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Agenda 21: A Pithy Introduction.

Two "in a nutshell" videos: The second one IMO, by Rosa Koire, the best!

These will give you the basics of what people/politians/media are REALLY referring to.

Warning: May change the way you see, hear and read things happening around you.

(Hidden in plain sight, and all around us)

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If you want to hear something really creepy....

check out this old video (circa 1992ish) by George Hunt on A21. For parts 2 through 4 see sidebar. Listen to what Maurice Strong had planned for the US economy way back then. It got flicked (as in a cigarette butt) right out the window. Pretty prophetic (or something), I'll say.

ICLEI page update

This video directs the viewer to the ICLEI website, to scroll down to Agenda 21 under the Programs menu. It used to go to the page in the video, but as of recently, the: '404 page is not found'.


new name for iclei is

"Local Governments for Sustainability"

I'm All For Preserving Wildlands

and having lived in Dallas I saw firsthand what urban sprawl and mindless expansion did to the environment BUT my problem with the agenda 21 BS is that THE VERY PEOPLE that claim to want to save the world are THE VERY PEOPLE that have set up the paradigm that is DESTROYING it! THEY are the corporate rats that keep us using fossil fuels, THEY are the same rats that have caused oceans of houses to be built everywhere that never should have been built, THEY are the ones that ruin every small town's character with their endless miles and miles of businesses that make each town look exactly like the others and cause the mom and pop businesses to close down. THEY are the ones that destroy the water with their drugs and factories and dams and sucking the fresh water out of the ground to sell in plastic bottles, I won't even start about Monsanto and farming! Oh, I could go on and on.



Give me an alternative to coal and oil that is just as efficient and just as cheap.
I don't understand your 'oceans of houses' comments at all. Are you saying I can't purchase available land anywhere then build on it?
I agree with your comment about 'Smart Growth' - planners are now using 'The Ideal Communist City' as their planning guide.
Big Agro/Monsanto are just the UN's tool to achieve their population control goal of 500,000,000 people.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

We Have to Rethink Housing

if we want to live in harmony with nature and not be stuck inside the box that the government and greedy corporations have put us in. There are some wonderfully engineered houses out there among the more liberated folks that most people don't know about because most of their ideas are kept suppressed by those SAME corporations. No I don't mean you shouldn't be able to buy land and build a house for yourself. What I have a REAL problem with is these greedy corrupt BIG BUILDERS that buy up 100's of areas and build BIG houses with tiny yards and pack them in spitting distance from each other all backed by the government and the big bankers and sell them for 4 times what they are worth to people that they KNOW can't afford them and then foreclose on them after raising the interest rates whereby getting the houses back PLUS the money they basically stole from the poor shmucks they schemed into buying them. Do you think those houses were all built by market demand? Think again! On top of that the banks get bailed out after their houses sit empty. There are Probably THOUSANDS of houses sitting empty RIGHT NOW in Dallas and they are STILL BUILDING! Now, back to how to heat and cool, when I talked about fossil fuels I was really thinking about CARS. There was a WONDERFUL car once called the EV1 that was electric and ran great and was well loved among those who had them. Well, they were a little TOO great because GM recalled all of them and DESTROYED EVERY SINGLE ONE against the will of the owners! Research it. There is a documentary on it out there too. It will make you REAL mad if you watch it. It ran for next to nothing so who do you suppose would want that stopped? Now, back to HOUSING, back years ago they used to build houses out of a wonderful natural material. Houses built out of it lasted for centuries in all kinds of weather. THEN the brick companies came along and had it banned because people were building homes out of this literally FREE material and not buying bricks. NOW, the companies that make building supplies have seen to it that the modern house has to be up to all kinds of regulations that don't really protect the buyer but rather the building suppliers. If you want to build a house that doesn't require spending a fortune on THEIR stuff, you have to fight city hall to do so in the guise of "keeping your home safe" Anyway, get yourself a copy of "Hand Sculpted House" and learn a LOT about a LOT of stuff including how to heat your home for free! I read a lot and would love to share books but most people don't read anymore. Research cob housing for starters.


Link for Thought

already thunk & done..

many times over.
just not allowed.

that electric car (circa 1970's) was only 'leased', people were NOT allowed to OWN it.
the documentary is "who killed the electric car?"
narrated by martin sheen with some original footage & some interesting participants in the
re-enactment scenes.

alternative energys re-invented many times over, inventors bought off,
scared off or knocked off each and every time...

Dimitri Petronov - Another Plasma Battery Technology Inventor Found Dead In River..
Dimitri Petronov is/was a Russian inventor of a plasma battery that powered his entire two bedroom house in Moscow for almost 14 months before the Russian government seized his device after Dimitri disappeared on February 10th 2010

Aries DeGeus who patented his plasma battery .. found dead in his car in an airport parking lot...
On Nov. 11, 2007 inventor of a revolutionary, affordable, clean energy technology, M. DeGeus was found slumped in his car, totally unresponsive, in the long-term parking lot of the Charlotte Douglass International Airport in North Carolina. … He was apparently on his way to Europe where he was to secure major funding for the development and commercialization of his technology, which could make oil obsolete. …"

MIT professor Eugene Mallove was found beaten to death...
Eugene Mallove was killed on May 14, 2004 in Norwich, Connecticut, while cleaning a recently vacated rental property owned by his parents, the home he grew up in...within hours of giving this coast to coast broadcast interview:

and that 100 mile a gallon of gas?
meet (one of many) tom ogle:

lotta bones in that oil slick graveyard.

don't even get me started on building a house.