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Video: How the Government Killed the Ron Paul Movement

Thank you to the producers for putting all this information in one video. I just wish they had covered the GOP Nat'l Convention where Ron Paul's nomination was stolen from him & how even his son wasn't allowed to say his name in his speech.

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Sorry Republicans

Because of the criminal behavior of the Republican party toward Ron Paul, I will never, ever vote Republican again. Ever.

Not me, not my wife, not my children.

I don't give a fuck if you run Rand Paul or the Good Lord himself, you won't ever get my vote.

The US Goverment is Illegitimate

If it's true, that the election was rigged (it clearly was), the current government is illegitimate (even by the broadly accepted concepts of "government" and "election"). Therefore I try not to cooperate with it at every chance. I suggest you all do the same.

How can I forget 2012?

It was the same as 2008. What did I learn? Do not prepare for 2016. Prepare for tomorrow.

The message will never die

because we WON. That is something the elite can never take away from us. This election will go down in history. The longer we stay together, the longer the message continues on, and the faster the changes will come to this country. They will be swift as long as we prepare to take over after the collapse. We can have a peaceful transition back to a free market economy as long as we keep on educating the future politicians of this country on these matters. Returning back to a constitutional representative republic is the only possible method to return this country to greatness. This can still happen, unfortunately though we will collapse economically as was predicted, and that will be the final catalyst to finally fix this badly broken country.

I can't wait

Until Dr. Paul starts doing his tour of colleges. I'm waiting with bated breath. He's speaking to our future.

When I was in college I was pretty liberal, although registered constitutionalist. Most called me a moderate, but I was young.

These young people are learning about what a real Republican is.

I think that's extremely vital to our well being as a country in the future. As far as I know civics is not required in high schools any more.

I just watched it again and

am really miffed again. My whole life from 2007 till last August. grrrrrr.....

I Wish ...

... I could get ANY tea party group not only to watch this but UNDERSTAND it ... but alas I know ... ( heavy sigh ) ~ This 2012 election was just one more showing of how far down the hole we really are.

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

Trust me

Plenty of Tea Partiers are on board, both the old and newer co-opted.

My boss was ranting and raving today about what a great man Ron Paul is. And he supported neocons like Palin, McCain, and arguably now Rand.

He was gushing over Rubio at the convention, watched Rubio, then Rand after the SOTU address (which I skipped - The SOTU that is) but he said Rand whooped Rubio. Which he did.

Doug Wead

who was one of the spokespersons for RP's campaign was asked last fall about what happened to the campaign. He said Romney threatened to ruin the reputation of RP and his family if he brought to the public, whatever it was, that RP had on Romney in Wisconsin. He said the campaign advised him to go ahead and expose it anyway. I would assume that meant there was nothing legitimate they could come up with and it would have been trumped up. RP apparently said no. Maybe he was thinking about Rand's political future. Rand is sure going after the establishment.

You can't give into bluffs and bully-tactics

It doesn't even matter if Mitt Romney did threatened to "damage the reputation" of Ron Paul, because this is just an empty bluff.

Ron Paul's personal live and political life is as clean as a whistle. Anything that they could have used, was already tried anyway (Newsletters, "racist", etc.).

And if Ron Paul could be pushed around so easily, and take the bait and just fold-up like a cheap lawn chair at the first sight of somebody's bluff or unhappiness, then I ask how the hell could he ever stand-up to the CIA, or stand up to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, or stand-up to the Pentagon, or stand-up to Wall-Street, or stand-up to the Federal Reserve anyway-?

Don't we all realize, that they would have clearly threatened or bluffed him too? (and they have a lot more power than three-time loser Mitt Romney).

If Ron Paul quit and walked-away that easily, over a phony bluff about "reputation" -- then what "Change" here was ever going to happen to begin with?

The truth is that Ron Paul really does not have the stomach for a fight. He likes giving speeches, but that's it with him. He did not even want to be President (and he does not like telling people what not, or what to do).

We need an Andrew Jackson.
Instead we just got a College lecturer.

The irony here is that Ron Paul hurt his own reputation all by himself here, by going down whimpily without a real fight, and by just taking a dive for Mitt Romney.

There was no need to fall for the bluff....

You don't get it.

Had msm been fair [that's a laugh] and provided equal air time, and gop was serious [another laugh] about promoting conservatism and Liberty, and human beings at state conventions [contradiction in terms] welcomed and counted honestly and correctly, the outcome would have been nothing less than amazing.

It is PEOPLE who have failed.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Get serious

The MSM isn't fair to lots and lots of people. That doesn't mean you quit.

But the people can't do a damn thing, if their candidate voluntarily QUITS and walks-away from his own 70,000+ sized crowds, and just pretends that they don't exist.

Ron Paul had the rare position here to take those 70,000+ sized-crowds of his with him everywhere around the Country from city-to-city-to-city and make a big spectacle out of it, and totally embarrass the MSM over their existence, and make it clear to everyone just how big his voting-block really was, and make it impossible for them to keep hiding it anymore.

