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Colorado Gun Control Alert!

February 16, 2013



We need everyone in Colorado, and others who can help support, to be calling and communicating with the representatives that are ram-roding these gun control laws through in Colorado at this moment. This dirty work is being done as people sleep. These city people are paid off stooges for the greater agenda of UN gun control and nothing less. If you do not stand up right this very instant to defend the constitutional laws of the state and country, then it will come to pass that this was the first strike in making these laws pass all across the country. Look how biden has called some of these evil tricksters to con them into voting for gun control. After it begins, it will never end and we all know what happens to civilizations that lose their right to defend themselves.

Please people, all of you who care, please pass this information on and encourage everyone you know to call or write to these representatives. Tweet and facebook them and ask that they back off from this gun control legislation right now! We must get real and say that we are not happy at all with this anti-constitutional tyranny and that we will get active in recall petitions, as well as rally for immediate recall elections if they continue on with this blatant anti-American activity. We must plan to park outside of their doorsteps until they stop this.

People of the world, a free and well armed America is the only thing keeping the world free. If America is disarmed, then shortly after the evil will over run all that is sane. Please do something NOW to get very active to fight these anti-constitutional gun laws that are being pushed right now in Colorado. Next week it may be too late. The future life you save, might be your own.

Background reports:



Here are contacts for some of the perpe-traitors:

















All of them:


Who to contact:


If you do not act now, don’t blame yourself for not acting later.


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geminitwin73's picture

Calling right now.....

Thanks for your vigilance!


Bump to help Colorado's words get out in front.


To all Americans and Coloradoans

Please keep in mind that Obama is a FRAUD USURPER as a USURPER Obama's signature bares absoloutely no power or authority whatsoever and becasue this "Bought and Paid For" Congress and the Senate have violoated their sworn oaths,violated the Logan Act at un-precedented
levels aiding and abbedding the New World Order committing several Open Acts of High Treason before the Nation live on National television to allow a NWO Fraud to USURP the office of President. AND because Congress and the Senate have deliberately allowed this to happen they have NULLIFIED their power and Authority as well....

Wether these Public Servants like it or not...The Constitution is the LAW OF THIS LAND and it is very clear and states the following:

1. As long as there is a FRAUD USURPING the office of President Congress and the Senate can make and pass NO LAWS!

2. Everything they do MUST be in direct Harmony with the Constitution or it is NULL AND VOID from the very start

3. Even if Obama were legitimate (and he is NOT) the Constitution is very clear that even Obama does NOT have the power or authority even through Executive Order and or any type of Treaty to USURP the Constitution or the Bill or Rights!

AND that the only way we can lose the Constitution is if YOU LET THEM DESTROY IT...If you let them. In other words DO NOT under any circumstances allow these Criminals to disarm you...

They can pass all the laws Bills Amendments executive orders mandates Treaties appointments all they want all day long....its all NULL AND VOID!

Please remember the "Dick Act" of 1902 and know that it cannot be repealed and it is LAW and it NULLIFIES all the gun laws ever written to INFRINGE on the 2nd Amendment and allows us to own any weapon we want....

Remember just becasue they say it is "The Law" does not make it legal...Does not make it the law. They are trying to disarm you becasue they want to shove their sick twisted perverted NWO New World Order up all our rear ends and enslave the entire planet for their Criminal Gain and Destroy the United States and start committing MASS GEONOCIDE against the American people....

Also know that your state representities no matter how they see themselves DO NOT have the POWER or Authority to TREAD and STOP your God Given Constitutionally Guranteed Rights to keep and bare arms...they simply do not have the power and if you must come together in mass throughout your state to fend them off then so be it!


If you need the help of the American People then we will cross state lines and come to your rescue! This is our Nation this is our land and damn them all if they think we are going to sit here and let them steal take and give away that which is not theirs to give away and to take from us, the people, what our fore fathers fought bled and died and sacraficed so hard to give us......Damn them all.

If we have to rise up in mass across this Great Land to Sacrafice all we have and all we are to take this Nation back from their corrupt psychotic criminal hands then so be it and if we are forced to go there then we are going to clean house once and for all from one shore to the next so that our children and their children's children can live in peace liberty prosperity and freedom forever!

I gladly lay my life before the alter of GOD ALMIGHTY and gladly sacrafice all to save her (America)the last hope of freedom around the globe...so beware all you TRAITORS,the people are comming for you and your end is near and in the end you will hang at the gallows for your treason stripped of all your illgotten gains, labeled as Traitors before the world...and like the Nuremburg Trials of WWII you will NOT be able to stand there and say, "I didn't know" and you won't be able to say "I was only following orders" cause that ain't gonna fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want everyone to know if you do not know already that Obama was indited by the Federal Courts by an American Grand Jury with Fraud Treason and Sedition,and between Obama and Michelle they have use atleast 39 different social security numbers and the one Obama is using now for the last few years was issued out of the state of Conneticuite to a person that has long since been dead...

His Selective Service Registration is Fraudulant and his birth cirtificate's have also been validated by lagitimate Law Enforcement and the CIA Forensic Specialists VIA General Paul Valley as Fraudulant Documents...

Attornies had a Conference Hearing with the Supreme Court 2/15/13 look it up its all over the internet and all of this is comming out before all supreme court justices and Obama has to turn over all his documents and is going to get nailed....

Please know that this government we have had since the begining of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION is a POSER GOVERNMENT and when it was created it was in itself an act of Treason and Fraud done behind the backs of the American people and all they have done since is all NUILL and VOID.

