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Texans Fight Back Against Gun Confiscation Chasing Troops Out of Town.

Read about it. Click link below and see how a few brave men took on the military trying to take the guns. The military got a rude awakening.


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With most people stuck on their facebook page

and worried about the kardashians, what are the odds that would happen today?

At the Jan 19 pro-gun rallies, the size of crowds at each capital across the nation varied from dozens of people in South Dakota, to 2,000 in New York. Out of a population of about 314 MILLION.

Not to bitch and moan, but to point out a FACT that needs addressing.

I attended the one in Ohio but not at the capital.

I was pretty disappointed by the turnout (around 300 people). I was especially disappointed because there was a huge gun show not 10 minutes away that had huge turnout. More and more people are realizing there is a major storm coming and are starting to prepare. The problem is, in my opinion, that not many of them realize what we need to do or they are too afraid to do it. Or I guess they think it's too far gone for protesting to make a difference :/

Or many simply don't have a clue as to what laws

are in danger of being passed. Ask most people today, and they STILL have never heard of the NDAA, much less have a clue what it's about. The sad part is that we can't even depend on MSM to give us a heads up because they're too busy with REAL news (giving coverage to michelle obama handing out a grammy!).

The Link

Seems to be broken. I get a database error reply.

Just FWI

Checked back

I seems to work.

A bit before my time. Yet, I heard tell of it.

About a 1,000 times. Mostly from other cubs like me. Sometimes from our uncles that were there... So they told us.

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