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Orly Taitz Press Release: Clerks of the Supreme Court never forwarded to 5 out of 9 Justices one single page of pleadings, they

Noonan supplemental brief with the SCOTUS stamp 02.12.2013

Press release: clerks of the Supreme Court
never forwarded to 5 out of 9 Justices one single page of pleadings,
they also did not forward to any of the Justices the Supplemental Brief. 

Demand for investigation forwarded to Congressman Goodlatte, Chair of
the Judiciary Committee of Congress 

Law offices of orly taitz

29839 santa margarita ste 100

Rancho santa margarita ca 92688

ph. 949-683-5411 fax 949-766-7603




Via Federal Express

Attn. Congressman Bob Goodlatte
Chairman of the Committee on Judiciary of the U.S. House of Representatives
2309 Rayburn HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5431
Fax: (202) 225-9681




Dear Mr. Goodlatte,

On 12.11. 2013   Attorney Dr. Orly Taitz, ES filed an application for
stay on behalf of plaintiffs in Noonan et al v Bowen et al 12 A 606.

On 12.26.2012 Attorney for Plaintiffs resubmitted her application to
the Chief Justice John Roberts, who referred the case to the conference
of all 9 Justices to be conducted on February 15, 2013. Taitz followed
Rule 22 of the Supreme Court that stated “Renewed application is made by
a letter to the clerk, designating the Justice to whom the application
is to be directed, and accompanied by copies of the original
application…” these copies were supposed to be forwarded to 9 individual
justices, library of Congress and National Archives.

Clerk for Stays Redmond Barnes sent back to Taitz 5 copies, whereby 5
justices never got the application, so clearly they could not discuss
the case during the conference, as they never saw a word of the
pleadings or evidence. Taitz submits herein the Exhibit 1, photograph of
the original box in which 5 copies were sent back,  as well as the
photograph of the stamp. Taitz preserved the box and the documents as

Moreover, on 02.12.2013 Taitz traveled to Washington DC and submitted
to the clerks’ office a supplemental brief with information crucial to
the U.S. National Security to be reviewed by the justices prior to the
February 15 conference. Taitz talked to clerks Sevgi Tekeli and James

She was told to give the pleadings to the guard at the
entrance, as the Supreme Court has mandatory screening for anthrax, but
the pleadings will be docketed the same day and forwarded to Justices.

The clerks’ office never docketed the Suplemental Brief (Exhibit 2
Supplemental Brief with the date stamp of the Supreme Court) and sent it
back, so none of the Justices read the Supplemental Brief as well.

Taitz provides the Judiciary Committee with the application (Exhibit 3) and the Supplementary Brief (Exhibit 2).

Case at hand was scheduled to be heard on February 15, 2013 in a
conference of all the justices of the Supreme Court of the United

This case came from the Supreme Court of California and was brought
by Presidential Candidates: Edward Noonan, Thomas Gregory MacLeran and
Keith Judd  against the Secretary of the State of California, seeking to
stay the certification of the votes for the candidate for the U.S.
President Barack Obama due to the fact that the aforementioned candidate
committed fraud when he provided his declaration of the candidate and
when the Democratic party submitted the certificate of the nomination 
due to the fact that Barack Obama is not eligible for the position, as
he is not a Natural born U.S. citizen, as required by the U.S.
Constitution Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5. The declaration of the
candidate and the certification of the nomination were based on fraud,
on Obama’s use of forged IDs, , stolen Connecticut social Security
number xxx-xx-4425, use of a name that was not legally his use of
Indonesian citizenship and based on aiding and abetting by corrupt
governmental officials. Most notable example of criminal aiding and
abetting was signing by the chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaii
Brian Schatz a falsified OCON (Official Certificate Of Nomination of a
candidate) where the usual wording “eligible according to the provisions
of the U.S. Constitution” were removed in order to accommodate
ineligible Obama.

Plaintiffs provided the Supreme Court of California and the Supreme
Court of the United States with over 100 pages of official records,
sworn affidavits of senior law enforcement officials and  experts
showing that Barack Obama is:

