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Send The Granger To the California GOP Spring Convention 2013 March 1-3


Purpose of Fundraising:
To send The Granger to the California Republican Spring Convention
Dates: March 1st through 3rd
Location: Sacramento Convention Center, downtown Sacramento

Events towards which contributions will be put to use:

Convention luncheons and dinners
Prayer breakfast on March 3rd
Key note speech: Karl Rove
Key note speech: Ben Stein

Contributions will be put to use to offset these expenses:

1. Room * $210
2. Fuel ** $80
3. Admission to Convention: $110
4. 2 - Luncheons $100
5. 2 - Dinners $200
6. 1 - Breakfast $75__

Total $775.00

Inspired by the DP poster Missy, I asked the Mendocino County Republican Central Committee to help me with expenses. They offered me $200.00, so I am looking at $575.00 in support.

PayPal Link Here - Address for checks below:

I have paid my dues for the party and treasurer’s association: $90.00

The DP poster ProudAmericanFirst sent me a revolution car-badge, which you can see on my profile. Along with some nice tools, such as silver to teach CA Republicans about sound money, liberty sticker, Ron Paul balloon, CC he produced, stuck on Mitt Romney to rub it in, a congratulations Ron Paul national delegate letter (which I earned) and Justice Amish fliers for me to copy and share.

Permission to post was granted by, Michael Nystrom, to whom I suggested I would make www.randwatch.com business cards to pass out at the convention.

Make a donation through PayPal

If you would like to help me with a check, please send to:

P. O. Box 1113
Fort Bragg, CA 95437-1113

It’s an honor to be supported by the revolution and Liberty Movement. I look forward to working to promote the revolution in the GOP.

* The convention room is $160.00 per night, so I found a room close to the convention, including taxes was $210.00

** this includes parking fees. I can't car-pool because my meetings are ahead of when the car pool with the chair's begins.

Thank you for reading. Please bump this post and help me so I can look Karl Rove in the eye and tell him, "The people are catching on, Karl" (((((((Fishy)))))))

And tell Ben Stein, "Screening people for mental health is just another way to disarm the public in the name of government protection."

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Their luncheon and dinner will certainly muck with your fast ;)

How are you working that out? I don't see how you'll be able to maintain (but I'm diabetic and get swimmy from missed meals so only Yom Kippur [one day] can I manage). (And no I'm not Jewish.)

I have given up so much already (truly) that I had to search for something to give up and decided to try to quit cussing for Lent (yes, really -- I think I made it <24 hours)...my gracious (these days) I would really "lose my religion" at a GOP convention Granger...

I wish I could donate, my husband's been out of work (company moved to Charlotte) since last January (2012) and we've got three teenagers...we barely leave the house anymore due to fund shortage but I will pray for you that you don't "lose your religion" amongst the bozos. Be Blessed and OX.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

(((((((((((((((((((((SC Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ )))))))))))))))

I'm 6 days intio my fast, and I'm doing well, but I am prepped, and have my fasting thread for support.

I think I'm going to do well at the convention. The support from Daily Paul is very special, really. It's like deepening the meaning, in that it's not just MY Liberty I'm fighting for, but others who are backing me (and I've got a history here).

I thank you for the virtual support, and I PRAY, abundant and constant blessings for you, your husband and three teenagers.

LIBERTAS PERPETUA (((((SC Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ )))))))

Uh-oh...You shoulda never brought up "Mendocino"

...reminds me of one of my favorite "latest" Tom Petty song verses:

"I got a friend in Mendocino and it's gettin' close to harvest time"

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - The Trip To Pirate's Cove

I'll associate this with you forever now :)

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

Yeah.. it's a circus at harvest time :D

folks lines up looking to make a decent wage in the argicultural market of GMO free Mendo, line up along the highway.. everything smells rosey everywhere you go. I like this song about Mendo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fcBEGjK3cM

That was beautiful, made me cry and sniffle

I always wanted to go to California. Do Californian's wish they'd of come to South Carolina? Doubtful.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

As long as it's crab season

or we need real good fire crackers. :))

ytc's picture

Gosh, I never thought I would ever donate for a meeting with

Karl Rove as a key note speaker! But then, having Liberty Granger there is much better than not having anybody representing us, I guess :-) Have a grand time, G!!


I know a few Ron Paul Republicans going as delegates. If I wasn't having to do treasury meetings, I would car pool with them (it sure would be a grander time going with people!!!)

Thank you for the donation ((((((((((((ytc))))))))))))

I'm going to look Karl in the eye and tell him, "The people are catching on, Karl". Pass him a www.randwatch.com business card.


Want to give an update

I'm $157.30 from reaching my goal.

I will be posting a THANK YOU to the contributors with breakdowns at the end of my fundraiser for delegate to the CA GOP Spring convention.

And I will post a report of the convention when I return.

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I second the BRAVO!!!!GIVE

I second the BRAVO!!!!

