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VIDEO: Karl Rove Downplays Mark Levin, Tea Party Criticism

VIDEO: Karl Rove Downplays Mark Levin, Tea Party Criticism

Jeff Poor
February 17, 2013 | 4:13PM

On this weekend’s edition of “Fox News Sunday,” the head of the political action committee American Crossroads and its off-shoot the Conservative Victory Fund, Karl Rove, defended his organization against some critical elements of the “Tea Party” and conservative radio talker Mark Levin, who challenged Rove to “bring it on” earlier this month.

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Both of them are really faltering.

Mark Levin is desperate to stay relevent. Heard his radio program in the car - he was heaping praise on the Federal Reserve and how they have stablized our currency for decades, how much trouble the economy would be in w/o them. This was about a month ago. So when they start turning on one another... desperate souls they are, preparing for the hot lake of fire?