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Gary Franchi: Alex Jones Exposes Behind The Scenes At CNN (UNCENSORED) Video

Gary Franchi: Alex Jones Exposes Behind The Scenes At CNN (UNCENSORED) - Video

Published on Feb 15, 2013

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Great Interview! Never been a

Great Interview! Never been a big fan of AJ's style but I got to admit he is winning me over because it's time to get in their faces and stop tip toeing around for fear someone might get offended.

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Is Gary Franchi associated

Is Gary Franchi associated with 'Next News Network'? Who is behind 'Next News Network'?


Gary Franchi

thanks for posting


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Surprise: Franchi felating AJ as he rambles onfor a half hour. YAWN

Alex Jones is an out-of-control


Piers and CNN thought they'd play him like a fool but he's the one that played them all.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I must admit...

I fall into the "Jones as strawman" mindset quite regularly, but here we have evidence of the opposite. In this interview he portrays himself as absolutely sane and most eloquent. Impeccable!

The more focused Alex is, the more he riles up all the trolls.

I almost cut off the first clip because it's so long. Watched it just long enough to see the greiving actress botch her lines, flash a smile of embarassment and start over. Keep exposing the fake media. I liked what Alex said about the matrix... all of a sudden the curtain gets pulled back... the little rats are exposed, some have jumped off ship and now they have to import them from england.

If at this point....

You slam Alex Jones, You are the distraction.

You continue to deny what is happening to us. International Bankers and their Governments are responsible for about half a BILLION deaths in the last few hundred years.

This includes our "glorious" government, who in the last ten years is leading the genocide of brown people in the mid east and Africa.

Government is force, they use it on you every moment of your life and you accept it. That makes you a willing slave.

Alex Jones yells and screams about this evil everyday, backing it up with FACTS. Infowars stories get picked up by Drudge Report and major outlets everyday.

If you think this evil system can be reformed, you are delusional. It must be DISMANTLED.

Natural Order

Victim vs Responsible

It is admirable to speak the truth in a world of lies. It is great to expose things for what they are, and not to stick one's head in the sand.
I would suggest it is less than noble to stir or feed the already all pervasive victim mentality. Alex Jones is, imo, very successful because misery loves company. You only need to look around, or look at yourself, and ask if we are feeling like victims.
Ron Paul, on the other hand, exposes the fraud, but doesn't turn it into a us vs them. Ron Paul sticks to the ideas, for ideas are more powerful than any government or any army. Alex Jones makes the individual the problem, as it is the individual that needs to be "removed".
Ideas empower people. Victim mentality, imo, does the opposite.
If Alex Jones got you to see things for what they are, beautiful. But if you are stuck "soaking up" all the reasons we should feel oppressed, that, imo, is sad.

why is creation evangelist Kent Hovind in FEDERAL PRISON...

...and Alex.Jones, and every other last info-tainment celebrity FREE to "expose" every government and state-run media deception and banker-scam under the sun; except what we know about zionist Judeo- Christian Israeli-first propaganda that comes from both the left and the right(and the 501c3 churches that are AFRAID of the government)???

Kent Hovind brought up Oklahoma City, the Creature From Jeckyll Island, pick a conspiracy or a twisted issue of revisionist history and creation evangelist Kent Hovind ASKED QUESTIONS, encouraged Christians to get off their butts, research things, run for public office; and...he even told people to go visit infowars for more information....

Has Alex EVER given Kent Hovind's plight ONE MINUTE of attention or airtime??? Why not? Is this the behavior of a fellow "patriot"? There is so much substance that indicts this government in its "selective enforcement" of its "political enemies"; and the question I will never quit asking is WHY is Kent Hovind in prison, and other's aren't? Don't tell me its because he was a "tax cheat"; that's horse manure; MURDERERS get less time!!!

So many in this movement praise a guy who doesn't deserve it; they're all seemingly just "impressed" with his media empire and his delivery of "facts". He is NOT the only one giving out this information, and, if this evil system is going to be dismantled, WHO is going to do that - does Alex have a solution, or, is he just a snake oil salesman getting extremely wealthy of getting guys like you to buy his product, and sell his product FOR FREE?

