around Rand.

Kentucky elected him, but without our help he would have never had a chance in hell to be elected.

Identify those still involved and gather support under a local candidate or legislation for the midterm elections. It seems the only way we win is when a minority exploits the opportunity posed during a midterm election.

We can win!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Oh these guys were a step

Oh these guys were a step ahead. They had their people out in full force. Their people were also on the nominating committee and gave out a recommendation slate. Recommendation??? Based on what? Their job as the nominating committee was to vet the candidates! We fought it and won but the damage was already done. And even though we did all the work in getting our representatives elected, they showed up in wearing establishment stickers. None of those people walked a single parade! None! Slap in the face! I am sick by this. They used us when they needed us and shoved us under the bus when they were done with us.

They can steal and bribe for now, but soon we will bee too many

and they will be too few.

They are an old tradition of aristocratic exceptionalism and soon one of them will drop the torch and lights out.


A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Oh I'm not done yet! But at

Oh I'm not done yet! But at the moment I am feeling a little lost. We worked hard here...I expected some wins. These people treat this party like a private club and we are not invited.

You are fighting the king, as it was the king who used

free market ideas to charter private organizations in America that usurped power from the Jeffersonian state legislatures just after the Revolution.

AND NOW, in 2012,

those same PRIVATE CHARTERS BY THE KING, have been handed down in a ubiquitous fashion via zionists and templars until WE THE PEOPLE stood up in 2008.


We have yet to defend this country from the scam artists of Dartmouth to Sandy Hook, these people have cultivated the media, the Jewish Lobby, Smart Tech and Agenda 21, and every contract therein.

They have sat in private contracts waiting to usurp public domains until the last vestige of WE THE PEOPLE can be calibrated to the tune of billions in PMTS OUT OF DEFAULT to CHINA.


They prefer us zombified, but we rise from heaven in Christ and are Prepared to play the game.

These people built this illusion over hundreds of years....


A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.


could not have said it better myself. There really is no purpose to articles such as the one above. The liberty movement got the ball rolling, and with that "We Won"! The momentum of that ball will not stop until there is full and complete victory! History proves we are correct and the foundation for change has been paved for us. As Dr. Paul said, there is great reason to be very optimistic no matter what short term set-backs the movement has.

It IS a private club!

This is what SO many do not get. It is THERE private club, and they can and will change the rules willy-nilly to keep us out. Taking over the GOP is a nice idea, but it will not work using the current strategy.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

The parties have achieved escape velocity from the people

They don't need grassroots activists anymore, just a small cadre of local shills to present the barest veneer of legitimacy.

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

But what they don't gt is

But what they don't gt is that they will not win if they don't open their doors to new people.

And if the don't, we'll see Nancy Pelosie as Speaker of the Hous

by midterm. They will not win.

God I want to move...but

God I want to move...but where?

ChristianAnarchist's picture


I've also been involved with the GOP for these last 2 election cycles and from what I've seen, it may be best to just let the GOP die as "nature" intends and find an alternative. I'm CERTAIN that something better will rise in it's stead...

Beware the cult of "government"...

Sonmi 541: "Truth is singular. Its "versions" are mistruths."

I knew we were in trouble

I knew we were in trouble when we were voting for amendments on our local constitution and the amendment for open door meetings did not pass. These people have secret meetings. They've taken the party away from the people.

Grand Old Party - not any more.

If you think 'we lost', take heart. There are found republicans outside of the money-conscious GOP inner circle; there are independents, and there are people persuaded by Gary Johnson ( now. The current GOP system, while creating 'Rand Paul' republicans and 'Koch Bros. Tee-Partyers', nevertheless is crumbling into its own corruption, and will disintegrate. I think this may be behind the loss you feel. As has always been the case, a firm grip on constitutional values and your own self-reliance will see you through this feeling of lethargy. All winners are optimists. Your perseverance shows you are one as well!

Why to read

von Mises' "Human Action" when Jesus had already condemned von Mises to eternal torture in hell? Better speculate on how much money Rothschilds had spent to stage "9/11" and "Sandy Hook" shows.

the gop will be history like

the gop will be history like the whigs if they continue the road they travel.

Ron Paul 2016

Indeed. Not a single one of

Indeed. Not a single one of these guys talked about war or the fed or the economy. It was all about faith, pro life, and marriage. Infact, a vote was taken and approved for each candidate to state their veiws on those issues. While I am pro life and marriage...I feel we have bigger fish to fry.


Where are you? The title/post/forum/user shows NO location information. So where was this 'losing' election??? This is a post worthy of a downvote for lack of information. Content is okay, but where are you? Please use the state location feature - it is useful to those of us that watch these posts. Thanks! :)

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I don't like to post

I don't like to post specifics because it got me in trouble before.

libertarian mafia

We will welcome you with open arms in the

Thank you for the effort

But this Country is Toast. It Must collapse and come to an end. Then those left will have to rebuild her from the bottom up. God Speed to them.

If you are Smart

You will bail out of the Republican party and let them sink in their own shit. I am a PCP and a Ron Paul Republican for the last two years. I went to a county meeting last week and one upstanding member of the community and the republican party He made a comment in front of the group (If it is one thing Republicans can do it is make money) I realized he was right. I was there to save the country and protect the constitution. That was not their agenda. I am an independent again. Screw the Republicans.

One Party

Independents, Libertarians, etc., in New York have no ballot access, and because of rules imposed by the democrats and republicans, never will. I learned in 9 years here that if you really want change, you have to subjugate the weaker of the two in your local to liberties voice. We have made inroads, Dr. Paul has proven this. I am sorry to see your frustration raise to the level that, should you actually leave the republicans, you'll go completely unheard. Take a breath, get your second wind, and run for local office. It does not matter what office. Force these two parties to oppose you. BLEED THEM DRY.
For Liberty, James Kistner

The agenda right now is to fundraise

this is spring convention time.. money is part of it, but not all of it. I went to my committee meetings for a year before I was appointed a seat, and then I was officailly seated. I have a Liberty committee. That's how fast everything changed.

When I went, I learned who was who, what they did, what their views were, and I stayed because Ron Paul has a good message. Rand Paul is the Liberty frontrunner in the GOP, so when you go to the GOP, think of what Ron and Rand Paul are saying.. which includes.. SEND ME MONEY. Campaigning/ fundraising is part of politics.

Yes, fundraise. Something my

Yes, fundraise. Something my local party leaders fail at.