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Gun Makers Boycott Governments Hostile To Second Amendment

"In a turning of the tables, liberty minded gun makers and companies that supply firearms, accessories and ammunition have determined that they have had it with anti-gun governments at the city, state and Federal levels, even if it means lost revenue. Several companies have announced that they will no longer be supplying equipment to hostile governments, police forces or first responders. New York and California have become the prime targets, making an example of out-of-touch politicians who continue to trample upon the Constitutionally protected rights of their citizens to keep and bear arms."

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/02/gun-makers-boycott-governm...

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While it is a start

These companies are not even close to being large suppliers.
As for cheaperthandirt - didn't they bow down lock and step right after the incident and halt sales. And do they even sell to agencies - seems that would be a different supply channel - straight from the manufacturer. Not convinced they are not just on a pr stunt. How about requiring employment checks and not selling to any employees of those agencies and states as well - hmm.

That being said - I will certainly NOT be buying any of the big three they mentioned and will certainly give one of these companies a shot. LOL- of course - if I could only afford a Barrett I would be more than happy to support them!!!

If everyone boycotts them it'll be a good finish!


Firearms laws blowing up in their face.

I started writing about this last week at LibertarianMafia.com

If the boycott actually became a problem for them

The Gov would use their Banker friends to cut of the Money supply and legislate away ways to get private funding. They would then make the claim that if the Arms manufacturers have a choice who they do business with then so do the banks. Any small Banks standing against their wishes would be slaughtered in the media.

Now, if only other companies stop doing business with them too,

we might have ourselves a real "blockade" going on here.

That is, banks (I won't hold my breath), food suppliers, office supply companies, equipment suppliers, auto makers, etc.

Cut them OFF entirely.

They'll fold like a cheap suit.



Good for them! Bout time! Now

Good for them! Bout time! Now if Ammo manufacturers will quite selling ammo to them and cancel any outstanding contracts wed really be in business!

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Get Prepared!


Sent me an email announcing this very policy shift yesterday. I have to admit that I sat back in my chair and smiled. It would seem that for the first time, the very companies that I support with my purchases are now supporting me.

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You know you make me wanna

You know you make me wanna shout


I commend these companies, however

Not only is there an effort to ban guns, or certain models, there is a huge effort underway to require a central database and ALSO require LIABILITY insurance for each arm owned, not to mention doctors digging into your so-called 'personal' life at home. I do not see why this is not being addressed!

nra sells 'optional' insurance. You don't think that nra is negotiating not banning arms, but making deals with the government to MANDATE liability insurance and federal registries!?! MONEY was, is and will be the root of ALL legislation!

Wake up folks, things are slipping throught the cracks, and it ain't good!!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This is what it takes

equal and opposing reaction.

If the government disarms the people

The people are obligated to disarm the government. Great approach!

Not only boycott

but bring action against theses states. There are plenty of examples that the Interstate Commerce Clause is clearly being violated by these states. If a delivery of a state regulated contraband item crosses state lines the individual, driver or pilot, is guilty of possession, there have been no exemptions legislated. Individual states have no power under the Tenth Amendment to regulate interstate commerce and as such any laws passed by the states regulating any type of commerce is unconstitutional and that includes the sale or possession of firearms. What is particularly troublesome is New York's prohibiting it's citizens from possession of an AR 15 that is manufactured in the state for export to other states citizens.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

You know you make me wanna shout

You know you make me wanna shout


And these folks, are the companies that WE need to support

EXCLUSIVELY. If your vote doesn't count at the polls, let it count with your purchases.


Need to contact those who won't sell to gov./state to pat on back and those yet to make that decision,
to nudge them along! Contact info in article link.


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Info bump:

The ammo companies should also cancel all of the multi-year orders that have been already placed by the government. The government ordering 1.6 billions rounds is 1.59 billion rounds too many.