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We lost.

We had our convention today to elect committee members. We had a slate of people to put up against the establishment. They had not been challenged in 12 years.

But one by one we lost each election. I'm not sure why.

These people were so quick to pat each others backs claiming victory in this year's elections. One of our representatives won by 1 vote. Hardly a victory.

Out of 180 delegates elected last year, only 90 showed today.

Our party is not only broken...but we are broke. They had a silent auction at the convention today. Some of the top donations were some pies and a couple of bottles of wine.

Last year's convention was the first one I have ever attended. I was horrified by these people. We were touted as infiltrators and democrats and forced to show IDs even though we are in a state that does not require IDs. Yet each and everyone of them claimed in their speeches today to want to reach out to the youth vote.

Well guess what...I am the youth vote! And I was the youngest delegate on the floor by at least two decades.

My party is in trouble. We are on the verge of being non existent.

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So step up to bat

That's what I'm having to do. I've got permission to make a fundrasising post for me as a delegate to CA GOP spring convention. It's not cheap, and yesterday, I got $200 from my committee. Anyways.. I got to make that post, and I feel weird.. I don't ask people for things.. but in this case.. it's like, paying for myself to go, why should I care what anyone thinks.. so by getting support, it's strings attached to stand for liberty.

WE need to fundraise.. they aren't going to sail our ship.

What gets me is that while

What gets me is that while these people were patting each others backs and congratulating for winning this years elections, not one of them thanked us for our efforts. WE were the ones walking the parades and hanging the signs and making the calls and working the victory center. It was us who did the recount that won our representative with a single vote. Those people don't do a damn thing. We won the elections...not them. Yet they took all the credit. And when we stepped up to challenge them...they shut us out.

Their people were on the nominating committee. They asked each candidate 5 gebaric questions all regarding if they qualify to run. At the convention, the nominating committee passed out their slate of who they recommend and read only the names of their people. We challenged it and won but the damage was already done. The purpose of the nominating committee is not to recommend people...it's to vet those who are interested in running. They made it sound as if our slate was incompatant.

You sailed their ship

They aren't going to sail ours. We need to raise funds and continue to promote liberty. We won, don't let them fool you.. it's all puffery crashing down and you're being upset is delichious to them.

Don't feed the beast withion the party, take the party. Fundraise.

Continue to be active and you will be rewarded

Hone your skills, make your message appealing, change minds.

Your point that you are two decades younger works in your favor.

Time is on your side since you can connect with the youth - not those dinosaurs in the room.

Right on


I agree with Jungleboogie


What state and district are you in?


I'm sorry, I wish I had some

I'm sorry, I wish I had some good news for you guys but my county is not progressing as well as others in the nation. We are stuck in the Stone Age.

Stone Age

Learn to throw those rocks, its time for target practice !!