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After we're done crying about Ol Bomber .. may bee we can talk about the feminists who helped put him there.

What took the steam out of the end of the civil rights movement and is still an open sore in many households? "All in the Family" ring any bells? I want to help others see this huge liberty killer selling control and shame of men in exchange for simply feeling sorry for a few poor helpless women.

With critical thinking being out of public schools for long enough now for most not to remember it, mainstreamers are being pulled around by their heartstrings with the ever pressing "WHY?". Selectively skipping over who, what, when, where people are conditioned to judge and blame to defend their ever dwindling entitlements. Their Pavlovian responses to defending women and children have reached epidemic proportions. (unless they are Middle Eastern women and children)

Why don't we go back to where it all went wrong and Men, behind curtains, started telling women who they could shame , blame , and abuse in exchange for legal and social compensations. There are nails that were put on to get women into certain conversations, bravo! the problem is that they never came off again and now both sexes are living in the male paradigm, SUX!

United in liberty?... maybe the next generation of young women, none of my open minded female friends seem willing to give up any control that helps them feel safe or useful in the present climate. This stuff is rooted deeply in all of our cultures and is being played brilliantly by those who mean to keep us distracted, setting and putting out fires amongst ourselves. Same parlor games they've been playing for centuries. When we start raising independent women who love themselves and men, we will have families no one can manipulate easily. God , imagine if we had the power of vulnerability, humanitarianism, compassion back in our homes. We could leave this "punishment /reward" "oppressor vs martyr" syndrome behind that plagues us and clouds our logic.
I want a society that gives more weight to emotions, personally, so that we can be a more emotionally mature people. When emotions are given value, listened to, and felt, their is little need for anger. with our emotionally maturity our chioces will be much less weighted by judgements, vengeance, and fear. There is no peace without justice.

Is anyone brave enough to listen to someone who was there?


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video is an eye opener

empower yourself with the truth.