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Gridlock is the best thing Congress has going for it.

Gridlock is the best thing that Congress has going for it. The framers of the Constitution designed our legislative body to be deliberative. The division of powers between the Senate and House is there so that so that different constituencies would all have a voice and bills would have to be passed by a consensus among the whole country rather than a simple majority imposing its will upon a helpless minority. Some authoritarians in Congress would love to use the fact that they won election as validation to ram their agenda through without any debate, due diligence, or regard for the concerns of the opposition. Fortunately, in the 2012 election, no clear winner emerged as power remained split among the 2 houses of Congress. The consensus among the mainstream media and the political class was that this is an undesirable result because political gridlock means nothing can get done.
Here’s the problem with that logic from a libertarian perspective. I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in the ability of Congress to solve problems and I have a paralyzing fear of the ability of Congress to do mischief and wreckage against the Constitution, our liberty, and the economy. If I were to call those parasites on Capital Hill a “Do Nothing Congress” it would be a compliment because I want congress to literally do nothing. Just go home assholes. We’ll be just fine without you. We already have all the laws we need and a whole bunch more that we don’t. Therefore I support the efforts of politicians who stall, block, delay, railroad, nullify, filibuster, and kill bad legislation. (virtually all legislation.). The 112th Congress set a new record low for the modern era by only passing 240 bills into law. I look forward to less of the same from the 113th Congress.
We should not be weakening the power of the minority to filibuster or stall procedurally in the House or Senate and we should not expect either chamber to roll over to the agenda of the other, as this is the best protection we have in the legislative body from an out-of-control, tyrannical dictatorship of the majority.
The irrational mentality among the general voting public that measures the level of success that Congress has by how many laws they pass is attributable to the false belief that an improvement of our society comes from our government. The betterment of society originates locally within each and every one of us. As we learn from past mistakes, make better decisions, adopt new technology, and gain new insights into human nature that instills better empathy in us, we make the necessary changes to our behavior that lead to a better society for us to live in. Sure, politicians may pass insane laws in the passion of the moment because they think it’s the proper way to deal with an issue of the day, but have you ever noticed how many old, antiquated laws are on the books that everyone just ignores. Check out dumblaws.com if you’re curious. Problems aren’t solved by politicians. They’re solved by individuals in local communities and if a necessary societal change is ever accompanied by legislation, it is because there is finally adequate pressure on the politician to get with the times. The only reason political action is necessary now is to prevent current harm to individuals as a result of government action before our society learns its lessons and refuses to tolerate such tyranny in the future. To this end, stall tactics are much more important to promoting liberty in the legislative realm than any bill that might ever pass.

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