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Immigration Reform: Unlimited citizenship to Conservative/Libertarian immigrants?

Democrats are only interested in immigrants because they have a political test. They want immigrants because demographically they lean Democratic. Its time to make that fact transparent and have a path to citizenship based on political affiliation.

I am for unlimited citizenship to individuals who have a libertarian or American conservative (English Enlightenment) political philosophy. I think if they are here already they should get an immediate path to citizenship. If they are somewhere else in the world then open quota citizenship.

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You are as bad as the

You are as bad as the democrats you demonize. Conservative? Libertarian? Its a label...anyone can call themselves that. This has got to be the stupidest idea ever. I have a better one....open the borders entirely, immigrants will flood in and collapse the whole welfare/warfare system, then we can truly start over....accelerate the process. My idea is of course just as stupid....but at least its not bases on some imaginary political affiliation.

You dont need to be right 100% of the time

only 51% and you will be doing better than now.

No better solution

I don't like taxes and central planning of my life. I want as many of my fellow citizens to agree with me as possible and I am happy to import people with same belief.