GIVE 'EM HELL, Granger. Not by being obnoxious but strong and confident. You are representing a "Liberty Movement"!! Kark Rove and the like need to see that in everythng we say and do. They have no idea how many out there of us there are....Be respectful but strong. I appreciate all your energy and effort. Thanks

Thank you txbluebonnet

I'm going to do my best. Thank you for the BRAVO and support! I am taking it with me to the convention stronger because of it!

Not to add to the gender confusion ((((PAF)))) mentioned in

an earlier comment but, this is for you, ((((((Granger))))):


This email confirms that you have donated B. B. Grace $25.00 USD using PayPal.

This credit card transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL *THEGRANGER".

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


OMG! THANK YOU!!! It really means a lot for you to support me as you do in so many wonderful ways! THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND!

LOVE YOU (((((((((((((Nonna))))))))))))

Bravo Granger!

Do you have enough yet? If not, maybe you should make a video? Maybe make one even if you do have enough, to say thanks? Either way - make a video!:)

I am!

Thank you ((((((Tio Rio)))))

Including the money from my committee, I am 2/3 there. With
Committee $200.00
Daily Paul community $284.00

When I reach the goal I'll post the numbers with my THANK YOU.

I hope to be able to put something together after the convention about the convention, but this is a learning cruve for me, I'm more farm, food and fan savvy than tech savvy.

THANK YOU for your support!!!! It really mans a lot.

Why no ticker?


Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Because I'm not tech smart I don't have a ticker

I got permission from MN to post this request, and had help to create a PayPal account, and I will account for all donations.

Presently I've collected $200.00 from my committee, and $389.70 from Daily Paul community. That's $589.70 total, I'm $185.30 away from my goal.

Now, I need to go to the print ship and get my flyers and business cards ordered (that are not included in the costs and I can now afford to arm myself better FOR LIBERTY in the convention. Excuse me, and I'll be back and prepared to give a full report, and END my fundraiser when, I achieve the goal, begin a new thread to thank everyone and begin making reports about my progress and activities in the CA GOP convention. I hope it's exciting news.

Ignore rp4pres. He is a

Ignore rp4pres. He is a hateful person who trolls the people of the DP. I've had to block him before because he is a miserable person to debate with.

That is your choice.

I do not need to defend rp4pres or anybody else here. But I will offer my opinion.

rp4pres is a true patriot, and one who LIVES Liberty. You may not like his style, but I do. Though I am for peace, there is too much complacency in this world which has got us where we are today. rp4pres, and anybody else who scrutinizes others should be commended, and welcomed. I value everything that he has to say, and though I know exactly where I stand, I learn from him.

rp4pres and I happen to disagree with this effort. He is still 1000% solid and one who I would be proud to stand by if/when shtf. I am tired, over extended and see no hope. If by miracle Granger can yield any success, I am for it.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

So you commend him when he

So you commend him when he calls a fellow patriot a "gigantic retard"? I think it's tactless, childless, and quite disgusting. Does nothing for the cause of spreading Liberty.

I do not condone it, but everybody is different.

I have been called worse. You will NEVER find me sniffling about it.

Name calling: If it is not true, then there is really nothing to worry about. If it is true, then there ya go.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Maybe I am a bit sensative

Maybe I am a bit sensative but I am a woman so it goes with the territory. I just don't think it's necessary to be cruel to people. And I doubt he would act that rude to anyone in person.


Well that changes things a bit, lol :-)

I am pacifist who encourages respect among people. That said, when I was in junior high and high school, fist fights were commonplace, and it was those who I faught who remain my truest friends today.

Going out on a limb, because this is really none of my business.. but like rp4pres, my bark is louder than my bite. I sense that rp would be a very dear friend.. rude or not, lol.

So what about the wrath of a woman, would that be true of you? Or shouldn't I ask!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Get educated...

It takes a quick peek on Google to see that you only need to set up an account to any number of donation websites that off a ticker as policy and there has been numerous amounts of donation threads using those various sites.

Not knowing how is a poor excuse. It actually makes me think someone is playing dumb so they don't have to show whop much they've taken in.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.


Keep up the good work ((((((Granger))))))

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Thank you (((((((((((LL))))))))))))))

It's a whole new level for me!

Really??? $350 a day for food???

Your kidding right? that is what I spend a week on food for my whole family. Get over your self.

No $150.00 per day

Lunches are $50.00 and dinners are $100.00, except the last day when there is a Prayer breakfast, and that's $75.00.

Being I'm fasting, I won't be eating those lunches and dinners.. but I will be talking about Liberty and networking, and hopefully engaging with people who will come to understand the rEVOLution, Liberty Movement as worthy to invest in, because I was worthy to be invested in in by those who appreciate Liberty over Tyranny.

As for getting over myself.. I did that when I joined the GOP to become a Ron Paul National Delegate. I wouldn't be where I am if it was not for Ron Paul.

You should eat before and

You should eat before and during the convention. You will need the energy.

I will make sure to have plenty of water

and I have my lemonade.. though I may be able to have a smoothie by then.. today is six days.. I think I'll be having clear juices and miso by then. I can't wait to see all the donuts and cookies.