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While You've Been Looking for Sasquatch, One People's Public Trust has been EXPLODING around the world. Time to OPPT in!

A group of individuals including a UCC and International Law experienced attorney filed documents with the UCC which FORECLOSED on all Corporations ACTING AS governments or quasi government entities. This occurred in July, notice was given and time for rebuttal. The documents were never rebutted because to do so meant that these entities would have to prove that they are corporations and the fraud exposed. These entities include most western countires, the Federal Reserve, IMF, BIS, etc.

OPPT, One People's Public Trust announced SIX WEEKS AGO: Since then there have been 78 related WEBSITES developed, 15 radio shows, 6 video presentations, 7 Facebook accounts, and numerous other related releases. It's high time for Daily Pauler's to OPPT-in! http://opptlisting.wordpress.com

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They are going to "foreclose"

They are going to "foreclose" on them in their own courts? good luck with that.

Could somebody point me to...

The recorded "fact" that "the world banks and governments are in legal foreclosure"?

I challenge you to find it without REGISTERING your agreement to the terms and conditions of the other party in the voluntary transaction!

UCC Filing Search website

nope. it is slopily put together

and plays like a Nibiru video. Why is the government so threatened by us finding out about sasquach, tiny aliens and such otherthan tech advances they want to keep the patents off of? I'd love it if this had any bearing on laws/enforcement. if we can get these thugs and their criminal bosses when the justice system is obviously controled and feared by them to suddenly start following any law, I'd love to see it.
Reminds me of the gun control cartoon where the bandits turn around and go home for not wanting to trespass on a "Gun Free" zone. HAHAHA if we know one thing it is that they operate above and between laws. I'd be interested in identifying feasible work in the judicial system that will hold water. I'm trying to create change from the real world and it is getting harder lately. they're ramping up for a Feminist plea that must be dealt with before that situation gets any more irrational.

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The Big Woman...

She is a foul giant,
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Yes...she IS the FED.

Now read something from a real woman:


so I have spent about 3 hours looking into this. It is all very interesting but it needs to be simplified so that people can wrap their heads around it. Very interesting stuff.


for action

Charlie Chaplin's speech is

Charlie Chaplin's speech is satire & propaganda.

"Let us fight to free the world"
"Let us fight to do away with national barriers"
"To do away with greed"
"With hate & intolerance"
"Let us fight for a world of reason--where science & progress will lead to all men's happiness"

These ideas are long promised but have never been fulfilled. Our best chance at freedom in our lives is to nullify federal and international interference in our 50 states. We can show opposition to authoritarianism and warmongering (performed in lip-service to these ideas) by standing up and declaring that we live for ourselves, that we follow just laws and defy unconstitutional laws.


"Show opposition...by standing up and declaring that we live fore ourselves..." That is what these documents have given you. You can now BE and DO as a FREE individual.

I disagree with OPPT's goals.

I disagree with OPPT's goals. I think we NEED individual countries, because unification is DANGEROUS. If nothing else, the FEDERAL government shows us that centralized power is dangerous. Even if that centralized government has very little power, its power WILL grow and I think it's too risky. At least now, if the USA gets too bad, there are other countries you can flee to. Imagine if that's not an option anymore--if you can't leave. If nobody can. If someone literally half a world away has cataloged anything & everything about you.


the system came down? What does that mean? Can you give a concrete example of how anything at all has changed? I've read through and listened to a number of things from the links and it all just seems like mumbo jumbo. Do you have court case numbers? The wikipedia article says they forclosed on the UNITED STATES of AMERICA? What the Frick does that mean?

Read all the comments, it will answer some questions

It foreclosed on the United States of America CORPORATION. Not the U.S. as a Republic. The banking oligarchy made almost every country (with the exception of North Korea, Cuba and Iran) a corporation. See the U.S.Code's definition of the United States: A corporation. (NOT a Republic) You can actually go to the SEC and Dun & Bradstreet and see lists of countries, cities listed as corporations. There are some lists I could post later, but this will probably cycle out by the time I get back in a few hours unless someone wants to keep it up and running.

Right now you KNOW the change has happened (you have to start researching on the OPPT sites to see that all of this has been checked out, they even have a video with one of the trustees pointing on google how you can find that the docs have been filed.
The next step is UNWINDING the old system so the new one is operational. It's like a wheel that has lost it's power source but still spins from momentum. If the degree to which it is going around the world and people are becoming full time involved is any indication, it won't be long.

Happygirl you have to study this some to get your head around it because it is in layers, somewhat. Layer 1 is coming to understand and believe that the bankers really do control the world, which most people here understand. Layer 2 is HOW they do it, which most people are unfamiliar with and that is by setting up everything as corporations and running it through Commerce, through the Universal Commercial Code. The bankers are the HEADS of the Corporation, which is always private and always for profit. So that they get a piece of all taxes, fines, etc. Even YOU as an individual have been designated as a corporate entity through your birth certificate, social security number, etc.

And I have to leave for awhile so I hope this is still up and running to answer more questions.

the actual site is

the actual web site is http://www.peoplestrust1776.org/
go through the documents that they have filed on behalf of all the people on earth. truth or propaganda still remains to be seen

truth or propaganda

Only because you can say that about anything these days.

peoples trust 1776 are the documents filed at the UCC which give notice...

you can say that about anything these days

yes so true i agree with you 100%. yes i have read the documents months ago.
i have even gone as far to listen to a couple of broadcast from the children of light. lets just agree to say that i am skeptical on this subject. keep reading it and look who is holding the gold now for us. i really wish this was truth but i cant say it is

I'll check it out. Thanks.

I have swam through a sea of similar efforts, this one just looked like another one to me. I'll take a closer look.
But I'll keep an eye out for Sasquatch, too. I can multi-task.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

thinking is not a task, it is freedom.

