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No Gun Registration Yet...but there is already a database.

Oh sure, we are all opposed to registration of our guns because it does lead to confiscation over time.

BUT we do already have a data base that could be used to round up and confiscate guns...it is called a CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMIT.

You sign up for one of these and you are in at least a state data base as a gun owner. Of course, handguns are further down the road from "assault rifles" or the "Weapons of war" that are being discussed. But I would be willing to bet that if the confiscation comes, the first people to have their doors "knocked on" will be those concealed weapons permit people.

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Did you really believe those records were not retained?



allowing them to be your masters.

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didn't you know,

that is the whole purpose for background checks and concealed carry permits.there is no legitimate reason for either.

i dunno,

it seems, vague, what with, all those, commas and, everything.
too bad, they, left no, supporting material, we could study, to verify, the intent.

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