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Send The Granger To the California GOP Spring Convention 2013 March 1-3


Purpose of Fundraising:
To send The Granger to the California Republican Spring Convention
Dates: March 1st through 3rd
Location: Sacramento Convention Center, downtown Sacramento

Events towards which contributions will be put to use:

Convention luncheons and dinners
Prayer breakfast on March 3rd
Key note speech: Karl Rove
Key note speech: Ben Stein

Contributions will be put to use to offset these expenses:

1. Room * $210
2. Fuel ** $80
3. Admission to Convention: $110
4. 2 - Luncheons $100
5. 2 - Dinners $200
6. 1 - Breakfast $75__

Total $775.00

Inspired by the DP poster Missy, I asked the Mendocino County Republican Central Committee to help me with expenses. They offered me $200.00, so I am looking at $575.00 in support.

PayPal Link Here - Address for checks below:

I have paid my dues for the party and treasurer’s association: $90.00

The DP poster ProudAmericanFirst sent me a revolution car-badge, which you can see on my profile. Along with some nice tools, such as silver to teach CA Republicans about sound money, liberty sticker, Ron Paul balloon, CC he produced, stuck on Mitt Romney to rub it in, a congratulations Ron Paul national delegate letter (which I earned) and Justice Amish fliers for me to copy and share.

Permission to post was granted by, Michael Nystrom, to whom I suggested I would make www.randwatch.com business cards to pass out at the convention.

Make a donation through PayPal

If you would like to help me with a check, please send to:

P. O. Box 1113
Fort Bragg, CA 95437-1113

It’s an honor to be supported by the revolution and Liberty Movement. I look forward to working to promote the revolution in the GOP.

* The convention room is $160.00 per night, so I found a room close to the convention, including taxes was $210.00

** this includes parking fees. I can't car-pool because my meetings are ahead of when the car pool with the chair's begins.

Thank you for reading. Please bump this post and help me so I can look Karl Rove in the eye and tell him, "The people are catching on, Karl" (((((((Fishy)))))))

And tell Ben Stein, "Screening people for mental health is just another way to disarm the public in the name of government protection."

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Asking Ron Paul supporters

Asking Ron Paul supporters for money after you supported Rmoney.

Where do you get the nerve?

She took an oath you moron!

She took an oath you moron! Did you want her to write in Ron Paul and lose her seat?

I was a national delegate for Ron Paul

That took some nerve.

Then at what point did you

Then at what point did you stop supporting ron paul?

If you were to attend the RNC, would you be a voice of outrage or the lady blocking the guy from speaking because you don't want to upset your handlers?

I support Ron Paul

I support Ron paul as a speaker for the Liberty Movement adn lyasian for the GOP, where Rand is ;eading the rEOVLution, and we learn from him about politics, how to set priorities where we can bend, where we can't how we do it and how we win. WE ARE WINNING!

I'm there to vote in Liberty candidates and educate the GOP about sound money, constitutional government, and peace.


i don't see rand leading any rEOVLution. when i hear him say "we want a little less aggressive foreign policy"
i have to say WHAT? what in the heck is that? a policy that tries to bring the "bugsplatt" down a hair or two?

he's better than most as a senator, but that's it.

bring on the judge then you can start saying rEOVLution again IMO.

That's not what he said

Right now we have a pre-emptive executive order policy that has no congressional oversite. Rand is saying we need wars to be declared by congress, and that we need to use diplomacy and trade, which teliminates pre-emptive executive order wars.

You bring on the Judge. I'm working in the GOP to bring on Liberty candidates in the GOP. I sincerely wish you tons of success getting candates you can support. I like Rand. I think he's great for what he's up against. He's doing way better than anyone I know.

exactly what he said

News for rand paul we want a little less aggressive ...

Rand Paul: Country Is Ready For A "Libertarian Republican Narrative"
RealClearPolitics ‎- 1 day ago
If we knew where an al Qaeda operative was -- PAUL: You would think. ... want a party that's a little bit less aggressive on foreign policy, still ...

look at the headline



which makes zero sense

i watched the entire interview ... you can fool the people etc

Sorry Granger...but with all due respect, I can't trust you.

You supported Romney and you voted for him right?

