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Another Suspicious Suicide-This time involving cell phone tech

To make a long story short, this guy from California who recently got his PhD went over to Singapore taking a job consulting on cell phone tech. Toward the end of his stint, he got increasingly freaked out. He made comments that what he was working on could be bad for American national security. He was working on stuff for a Chinese cell phone manufactuer, who recently many western governments have stopped doing business with.

So anyway, the Singapore police say he was strung up in his bathroom by drilling hooks into the wall and using his toliet as an anchor. When his mom came to clean out his apartmentment, there was absolutely no evidence of this. When they got the body back, they noticed his knuckles and forehead was bruised, indicating he put up a fight. They took pics and sent them to a medical examiner in the US who said the marks on the neck looked like they were from a wire or thinner rope. His apartment was untouched except his laptop was missing. Good thing he left a backup hard drive that the theives/murderers missed. It reveals that he was working on an amplifier made from Gallium Nitride. This tech overlaps with MIC research done by Northrup Grunman and Raytheon for military radar and satelite purposes.

That's the short story written on a 2nd grade level, here's all the details:

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Know what those you deal with are capable of. Keep your suspicions close to your vest. If you decide to act, don't telegraph your intentions until you're fully ready, if then.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


even though i'm not sure i grasp the implications.

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seems that I now get suspicious any time I hear about a suicide. Looks like he was packing up and getting ready to unlikely time kill yourself. I mean why bother packing?

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The mourning family warns us, esp the young bright ones:

”They see Shane’s death as a warning to others – young, smart and ambitious – working in the global marketplace of commercial and defence research.”

A terrible loss for the family.

It does indeed look very suspicious. He wanted to stop working for the company, and like the mafia, those who know too much are not allowed to leave and live.

Remember the children murdered because their father published this?

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October 28th, 2012


Well, I have been warning about the coming of Chidaho and getting nothing but grief for it. I am sure no one will be at all bothered by this, either.

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I know it doesn't mean a whole lot coming from some unknown woman on the internet, but I read your posts and take you seriously... with 4 kids, 5 goats, and 60+ chickens (we recently had a large hatch) at home I just don't have the time to comment as much as I would like to. :)

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Well thanks

for taking a moment to make that one!
You sound plenty busy... lol!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.