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A New Twist On "The Experts Agree, Gun Control Works"

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Perhaps (though not all will agree)

Ron Paul should have been among the supporters of the second.

More so than Georgie Boy or Old Al

Ron Paul, as far as I understand his position, understands the competitive, voluntary, design feature designed into a Democratic Federated Republic.

If the Federal part of the Democratic Federated Republic is limited by States joining, or not joining, and paying their Union Dues, or not paying their Union Dues, then in that sense, in that reality, the Federal part has to behave, it has to provide what the States demand, or the Federal part goes out of business.

The States compete for funds from people called tax payers, and the tax payers who want to bear arms will vote with their feet to competitive States where such things are supplied to meet that competitive demand.

A Free Market of States.

If you do not understand that, so be it.

I understand that, and I think Ron Paul does too, but Washington understood it, but he crushed it, and so did Hamilton, both called themselves "Federalists" but they were not Federalists, they were Consolidated (monopoly) Government Men, Monarchs, Despots, and people like George Mason and Patrick Henry, who were the true Federalists, but were called Anti-Federalists, neat trick huh, blew the whistle on the so called "Federalists".

A Ron Paul as President could have helped, have been the spark, to return this working Nation State (Despotism) back into a Free Market of Government as a Federation is designed to be, IN FACT.

So, sure, no question in my mind, take Georgie Boy and Old Al out, and put Ron Paul in, and the picture could be a more accurate visual message instead of more of the same abject belief in falsehood without question.


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Joe Kelley February 17, 2013 at 1:42 pm

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Washington sold out, and there is plenty of evidence proving that fact.
3 examples follow:

Jefferson I trust as a Benevolent Dictator; if such a thing can exist then there is a model of one.

Madison was a useful idiot for the Bankers at the time, but he later turned his coat back to Blue (Revolutionary Forces) when later realizing his error with The Constitution Usurpation, he joined forces with Jefferson to pen his part in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions.


Hamilton was a stooge for the Central Bankers and that is well recorded, he was a Monarchist/Nationalist/Consolidated (despotic) government man.


Hitler was financed by Wall Street (Central/Monopoly/Bankers)


Stalin was financed by Wall Street (Central/Monopoly/Bankers)


Roosevelt too.

Amin, Lenin, Obama, same deal, financed by Wall Street paving their way.

Castro is a threat to the Central Bankers so an embargo still keeps that threat in check.

Note: If that web site "moderates" my comment down the memory hole, then I can trust the people on that site too.


Linking censored comments


Since the "blogger" censored my comment, and since the censor left my name there, and then the censor who left my name there also wrote lies about me, I think it is a good opportunity to defend my Liberty with ARMS I BEAR called words.


Joe Kelley February 17, 2013 at 11:57 pm

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Defensive arms I bear against character assassins hiding behind false claims of authority over what is factually accurate:

The right to bear arms is not guns, hunting guns, or anything so specific as might be a limit upon what CONSTITUTES arms.

The censors censor and the dictators dictate because that is their business, they volunteer, they give themselves license, and they target individuals, innocent people, and then they invent an attack, and then they execute that attack, and that is why people who may be targets are people who defend their capacity to defend against such attacks or suffer injury.

Censors confess, as did George Washington, invading Pennsylvania to crush The Spirit of Liberty. Dictators confess, as did Madison when he turned against the monster he helped create. Frauds confess as did Hamilton when his promise to be a benevolent tax man was broken as soon as he stole the license to tax, and he did tax, and he set the standard, he got his National Debt.

Arms borne by the victims continue to be attacked even now, even on this web page, so confess again Dictator, Censor, volunteer, working pro bono, or are you too on the payroll?


Well, looking at things from this perspective.....

You've got a point. Who these guys were and what they really stood for is blurry and all the good or bad the analogy complicates things.

Gotta leave "well enough" alone with the "Experts Agree" poster.

Thanks for giving me that point of view.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

My pleasure

Note the web site moderators allowed my comment to be published. 20 years ago I think it was much less likely that any such comments would pass the censors.

Oppps, I spoke too soon, the cache/cookies whatever on my computer reloads the message informing me that my comment may yet be moderated into the memory hole.


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Dictators dictate