Which makes me wonder if you ever really were a true Ron Paul supporter.

Because in my opinion, no TRUE Ron Paul supporter could have ever voted for the war-mongering Romney and his war-mongering, rotted party.

And I probably don't have much in common politically with anyone who did vote for him because let me tell you who else voted for Romney:

Karl Rove
George W. Bush
George H.W. Bush
DICK Cheney
Bill Kristol
Glenn Beck
Michael Medved
Donald Rumsfeld
Sean Hannity
Mark Levin
Rush Limbaugh
John McCain
Lyndsey Graham
Joe LIEberman
Paul Wolfowitz
Paul Bremer
Fred Barnes
Mike Huckabee
Michele Bachmann
Reince Priebus
John Boehner
Donald Trump
DICK Morris
Laura Ingraham
Chris Wallace
Charles Krauthammer

EVERY ONE OF THEM WERE RON PAUL HATERS who did all they could to undermine his campaign of peace and truth and smear his name.

I could never support any candidate who is supported by the likes of war-mongers like these rats.

I'm pretty much done with the war-mongering, Neo-Con, Arab-hating republican party anyway.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a Republican.

There is a difference between supporting and voting FOR a candidate, and voting with respects to a loyal oath and will not commit perjury.

I felt it was better to keep the oaths I took, which included an oath to the constitution, than to worry about Romney who wasn't running to win. The republicans know they were screwed by the GOP, and it's tied up with the Secretary of State, who put up Romney as the GOP nominee months before the GOP convention in Tampa.

Was I ever a true Ron Paul supporter?

I came across Ron Paul in March of 07. I refused to join the GOP. Originally I was a Libertarian, joined in 1976 under the influence of NORML ads in my Dad's Playboy magazines. He was an Objectivist and pushed Ayn Rand on us, and the drug laws were objectionable, so I remained in the LP until I witness a stolen election in 1992. Clinton.. as a precinct inspector for the registrar, I was far from alone in polling officials who had locked boxes of uncounted ballots when Clinton was named prsident.

That what led me to campaign for Ralph Nader's Indy runs, more voices and choices on the ballot. Ron Paul's rEVOLution was a cake walk, but very frustrating because he would not do it MY way, Independent. So I joined the GOP when Ron Paul made his second republican party bid for president. I wanted to be a national delegate.

I became a district team leader for NW CA, and combined, Del Norte, Trinity, Humboldt and Mendocino pulled more votes for Ron Paul than any district, my own county Mendocino, placed 5th, out of 55 counties.

It physically made me ill when I first registered Republican, and I was afraid to go to my first committee meeting. I was a guest for a year before I was appointed, and then I collected my elected seat, and now I am elected treasurer, which gives me voting power in Mendocino, and the State, and National delegations.

This affords me the opportunity to stand for Liberty and share the message and solutions of how to restore the republic, get understanding and support. It is also, my time to listen to what is going on in the party and what issues we are facing.

To me, pawnstorm, you are protecting the Ron Paul haters by avoiding them and giving them plenty of room to do what they want, while you puff about Ron Paul. Ron Paul got me in the GOP. Why didn't he get YOU in the GOP?

It's not about the Republican Party, it's about supporting a long time DP who MN trusts.

Peace be with you

Well actually Granger, Ron Paul DID get me in the GOP.

I hadn't voted for 34 years before I discovered Dr. Paul.

But observing how his own party treated him (and us), why the hell would I want to stay around and support them now?

I became a GOP PCO and a delegate to the WA state convention for Dr. Paul.

I was there when we booed Romney's kid off ths stage for talking too long after they chased one of our Ron Paul delegates off the stage.

I've been right down there in the trenches and I saw it first hand.

I also see how Karl Rove and the GOP is trying to keep Rand out already by making a rule where if they think you can't win, they won't let you run in a primary.

And FOX News fully supports it.

NOTHING has changed in the Grand Old Party even after all the energy, time and money we spent trying to teach these idiots for 5 years.

THAT'S why I have the attitude I do and why I can't help anyone who helped Romney.

Can't you see that candidates like him ARE the problem?

