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PredPol (Predictive Policing) Crime prediction software.

What could go wrong? Who's seen the movie "Minority Report"?

"Police in Tacoma, Wash. will soon be receiving federally-funded cloud-based crime prediction software known as PREDPOL, short for predictive policing.

The program consists of a mathematical algorithm similar to the one used to predict earthquakes that will use five years’ worth of past crime data and sociological information about criminal behavior to predict where and when a future crime will likely take place, down to a 500-square-foot area."

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From the PredPol (Predictive Policing) website:

"Seeing into the future once belonged only to fortune tellers, TV weather forecasters, and science fiction writers. In 2005, the Los Angeles Police Department wanted to try it for themselves and engaged a group of PhD scientists—two mathematicians, an anthropologist, and a criminologist—to figure out what criminals are going to do before they get started."


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Orwell's nightmare is

Orwell's nightmare is becoming our reality, " Predpol "in Cali and the "Domain Awareness System" in New York.



We are, apparently, a nation of criminals and suspects, complete with a $74 BILLION industry of private, for profit prison systems. Indeed, what could go wrong?

Easy To Predict Crime

When you are the criminals doing them!


Yet another blow to due

Yet another blow to due process.


Wow if they are comparing the system to the fotune tellers and weather forecasters? Then they will be happy with being 30% correct