The people didn't fail. They showed up, as the Video clearly proves.

It was only Ron Paul who stopped showing up.

"The people didn't fail."

I beg to differ. Read my response to you below.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Ron Paul QUIT right after this speech

Inexplicably, and despite his obvious popularity, Ron Paul folded-up (like a $10 lawn chair) and quit the race right after this speech.

And he decided that Mitt Romney should not even be publicly challenged anymore, and that we all just needed to now "be polite" to him, and happily accept him as the undisputed winner (even though the Nomination was still 4 months away).

I'll never understand that.

He could have continued to build his popularity, and build the popularity for a total re-alignment within the GOP, and carried the message that Mitt Romney is an unacceptable choice. A divided convention was a real possibility, (along with the positive results and lasting message that would bring) had Ron Paul kept going and kept campaigning in a serious way from April - August.

But he didn't do that.

He quit.
And took his visibly enormous popularity, and just shoved it right back down the hole into mere fringe status and obscurity.

I'll never understand why Ron Paul would deliberately undermine and destroy his own movement. But he did that.

"The government" (more accurately The GOP and the News Media) may have tried to kill the Ron Paul movement, but it was Ron Paul himself that stuck the knife right through the heart of it.

"I'll never understand that."

And what I'll never understand are people like you who spread utter deceit. In fact, it baffles me that you even have the nerve spouting mindless drivel like that around here. Unless, of course, you are driven by other motive.

edit: that was ME who gave you the down vote.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I upvoted him but left you alone

I think he has an excellent point. It has left me wondering as well. I now wonder if Ron Paul (and everyone here knows I LOV3 the man) wasn't the other side's version of Obama. You know get everyone jazzed about the game of left vs right politics.

Look, If no one plays, then THEY can't win. I don't know who THEY are but its not you and its not me, I know that. Now Romney's lawyer, Ginsberg - yes rules change Ginsberg from the RNC, is working with Obama to make sure that everyone in the country votes now seeing as this last election the turn out was abysmal.

Again: they can't win if no one plays the game. But doesn't Government fear riots? NO! They just use the best technology they have to showcase how well they can squash it and implement new draconian laws to keep their power.
But we can always vote them out, they fear that? NOPE! They own both parties and its not beyond the realm of possibility that elections get fixed.

They fear no one buying into the scenario that We The People did it to ourselves.

I don't know if Ron Paul did this intentionally. I think he was doing what anyone in his generation would do. I also think he may have been threatened. Or maybe not. I don't know. But I wouldn't down vote the guy who is confused by Ron Paul's actions and is skeptical of it.

just maybe

you people don't understand the magnitude of the fraud? Sure, he could have maybe spoke up more about the fraud, and he did just do that on a few occasions. If he was folding up why didn't he ever endorse Romney? He never did because he knows he had the numbers and he had won. Just recently he was on Stossel and he flat out said that he was doing well in Iowa and that he had this "wild" dream that he had actually WON Iowa. He knows he won Iowa, and he knows the fraud was prevalent, and he also knows his limitations. Many times during his interviews you can visibly see he had a cold. The man is in his 70's, going from state to state, from county to county and people here still have the nerve to question his integrity or his desire to win.
Dr. Ron Paul is a great man and forever will be a great man. His legacy is sealed because this movement is not going away. The youth is educated now and they will not let go of these principles. Dr. Paul has done everything he could to save this country and MORE, much MORE. Lets see all these complainers and naysayers fight against tyranny in their 70's. Ron Paul in the end will be remembered as a founding father. The people that heard the message can not un-hear it. In that we have won the future


I did not vote you up or down either. This is a sore topic for me. There is enough information out there to know what happened. Ron did NOT do this intentionally.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Tell me what Ron Paul did between May - August?

Answer: Nothing.

There were no more rallies, no more big arena speeches, no more campaigning, etc. He didn't even provide support to the grassroots efforts to win delegates at the caucuses.

I still have the depressing Emails from his own Campaign which prove my points.

He just ran away from the battle, and gave Mitt Romney a completely free ride, and left his own supporters naked ... fighting in vain now for a non-candidate.


It is NOT up to one person to decide his/her election. It is WE the People. Ron did what was right. It was up to us to make things happen. We did. We were lied to, abused and cheated!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

No: Quitting early was not "right"

And it was the Grassroots who were the only ones out there still trying...while the candidate himself was not (and just disappeared on them).


If you want the people to "make things happen", then you have to first be a credible candidate. And a credible candidate clearly does not abdicate the race early, and walk-away from 70,000+ sized-crowds, 4-whole months before any of the voting is even officially settled.

Can you imagine Andrew Jackson quitting 4-whole months before the Nomination?

He took on the Bankers head-on, no meeley-mouthed stuff, no back-tracking, no apologies, no quitting, no cowardice, no retreat.

In fact, that is the only way that an underdog can win.

Wrong again.