So if you voted for Romney, you gave up on every principle you supposedly supported Ron Paul for.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Why would you run

Do you actually think these guys are going to play nice? You want it, you have to fight for it. I'm fighting for it.

I'm still in teh trenches and watching it.

Right about Rove and why I want to face him too.

Fox is some email spam isn't it? You mean MSM fox? :P

The GOP is changing. I was alone on my committee for a year, now there are three, soon to be four, and three others who are on our side on the issues.. so we are winning.

Romney was forced on us and you know that. We remain in fighting and it's Rubio Vs Rand. Rubio os another Romney.

I didn't vote FOR Romney. I voted to keep my loyalty oaths and seat. I voted against Obama, and I have explained, why all the work I did to become a national delegate for Ron Paul had me give Romney a vote. It hurt. So how do we stop it? How do we stop these unfair elections?

Some think we have to crash the system, or crash it, and I think, from my appreciation of history, that works for the establishment, not the people.

I think Ron Paul really knew what he was doing inviting us into the GOP. We are standing for A REPUBLIC.. Republican party. We are standing for conservative values that are alien to many in politics because they have lost their way, they only use Roberts Rules of Order informally at meetings to formalize what they already had planned. And to be fair, some in the Liberty Movement/ rEVOLution are no better, wanting to replace one corrupt group with another, meaning no one uses Roberts Rules of Order to do business.. it's all private.. who you know, not what you know stuff. It's a good fight, and I'm happy to be inside the GOP and able to help Rand over Rubio, Dr Paul over Karl Rove.

I think if I would have broken my loyalty oath to the constitution, GOP and 470, I would have gave up on every principle I supposedly supported Ron Paul for, because I would have broken my oath, cheated, lied and become what I am not, nor want to be.

Some think we have to crash

Some think we have to crash the system. I think, from my appreciation of history, [crashing it] works for the establishment, not the people.

You bet crashing the system would work for the NWO members. As awful as government is, still it is a barrier for NWO activities, as difficult that dynamic might be to believe. Why government is a barrier is simple, the organizations and corporations of the NWO operate to laws, the productions from government saying what X can and cannot do. Because of this operation, this adherence, NWO members' intents manifest partially rather than in whole and to a degree lesser than they would without those laws.

Typing that sentence reminds me of what judge Andrew Napolitano said on Freedom Watch when talking about laws and an historical figure he quoted: Be careful about wishing laws be done away with immediately, because it is those laws that although they are detriment to society, they are impediments against those who could run roughshod over society, because there'd be no ability to corral those people. It's that classic case of those who create so much crap that they too are mired in it.

The constitution should be our guide. As long as people in government become how you are, freedom loving, the individual will win in every activity he does. The free American must get to the point of not only feeling no fear of government attacking him but indeed NOT be attacked by government for what he does and that if he does someone wrong, he and that person work out their problems with each other unless one of them calls upon the court to intervene. What's at heart is the nonaggression principle and that the government employ it, do it, thereby positioning itself as server to the people. What I mean by server is that it would be the arbiter of last resort when parties in conflict cannot come to resolution peacefully. This stance of the government, the defense stance, is the key to creating heaven on Earth at least where we are concerned, in the United States.

Also, Granger, ...they only use Roberts Rules of Order informally at meetings to formalize what they already had planned. That observation is sharp, keen. You, my friend, are aware and observant. You possess the ability to discern, that is, to recognize things for what they are: You see logic and illogic, I think probably because you allow things to be what they are rather apply your thoughts onto them. Keep up the fantastic work. I am proud of you, Ms. Grace, you free woman, you free human being.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

Rove got replaced. Ben

Rove got replaced. Ben Shapiro is taking his spot as keynote speaker.

I'm still thinking about showing up with a huge "ROVE IS THE PROBLEM" sign.

It appears to me they are both speaking

What's the point of showing up with a sign that says, "Rove is the problem", if Rove is not going to be there?

Better yet, instead of showing up with a sign, why not get on a central committee, or start attending meetings and deliver the message in person? My committee is a Liberty Committee, much like DP in person.

I hope to meet and talk with many Republicans about sound money, constitutional government, lack of Robert's Rules of Order, too much precident, Justin Amash, www.randwatch.com , and how the hell we are going to compete with a democratic party that has ALL the corporate support, making the party like the republic of communist China's, adapted for a secular global government, by, of, and for corporations.