Another recovering victim of standardized testing.

The difference, FC,

These filings aren't just a way to close a few loopholes WITHIN the system. Rather it cuts out the whole root of the fruadulent system and all that is left is for the branches to die off. These investigator/Trustees spent a number of years backtracking foreclosures, dummy corporations, etc. (Heather Tucci-Jaraff, the designated Trustee put her own house in foreclosure) to really understand how the corporations posing as governments worked.

And another major difference is that it is not just a few people "fighting the IRS", rather it is a groundswell that is enormous. It is truly exploding as people realize the potential of their status under these documents. Certainly it is the most exciting thing I've been involved with since supporting our beloved RP.

RE Sasquatch

Look for big feet and bad smells. Oh, that's the FED!


I knew Bernanke looked familiar.... Baaaaaby!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Okay. That one made me

Okay. That one made me snort. Well done.

I've been researching this for a few days...


Max Igan emailed me the link below

Submitted by go213mph on Sat, 02/16/2013 - 22:31. Permalink

where you can download 2 .pdf files that lawyers for The Peoples Trust http://www.peoplestrust1776.org/ have created for us to use fight back against UCC and unconstitutional laws.

The 2 documents can be found here:

One is an instruction sheet, the other is a blank one for anyone to use.

I don't fully understand it...but I just printed it out eariler today and haven't read it all.

Max interviewed the 3 lawyers today on his show. It was not as exciting as I had hoped it would be but the show is worth the time to listen to if you enjoy listening to Max and want to get a better understanding of what it is they are trying to accomplish. Today's interview 2-16-13 is posted here:

Click - Max Igan interviews The Lawyers from The Peoples Public Trust

There are LOTS of documents

There are the original documents filed with the UCC (all of this has been checked out now as there are literally thousands involved at this point.) Those documents filed at www.peoplestrust1776.com are so highly legalese and some old English legalese as well, that they are not even meant to be understandable except to the Powers that WERE. They were given as Notice and not used practically otherwise. This notification was a necessary part of the process.

Now because there are many people who are in the middle of foreclosures, student loans deficiencies, etc. the Trust also created (readable) legal documents that people could use in Court. There are a dozen or more of these documents. The people at the top of these corporations certainly know the score, the people in the middle who work for these corporations (including judges, policemen, etc) are still caught up in a belief system that has not yet unwound completely. So there is risk in taking on the system at a level that isn't in agreement. You will win some and lose some, and there are certainly people out there testing it right now. In reality, it isn't necessary to do that, as it was undone by the default status of the filings. But there are people who want to test it on their current issues rather than wait.

By far the most significant thing that needs to happen is to get the word out to people that they are free. Those working within the corporate system need to be educated, as they not aware. And many people are doing that right now. One of the Trustees will be at the Sheriff's Convention, for example. Everyone working on this is beyond excited. Something at last to put real effort in. And that is the main goal. The Trust has a document that comes as a "Courtsey Notice" to those individuals who must make decisions that now are illegal under the new system. And "illegal" isn't the right word, actually "personally responsible" is a better word. As under common law everyone is personally responsible for THEMSELVES (Velveeta are you listening) and must be educated that the old rules no longer apply.

TwelveOhOne's picture


Hi suzy4ron, you're doing great by spreading this. I had seen it post-Christmas and pre-New Year's but haven't spent any time on it since. Very fascinating, and apparently real.

From reading further today, I have learned that they released the information about the OPPT on Christmas Day, 2012-12-25. Something insightful just happened in my brain that I want to share with you. :)

"The end of the world" was supposed to be 2012-12-21, according to the Mayans and many others. It was also supposed to really be a transition, just as the Death card in Tarot doesn't mean someone will die, only that change is afoot.

From the movie "Zeitgeist" (the first one), I learned that the reason there were thousands of competing "sun-worshiping" religions when Christianity was new, all of which had "savior dies, 3 days later, savior is reborn on Dec. 25" is because the day is shortest on the 21st (the "death"), gets no longer for three days, and then on the 25th it starts getting longer, hence the "rebirth".

Combining these two, I see that 2012-12-21 was hyped to be the end, but was really a change; and in the ashes of the rebirth, we see freedom for all of humanity.

I love life. Thanks for being a part of mine.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

You are doing a fine job

Patient and kind..I appreciate that!

If you can explain this in

If you can explain this in one or two sentences, with the assumption that the person on the receiving side has no idea what you are talking about, then we'll be getting somewhere.

First of all, what is this "One People" bit? Is this a new-age religion?

Okay, I'll do my best

The Trust is actually based on the People's Trust that was put into place and then discarded (illegally) back in 1776. It is based on the Common Law idea that you are endowed by your CREATOR with unalienable rights. That is to say, there is no one above you other than your creator. The authors of the Trust wanted to take it back to PRIME SOURCE, so that no government is above you, no corporation. The only thing that can be above you is CREATOR. The "one people" is just a way to define that the assets of the world (as this also involves all of the stolen assets) belong to the people of the world. So it's basically used for legal purposes in the trust. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION, BUT...a great deal to do with religious/ spiritual concepts of helping others, do unto others. Common law has only one real LAW and that is "do no harm," so in that sense certainly every man is your brother.

I'm going to continue in another post to see if I can clarify a bit more...I had to go all through this as well, it is a learning curve. But the prospect of FREEDOM is very motivating!

That's OK, I think I get the gist of it

You said: "The "one people" is just a way to define that the assets of the world (as this also involves all of the stolen assets) belong to the people of the world."

This sounds exactly like the anarcho-socialism of Occupy, which is something that I would never support.

Do you believe in property rights? The Constitution? The rights of the individual over the "rights of the masses"? If not, I have nothing more to discuss on this matter.