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"Believing is Not Seeing" - Tom Wilson


The "Viewmaster" analogy is perfect, right down to the term "View Master."
This is another one of those lectures that can lift you out of your current "world view" and let you soar through unexplored possibilities.
Enjoy! I am off to work on our rocket mass heater!

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I don't know where you get these but keep them coming, please. Fascinating... LOL.

I was just saying to my wife, YESTERDAY afternoon no less, that real intelligence is the ability to throw out everything you have learned when necessary, and that it is usually a painful process, because you have usually spent a lot of time and effort learning the things you think you know. However, it is also like lifting weights, because even though there is pain, you benefit in the long run, when you learn what is actually going on.

My wife's family is full of "highly intelligent" people, who can't seem to do the trick of letting go of what they think they know. Also, I have "highly intelligent" engineering friends, that just fall short when it comes to new ideas. But I have studied the way neural networks make decisions, and that is how our brains work; it is like parachuting into a valley, where the lowest part of the valley is the closest you will get to the best solution, which of course is sea level. Sometimes peoples valley's are thousands of feet above sea level, but they won't climb out over the surrounding mountains to look for a better answer. In artificial neural networks, you just add some randomness to the simulated neurons and force them out of that valley.

What is a rocket mass heater? BTW, a book that may interest you, and make you view the world from a different (and somewhat painful) model, is sold at http://www.thefinaltheory.com/ , and it provides a pretty thorough alternate way of explaining everything... I'm not saying this model is 100% accurate either, but it sure makes you think, and realize these models are just viewfinders.

These are the lectures from a conference held in January

It is based on the Electric Universe model, and the videos are being put out on the ThunderboltsProject youtube channel. Between finding these people and learning about Vortex Math, I feel like I live in a "new world" myself, and not the bad one.
Rocket mass heaters are hillbilly wood gassifiers, they use about 1/4 (or less) the wood of a wood stove, put off much less emissions, and cost nothing to make if you are good at scrounging. We are putting some money into ours because we want it to last, but you can throw together a miniature version out of a couple tin cans. This jerk is building my dream, and taunting me on youtube with it! ;) He modified his to burn pellets.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.