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Hoax actors used in news coverage of Dorner manhunt.

So a police officer who gave a press conference update on Christopher Dorner was also used during 9/11 footage. Barbara Olsen supposedly died on 9/11 but you will see that isn't really the case.

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DUMB. it's NOT Barbara Olson


She doesn't look almost 60 to

She doesn't look almost 60 to me. Why do people start this crap? When they start saying hoax or proof in a title I know that we're dealing with someone who jumps on something quickly without putting in the thought or time it takes to prove something.

Lady Booth Olsen does not look like a match to me

but that spokeswoman sure does.
The LAPD assassinated Dorner, with full cooperation and the blessings of the Federal Government. That is what thugs do when you try to squeal on them.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Idiotism is a marvelous new trait of Libertarian

movement today. The 2001 Barbara Olson looks OLDER than 2013 "Barbara Olson."

When parroting, anxiety, hysteria, and quick excitement (the product of progressive schools and youtube clips) replaces rational thinking, only peer pressure of thumbs down can help.

stage makeup

ever see a character age through the course of a movie? it's done with makeup and prostheses.

If anybody can share some

If anybody can share some high res photos or video please do.

I found another video talking about this mystery women

Apparently some had already accused Ted Olsen of being a liar. The video also suggests that she is still alive. This is a video that was posted way before the Dorner Manhunt! After comparing pictures im still not convinced. I may be eventually.


I can't picture anyone with possibly seconds to live, not calling their loved ones directly and resorting to calling a receptionist or secretary, to be then placed on hold and eventually transferred over.

If she indeed called him directly on his cell phone, anyone and everyone with a cellphone looks to see who is calling them before answering. Yet good ol' teddy had trouble remembering if he was receiving a call from his wife's cell phone that was most likely programmed as a commonly called number on teddy's phone and was in the cell phone's address book, OR if it the call was coming from an undisclosed location(caller unknown/blocked ID).

It's worse than that ...

... in the Zacarias Moussaoui trial, the FBI testified that there were no cell phone calls from Flight 77. The only one attempted was from Barbara Olson, but it was zero seconds.

And, American Airlines confirmed that their Boeing 757's were not equipped with on-board phones.

So, how did Ted get to talk to his wife if there was no way for a phone call to be made in the first place?

But ...

As far as that woman in the vid, she is definitely NOT Barbara Olson.

Get a grip, guys.

Yeah, I heard about that too - so that leves telepathy

which would still add ANOTHER contradiction to the lawyer's testimony. LOL. Anyway, I'm horrible as far as comparing "before and after" plastic surgery pictures. I would have sworn that one of the examples of plastic surgery were indeed two different people. Having said that, no, I don't think that's Barbara Olson.

IMO, what helps lose credibility is the mention of the firefighters. I know they were there, and yes, there are many brothers and cousins working within the FDNY. He obviously "stretched" too much on that one.

Re Olson and Lady Booth

(It's *not* the same woman.)

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

There must be facial

There must be facial recognition software that could solve this mystery

Unless a twin, it's her

DNA would be conclusive. Lacking that, it's pretty obvious it's the same woman!
Someone, somehow, needs to pull back the curtain on this masquerade!


i wonder if there is a way

to get DNA


I know they are liers. Not sure what to make from this, but if this is true its a smoking gun.

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If Ben can prove this, the

If Ben can prove this, the real revolution starts the next day.

If anyone can prove this

they might be also want to start warning people that they have ZERO intention of committing suicide.