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Armed & Proud? Show Up @ a R3VOL-owned Virginia Beach, VA Pizzeria & get 15% off!

Jay Laze, a young entrepreneur who hangs the Ron Paul R3VOLution banner like Old Glory, in full view of every single customer, offers 15% discount to CCW holders and open carriers at his All Around Pizza & Deli, located in Virginia Beach, VA.

Support Pro-Liberty & Pro-Gun businesses!

If in the area, let us know how great the food is! Jay's pizzeria is located at (following info's listed openly on his website):

3501 Holland Road, Suite 104
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
(757) 301-8301

Check out the local WTKR news coverage of the pizza/deli shop, with video; R3VOLution banner visible at 0:58 mark (totally r3vol-nerding out, so? lol):

Virginia Beach pizza shop offering discount to gun owners

Posted on: 11:53 pm, February 15, 2013, by Marissa Jasek, updated on: 05:54pm, February 16, 2013

Virginia Beach, Va. – Slice by slice, one Virginia Beach pizza shop is showing its support for the Second Amendment by offering fifteen percent off pies to gun owners.

“All they have to do is show me that they’re carrying a weapon or they can show me their concealed weapons permit and they can get the discount,” says All Around Pizza owner, Jay Laze.

Laze started the offer after a Utah frozen yogurt shop made headlines earlier this month for also giving gun toters discounts.


Here's the Utah yogurt store that started the recent pro-gun discount:

Frozen yogurt company gives discounts to gun owners

Posted on: 12:30 am, February 8, 2013, by Doris Taylor

Show a concealed weapons permit and get a discount.

The owner of a frozen yogurt shop in Utah is holding a “Second Amendment Week.”

He’s offering a dollar off to anyone who shows him their concealed weapons permit when they come into his store.

He says he thinks gun owners aren’t treated fairly in the US.

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