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I want a Dr. Ron Paul & Dr. Benjamin Carson town hall!

Sean Hannity has Dr. Benjamin Carson on his Saving America program...

It's all Ron Paul's principles all day...and of course, Hannity doing his typical "hey Republicans, wake up and speak this guy's message if you want to defeat them bad Democrats" ruse; to his audience who were told NOT to support Ron Paul, as well as were told IGNORE the proof that the Tea Party had that clearly shows establishment Republicans and Romney are central government statists!

Dr. Benjamin Carson hit a NERVE with the nation, and now the ratings of the hypocrites and liars will go back up as they talk tough as though they're FOR this type of America...after running us out of the convention, and now are obviously hell bent on getting us bounced in all county and state parties.

Dr. Carson said his message was by no means intellectually challenging, and, his over-arching concern is that "an informed populace" was our founding, and is our ONLY hope. So, he's with us; but our media enemies are capitalizing by giving lipservice to his message and solutions.

Let's bring these two great patriotic physicians together, in colleges and other venues...and let's fire up the electorate and the young people to take over the Republican Party, as we were just recently...but perhaps seem no longer interested in since we got muscled out, and as we predicted, the Republicans put Obama back in office.

It seems Dr. Carson is going to retire in June....I want him and Dr. Paul to do an outdoor event in the mall at at Elmhurst College here in August, right when the kids come back to school...right in the shadow of Obama's beloved home city, just 14 miles east of me!


Illinois is now the state that bears the reputation of having the worst fiscal house in the union...this would be a spark right before a 2014 governor's race, and, we need a challenger to bounce Dick Durbin in 2014 as well...

Any ideas?

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This just goes to prove that unfortunately

on many instances, it's not the "message", but the "messenger" and "HOW" the message is delivered. It also helps that he hasn't attacked the federal reserve.

I'd like to see that ticket as well. It would probably kill some of the racist allegations that have been brought against Dr. Paul, while in effect, making those same people wonder "what else" they were wrongly duped into believing about Dr. Paul.

I have posted your great idea on Ron Paul Facebook,

Can't find Dr Carson on facebook...



beat me to that comment! :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

To PatriotsUnderGod

Where does he stand on the federal reserve? Where does he stand on foreign policy, drones, etc.? Where does he stand on civil liberties (Patriot Act, NDAA, etc.)?

Dr Carson is a great speaker

I imagine such an event would cost some bucks. $100K at leaast..

And maybe it would be better if they were a team with a TV show?

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Me, too!

That would be awesome!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

sounds good to me....

sounds good to me....