It would be a shame if Shapio replaced Rove. It would tell me that the money is leaving the GOP, that MSM has given us a babysitter, we won the promary and they are abandoning ship with the loot.

granger, Granger, GRAnger,

granger, Granger, GRAnger, GRANGER, G-R-A-N-G-E-R!!! (((((GRANGER!!!))))) <---- I don't know what the parentheses mean even though I've seen them for a year or longer, but they look cool!

I can't afford to send you money, Grange', but I send a prayer of mine that you do to those scoundrels what RP's done to them throughout the years: speak the truth (not harshly but firmly). They got power (so they think), but you're armed with the truth.

Go get 'em, Grange'. I am happy for you, Grange', and I'm happy for freedom because one of our own, a free person, is on her way to makin' waves. Great and inspirational work, Ms. Grace.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.


((((hugs))) parentheses are hugs. THANK YOU.

Yes, I am armed with truth, and support, from my committee and community, and that's means a lot to me. I am looking farward to the convention.. got to have business cards made tomorrow.. getting ready.. I'm hoping I don't need to take antacids, as was suggested below. THANK YOU FOR THE HAPPY POST!!

TwelveOhOne's picture


I never knew that, (((((Granger)))))! :)

Added $20 for you.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
http://fija.org - Fully Informed Jury Association
http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)


THANK YOU for the support! It is very humbling to recieve it, and I appreciate it, and hope youy will like my report when I return home.

Hugs are good (((((((TwelveOhOne))))))))))))

$20 Sent from a friend in Nevada

Confirmation number: 63882303CT644061B.

Good luck! I can't have my neighboring state be the USSR, heck I'm a mile away from Cali.

Fortunately, a 14,000' mountain and two 7200' passes tend to keep most of them away from here.


I used to drive those passes

Walker lake.. ran into a whiteout.. me and the suzuki on our way through 395 from Reno to Los Angeles.. spun out three times.. saw all kinds of cars spun out, accidents.. it was hot in Reno when I left. Scraped ice off the headlights and wibndsheild by hand at least four times. Also experienced a whiteout on 80 heading west Gold Ranch. A picture of the Suzuki is on my profile.

Did you know, the old, "Reno Reno Twice as Friendly" arch is now in Willits CA, "Gateway to the redwoods"?

Thank you for the "Good luck" and the support for the convention.


That's not where I live.It's

That's not where I live.

It's even worse here.

Try taking California SR 168 east of Big Pine in winter.

I been so busy here I haven't been to a grocery store since Dec 20th. I'm gonna have to leave soon, only got about 6 months of food left. Lol.


Only if you have a hot spring

I know several in your area.. once you get past the snow on your driveway there are some nice hot springs where you are.

Yep. Got a nice one here.

Yep. Got a nice one here. Free to use, very close (16 miles) and hardly a soul there.


not in the list.

not in the list.


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Send you money...

So you can go see Karl Rove and Ben Stein speak?

You are freaking CRAZY!

I will BURN my money before I send it to you for that.

I am NOT sorry. Thats MY opinion. Karl Rove?


Ben Stein attacks Ron Paul here.

and here...

Do I REALLY need to list all of the videos of Karl Rove and his DISRESPECT/IGNORING of the grass roots that propelled Ron Paul to WIN IOWA and more?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


I didn't select the speakers at the convention. I think this is a great opportunity to strike LIBERTY into the GOP and it's great to show Karl Rove that he is not above us, but that WE ARE WINNING because we are individuals, supporting individuals, that support LIBERTY in the GOP (and globally), from those like Karl Rove who wants to eliminate us, with his new Vicotry PAC.

Why should I make his day and not be there? Do you actually think he wants to see someone passing out www.randwatch.com cards, and looking him in the eye and saying, "The people are catching on ,Karl"?

Do you think Ben Stein wants to hear someone say, "First they came for the mentally ill (in the name of guns) but I was not mentally ill."?

If you think that I'm there to support these two, then you have no idea what kind of fight we are up against, or how determined I am to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

Thank you for the bump.