Since then, the seats for the Congress and the Senate hae been vacant and we are now in the process of returning to the origional Constitution and the NWO is falling fast and now as you can see they are trying to shove desperately all these gun laws un- Constitutionally down our throats in an attempt to disarm us when they do not have the power or authority to do so.

The only way they can have their NWO is if they take down American and we simply at all costs cannot allow this to happen. They are hoping your so dumb to think that just becasue they say its the law makes it the law....The New World Order is going down the tubes fast, thousands across the globe are being arrested, their money sources are all dried up and now we are in the process taking this corrupt poser government out and making them answer to the law for their crimes against this Nation and our peoples.

AND yes NESARA is real it does exist and the GLobal Accounts are about to be released to the world so we can all rebuild from all the damage this Hitleresque 4th Reich has caused ....

Everyone needs to know that Obama is a spy, a double agent prepped very much in the same way Hitler was and then through FRAUD and Treason by our Rogue Public Servants was slid without any VETTING and allowed to USURP the office of President...

Obama is a PUPPET for the NWO Bilderbergs, UN, EU, George Soros and Great Britain....Wether or not you know it or believe it for you must do the research yourself, when the UNITED STATES CORPORATION was Created and the True Republic of the United States was set to the side through Fraud and Treason we were taken over by Great Britain and every year when you pay your income tax a huge portion of that was being paid directly to the Queen....

So basically we need to stand up and tell England all over again the same thing we told them back in 1776....you can pass all the laws you want, but you still have to come and get em! We will Stand before the Alter of God and defend her to the end!!

Truthbearer's picture

We as a family sent this...

...into the State House to all of these critters.

To the honorable Representatives of the Great State of Colorado,

Today our large family of native Coloradoans are very talkative at the dinner table. We are all talking about you representatives doing something we are all very adamantly against. We are very upset that you are attempting to do anything to infringe upon the 2nd amendment and the basic law of the lands at all.

We read in the newspapers how you are trying to pass gun bills and limitations that will eventually be more damaging and cause more suffering than doing any good at all. The harm you plan to do against we the native people of Colorado by telling us and our ancestors who died so we could be free to protect ourselves in any way we might need to is wrong and an act against us, the Colorado Native Peoples.

Our family has been in this state for six generations and we will not ever be anything but good and righteous people. We have long documented histories in this state for the heroic and pioneering adventures from the early history of Colorado. Many of our ancestors have died for this State and this country.

Please try to understand this. We live in rural country where we have very large bears and other animals to defend the herds and smaller animals against. Last year, there was one big black bear that tore down many of our ancestral fruit trees, and chased horses in the night. We have these bears that come into the neighborhoods where our children are at. Let me ask you representative, if God forbid some large animal was going to attack your child, or any child, and you were there with the proper tools to protect them, would you want 10, rounds, or 30 to absolutely be sure you could stop the attack on the child to save a life? If your own life was at stake and suddenly had to defend yourself, or even your family from an attacker or more, would you want ten, or even more of an ability to protect yourself and others with?

Those are just a few hypothetical examples of what can happen in the rural regions. We value the freedom to protect ourselves and or our property from any assault on our God given tribal states rights. Our very large family believes they should not ever be infringed on in any kind of way.

We therefore have all decided this and are taking it to the tribal councils as well as the local residents in the areas where you live. Many of us have never really ever gotten involved in these political things other than to vote for you, but if you continue to persist in infringing on our Native Rights, as well as our American and State Constitutional rights, we will brand you as traitors to this land, and our Country’s Basic Laws. We will label you as enemies of the Colorado State Natives and begin right away after you attempt to implement any kind of restrictive gun laws in Colorado RECALL petitions for an immediate vote to oust you and any other anti-constitutional and anti-American representatives that intend to do such a horrible thing.

We are a peaceful people. We therefore beg you to not harm us in our countryside from your city towers in any way. If you want restrictive gun and magazine controls, do it in your own cities. DO NOT attempt to do such things in our lands, which by the way is the entire state of Colorado the way we see it. We are talking about two different worlds. Out here there is need for any kind of protection we can have and everyone has a right to have that. You may not need that in the big cities so please, we all once again say this to you dear representatives: PLEASE DO NOT INFRINGE UPON OUR NATIVE RIGHTS!

Colorado Natives Club

CC: All state representatives and local press outlets.

Bcc: All Major media.

robot999's picture

Please don't beg

DEMAND. By asking (begging) them, you reinforce their twisted idea that they have the power over our rights. We must have the (correct) attitude which is: they do not have this power over us. Our natural rights come from NATURE (/God), and they cannot take them away (or limit them) in any way.

I was there when the debate was going on. What they kept saying is that the 2nd Amendment (nay all rights) are NOT absolute. They are saying that the SCOTUS has ruled that "reasonable restrictions" can be applied, and they are determined to try.

I say NULLIFY, period.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

I've down voted your comment.

I've down voted your comment. You have natural rigts that were not granted by those morons, there for it'll not be taken away by them. Your letter is an equvalant of begging, Socialists/Tyrants don't really care. Your rights are not up for negotiations and your letters should state that. They are your servants, remind them of that. Remin them that as a itizen it is your duty to protect your feedoms and rights from foreign enemies and domestic, should they decide to encroach upon your rights, they will be treated as such. You're a parent, grow some balls and protect your kids future, unless you want to suffer the fait of the people that died in the concentratio camps of Russia, Germany, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and what ever other country that they have taken over prior and decimated anyone that have disagreed with them. THERE ARE NO NEGOTIATIONS WITH TYRANTS! When all else fails vote under Rule 308.

my prayers are with you. i

my prayers are with you. i hope you can stop it.