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Is Saint Malachy's prophecy about to be fulfilled? Meet Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana.

[Saint Malachy, in the "Prophecy of the Popes," predicted the next Pope, "Peter the Roman" or "The Black Pope" would usher in the End Times.}

Pope's successor: Ghana prays for Peter Turkson the miner's son to reach marbled halls
As a boy, home was a tiny wooden bungalow shared with nine siblings; a life lived beneath a corrugated iron roof, playing outdoors in the dusty red dirt in a rural African village. As a man, however, he could be about to move into the most luxurious palace of them all.

By Harriet Alexander, Nsuta-Wassa, western Ghana

7:30PM GMT 16 Feb 2013

Cardinal Peter Turkson, born in a two-room shack 170 miles from Ghana's capital, is currently the bookmakers' favourite to become the next pope. If selected, it would make him the first African pope in modern times. And it is something that his family and friends in Nsuta-Wassa, a small mining settlement set amid rolling hills and lush forest in western Ghana, are struggling to believe.

"It is quite incredible that someone from here could become pope," said Dunhill Pawosey, 62, a life-long friend of Cardinal Turkson. "But we have total faith in him, and know he will do an excellent job. It is very exciting for us all."

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Is he of African descent or is he a Jesuit?

Seems to me those are the only ways he could become the "Black Pope".

I was thinking the same thing

We will have to wait for the election, but I also believe this next pope is likely the "false prophet" who props up antichrist. Lightning hitting the Vatican twice the night Benedict VI announced his resignation is also a little weird, unless St. Peters Basilica gets hit by lightning a lot and we just don't hear about it.

Yes and No

Right time, wrong guy. Tarcisio Pietro Bertone will fulfill the prophecy the moment Pope Benny steps down.

We will have to wait till the election.



I wonder what role recent American invasions will have.


Free includes debt-free!