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"Jack" Kennedy?

This is really confusing me. I've never known anybody refer to JFK as Jack. Even two generations up, from people who are now dead. I first heard the reference tonight and found out, he was called Jack by some people. Now I wonder what my grandfathers real name was. Maybe it was John.

I tried to call my dad past his 2100 hrs do not call me (he gets pissed), but I'm really curious about people calling him Jack.

I've verified it via the net, but if another being older than I can verify it that would be nice. I've never seen him referred to as "Jack" except for tonight. I've done the research and it's true, but maybe to certain states or maybe only on the east coast? I'm just really curious.

Is Jack a pseudonym or a shortening (same amount of letters) for John? Or was it simply a nickname for JFK? I will check tomorrow what my grandfather's real name was. Maybe his name was John as well.

I can still picture my grandpa Jack throwing me up in the air and catching me 30 years later, and his smiling face. I also remember seeing him in ICU with skin like plastic dying from colon cancer. Unfortunately. He's my hero in any case.

I'll find out if my grandpa's name was John or Jack on his birth certificate tomorrow. It will be interesting.

I know Johan and John are synonymous, but not John and Jack.

I hope this is posted in the right forum.

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I remember

Thanks for making me feel like a fossil... lol! Yes, he was known as "Jack."

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Yes, he was commonly called Jack

I didn't know it until about 2 years ago, either.


How Old Are You?

They always called John that back in the day. You must be really young to never have heard it.


From what I remember, his family called him Jack which is a

nickname for "John" - they always referred to them as "Jack & Jackie" - it's very common name/nickname for that generation. I had an uncle "Jack" who's legal name was John.

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JFK Sr was "Jack"

JFK Jr was "John". Not "JohnJohn". NEVER "JohnJohn". He hated that.

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Not uncommon:

I have known quite a few Johns that were referred to as Jack.
I don't think it is a commonly done now days.
My oldest son's maternal Grandfather who recently passed away at the age of 92 was called Jack. But his given name was John.

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He was commonly referred to

He was commonly referred to as Jack. My parents, who were fans, referred to him as Jack Kennedy in conversation around the dinner table and many news commentators over the years have used that nickname. Don't know for sure if the family used this name but I suspect that's where it originated.

My given name is John and while I've never been referred to as Jack (without the "wagon" or "ass" suffixes, my wife likes to use) I've known other Johns referred to by the nickname Jack.

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I recall some of the older political figures

Mostly on the Dem side affectionately call him Jack. Chris Matthews is about the only one I've heard call him that prolly since the 80s.

It's fallen into disuse since most people who knew him have passed on.

I think you answered my question

perfectly. Thanks!