Grassroots? I was in the thick of it.

In fact, our so-called Congressional District Coordinator (PA-CD3 - I am calling you OUT) ignored all of us who reached out to him. He rejected emails, phone calls, letters, etc. He turned his back. So *I* took over. I coordinated what I could with what I had available. I worked 3 CD's and 2 states. 2 precincts that I single-handedly worked all of RP's delegates won hands down. Had other precincts done THEIR job, we would have had more DELEGATES.

Then there were RP delegates in other states going to Tampa who decided to back romney. When I urged them to continue support for RP, I was told that they wanted UNITY.

I have a thousand + stories to tell. I worked from here to OH, clear to Philly and on down to Tampa, not to mention the rest of the country. Sorry, but smoke you blow is meaningless to me.

I am sorry for sounding upset. But you clearly do not know the facts.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This is what Rand is up against

for all you who think he is this great turncoat traitor to his father. Rand had a behind the scenes front row seat for the mass deception that happened to Ron Paul 2012. Ron was the principle maybe Rand will be the game. You gotta have game to get what you want in this world. He is going to have to make some icky calls to get into that office just like the previous 44 presidents. Hopefully IF he gets there he can pull the mask off. Needless to say revisiting that material made me sad.

I Think the Moment Rand had his Realization was.......

I think the moment Rand had his realization that he'd have to go about it a completely different way if he was to get anywhere near the presidency was during Ron's Iowa caucus speech when he got 3rd place. Look up the video. Rand had this disgusted look on his face. He didn't even try to hide it. He knew exactly what the media and establishment did to his dad and he wasn't going to make the same mistake.


Rand would be a fool to think he could just be Ron 2.0 and and we would just elect him because of principles. Ron comes as close to walking on water out of any politician we have seen in the last 200 years, and the machine just chewed him up...TWICE! The government did crucify jesus ya know. Im all for what Rand is trying to pull. I know how he was raised. Rand is going to be with us for the next 20-30 years, so get used to some politicing. You gotta play the game to win the game.

This just pisses me off...

...all over again.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

The "Ron Paul Movement" was

The "Ron Paul Movement" was never killed. The media/gov killed their credibility and what was supposed to be an election. There was no election in 2012. There was a series of festive appointments.


Absolutely true! The Ron Paul Movement was never killed! With four reporter's questions, "Who, What, Where and When", it appears urgent and appropriate to add a fifth: WHY?

The replies to Who? we have seen regarding the alarming takeover of our freedom: it includes the MSM and Government. While a good beginning, we are then we are forced to ask "WHY?".

The answer to this is the Executive, Legislative, (though they attempt to hide it), the Republican and Democratic parties, military-industrial complex and thousands of government workers and suppliers are owned by "air" money (debt) created by enormously wealthy foreign bankers and those banks in the United States with duo-citizenship or loyalty, The non-federal Federal Reserve cartel, Rockefeller and Rothschild.

The banks and the control of our currency by unelected criminals easily maintain a giant propaganda machine through the MSM to assure their continued theft of our resources, through wars and the rapid-fire dilution of our currency. THIS MESSAGE IS WHAT RON PAUL WAS GIVING HIS ALL TO GET ACROSS!

This kind of unacceptable behavior is what Congressman Dr. Ron Ernest Paul has been working for thirty years to eradicate! The service men and women believe their primary mission is to protect the United States in event of (legitimate) attack, not to be sent to die or be maimed on a banker's lucrative false flag war. It followed they donated more funds to the Ron Paul campaign than to any other candidate.

Even confused Trolls or Romney/Obama supporters could have figured that facts are stubborn. When I review the enormous following of Ron Paul with steel reasons and how this election was stolen, it is hard to not weep.

Mary 4 RP

I'd like to put the request of many DP'ers that us conspiracy...

I'd like to try and put to rest (or at least change some minds) the idea that many "conspiracy" DP'ers are nuts, are ruining the Liberty the movement, and that "stuff" doesn't belong on the Daily Paul

There are many you tube videos that will show Dr. Paul himself talking about the mega banks, bilderbergs, trilateral commission, FEMA camps, election fraud, media/corporation/governmemt in bed together etc..

If you fwd this video to 15:12, Ron Paul himself explains who is in control and who doesn't want to see him elected. He mentions bankers, big corporations, big media, military industrial complex, election fraud, special interest etc..

So, if this site is dedicated to Ron Paul, and Dr. Paul himself talks about such things as mega banks in control etc, then those topics are almost mandatory to explore on this site. Even if Alex Jones and others annoy you, if their topics are in line with what Dr. Paul is saying, then as far as i'm concerned, it's legit on this site.

At least that's my opinion.

Curious Question

Why in the hell havent the Ron Paul Waldo County..gotten lawyers...and sued the RNC/GOP, and sued each person (and their husband/wife) for getting personal gain by cheating?
Start trying to take away their homes, money, and so on, maybe they'll learn..YOU DONT TAKE OUR RIGHTS

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina