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US/Russian real estate scandal possibly linked to Bain Capitol. source Moscow Times.

What makes this story so juicy is that Margelov is the son of a KGB general and taught in the KGB school. In keeping with his background, he is well-known for his anti-Americanism.

Margelov's anti-Americanism didn't keep him from taking consulting jobs in the 1990s with a number of U.S. companies, including Bain Capital, where Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was interim CEO. Perhaps income from those gigs allowed Margelov to buy two apartments in Miami worth $894,000. And perhaps his skills obtained in the KGB helped him hide the purchases and evade reporting them on his government declaration form. When confronted by journalists, Margelov replied diplomatically, "I don't own a lot of apartments in the U.S." That might be technically true, considering that Margelov bought the apartments with another Russian, about whom nothing is known. This interesting fact prompted the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets to publish an article with the risky and risque headline: "Is Senator Margelov Living With a Mystery Man?"

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The Moscow Times

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