Every last professing patriot who is so duped by Alex Jones, and thinks for a minute that Alex Jones does not have handlers and suspect financing to pacify the incensed masses who are fed up with tyranny, are incapable of actually grasping what level of tyranny we're actually under!

Alex Jones is a self-serving, wealthy ACTOR ... He is a pawn in the game, and anyone who TRUSTS his sincerity hasn't thought thoroughly enough about the "matrix" at all...talk about "hidden in plain sight"!

The deception, the master counterfeit is what most are trapped in....the PTB can't stop the information from getting out in this technological age....they can't stop people from discussing it or researching it on their own....the only thing keeping us from throwing off tyranny is our LOVE of money and the free flow of unlimited Federal Reserve Notes that subsidizes our careers and buys us the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life we SERVE in this life now...

Kent Hovind exercised PATRIOTIC COURAGE, and he got put down for it....Alex Jones has EXPRESS PERMISSION, PROMOTION, AND PLENTY OF FUNDING to keep his followers all dazzled with his media productions like mindless cheerleaders...that clown has ZERO COURAGE, and not one ounce of concern for the TRUTH our founders sacrificed their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for....

This life, NOT our posterity, is all Alex Jones cares about!!! He is in competition with the MSM[the RATINGS are down, across the board, their act is getting old - media MUST change; Alex is simply out front capitalizing on that], he's NO patriot...he wouldn't sacrifice diddly-squat for me and mine....let me know when his so-called patriotism COSTS him the freedom & property rights that Kent Hovind has lost for speaking TRUTH!

(down-voters are spineless; make an argument, don't be a Alex Jones TROLL)


Alex Jones is just a distraction.. that's why he banished Mike Rivero.
He's part of the problem, he's part of the divide and conquer show being played upon everyone.

Where s Your Proof That 'AJ' Banished Mike Rivero?

You can't prove it because it's not true...

According to a comment Mr. Rivero made at his website,he is leaving GCN of his own free will and not because Alex Jones is forcing him off. I would guess he is off the once a month because GCN isn't going to promote a Republic radio show. So, looks like a confusing tempest in a teapot and I can't figure out what the heck is going on.

You AJ haters better stop with the lies...

If you want to HATE AJ that's your business...

But don't make crap up...ok?


I don't hate him, I could care less about him, he's just another tool, us against them... that's what the Rothschilds do... but the people who like turmoil and conflict and don't care about an actual solution will keep this mess going... enjoy your mess, enjoy your AJ, enjoy your Pierce, enjoy your Rush, they are all the same... A DISTRACTION... anyone who downvotes this is part of the problem.


Alex Jones is a distraction.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

a matter of constitution

He is certainly quite the attention whore, but he is only a distraction to those prone to distraction.


Live and let live...
I personally can accept others for embracing socialistic ideas. My only request is that they not impose them on me. My experience of AJ is that he does not foster the libertarian mindset, but one of divisiveness - us vs them. If you want to live in that space, blessings on you. However, I would find it sad that a preoccupation with "non-acceptance" of others, or marginalizing others, is getting in the way of actually living libertarianism in our own lives.
I would have to concur that AJ is generally distracting us from the "Love" in Revolution.

us and them and after all

us and them
and after all we're only ordinary men
me and you
god only knows it's not what we would choose to do

"I would find it sad that a preoccupation... is getting in the way..."

Don't be sad on my account. No worries here. When I ain't feelin' the "Love" with AJ, I turn him off. I don't think I'd choose him for a room mate. Good thing I only know him via the internet, as such we get along just fine. I tune in to his web stream on occassion, watch a video here and there, but when I hear him railing against someone or getting too divisive for me, it takes me about three seconds to aim my browser elsewhere. The only time a libertarian can be distracted is when he or she has already forgotten that he or she is libertarian. At that point it doesn't really matter to whom he or she is listening.

there is no dark side of the moon, really
as a matter of fact it's all dark

Thanks, blessings on you too...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Dr0WgduMRo :)

He points out a lot of things

He points out a lot of things the average person would have no clue about. People should make up their own minds. However, if they don't know all the possibilities - and only those presented by the mainstream - how can they decide?