  1. A citizen of Indonesia, as listed in his school registration #203
    from Franciscan Assisi school in Jakarta, Indonesia. As  a citizen of
    Indonesia Obama was never eligible and never legitimate for the U.S.
  2.  Obama is using last name not legally his. Plaintiffs provided this
    court with the passport records of Stanley Ann Dunham,  deceased
    mother   of Barack Obama, showing that he is listed under the last name
    Soebarkah in her passport. He was removed from her passport in August of
    1969 pursuant to the request and sworn statement of Ms. Dunham and
    signed by the U.S. consul in Jakarta Indonesia. As the requirement for
    removal as listed in the passport,  is obtaining a foreign allegiance,
    it is believed that Barack Obama Soebarkah was removed from his mother’s
    passport  when he obtained his Indonesian passport. Barack Obama cannot serve as a U.S. President as the legal entity Barack Obama does not exist. The only legal entity based on the only verifiable record is Barack Obama Soebarkah.
  3. Obama does not have a valid U.S. birth certificate. Plaintiff
    provided affidavits  from Sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona Joseph
    Arpaio, Investigator Zullo, experts Felicito Papa, Douglas Vogt, Paul
    Irey, showing that the image posted by Obama on Whitehouse.gov is a
    computer generated forgery. When there is a question of authenticity of a
    document, the only way to authenticate, is to conduct expert evaluation
    of the original document.  Registrar of the State of Hawaii and
    Director of Health and Deputy Attorney General of Hawaii in charge of
    the Health Department were obstructing justice and absolutely refused to
    comply with any subpoenas and produce the original 1961 birth
    certificate and as such there was never any authentication of the
    alleged birth certificate. After 4 years of obstruction of Justice, it
    is clear that the Hawaiian officials have nothing to show and genuine
    1961 birth certificate for Barack Obama simply does not exist.

Obama does not have a valid Selective Service certificate. Based on
the affidavit of Sheriff Arpaio and investigator Zullo, alleged copy of
Obama’s Selective Service Certificate, is  COMPUTER GENERATED FORGERY.
In this   supplemental brief Plaintiffs are providing additional
evidence, a sworn affidavit from the Chief investigator of the Special
Investigations Unit of the US Coast Guard (ret) and  former special
agent of the DHS Jeffrey Stephan Coffman who attested under the penalty
of perjury that Obama’s alleged Selective Service registration is a

Plaintiffs submitted with their TRO and complaint the Affidavits of
Sheriff Arpaio and Investigator Zullo and as a supplement an affidavit
of the Chief Investigator of the Special investigations of the US Coast
Guard Jeffrey Stephan Coffman. Based on those affidavits Obama’s alleged
application for the selective service is a forgery. According to  5 USC
§ 3328.every man born after 1959 has to register with the Selective
Service and cannot work in the executive branch if he did not register
with the selective service.

(a)An individual—

(1)who was born after December 31, 1959, and is or was required to
register under section 3 of the Military Selective Service Act (50 App. U.S.C. 453); and

(2)who is not so registered or knowingly and willfully did not so
register before the requirement terminated or became inapplicable to the
shall be ineligible for appointment to a position in an executive agency.

As Obama claims to be born in 1961 (without a valid birth certificate
we don’t even know when he was born) he had a duty to register with the
Selective Service. A forgery does not represent a registration, as such
Obama is not eligible to be working in the executive branch of the U.S.
government. He is not eligible to be a President in the White House or a
janitor in the White House and it is a duty of this court to exercise
its’ jurisdiction to rule Obama not constitutionally eligible.

  1. 4.     Obama’s 2009 tax returns posted by Obama
    himself on line showed him using a CT Social Security number
    xxx-xx-4425, which failed both E-verify and SSNVS. Affidavit of
    investigator Albert Hendershot provided herein as an exhibit showed it
    being issued to Harrison (Harry ) J. Bounel, born in 1890 in Russia,
    immigrant to the United States, presumed to be deceased, whose death was
    either not reported to the SSA or deleted from the computer system by a
    treasonous and criminally complicit employee of the SSA. Due to Obama’s
    use of a stolen SSN he is not eligible to work anywhere in the United
    States, not in the Federal Branch, not in any other branch, not in the
    private sector, not even to pick tomatoes or clean toilets. Based on his
    use of a stolen SSN the only thing Obama is eligible to is at least 18
    month prison term and deportation. For that reason alone the Supreme
    Court of California erred in denying the application. This court has to
    either grant the application or remand it back to the Supreme Court of
    California for reconsideration.


Justices Antonin Scalia in his book “Making your case” p77 described a
process of triage in the Supreme Court, he wrote: “Another factor
distinctive to petitions for certiorari is that judges don’t like to
spend a lot of time deciding what to decide. Indeed in most courts they
won’t even read the brief in support of your petition, but will rely on
summaries (or on the selection of particular briefs) by law clerks. And
law clerks don’t like to spend much time on this job either.”

Unfortunately, the clerks do more than summaries. Taitz, counsel for
the plaintiffs submits as Exhibit 3 a recent correspondence with the
Supreme Court in regards to case Taitz v Astrue USCA District of Columbia Circuit no 11-5304,
where Taitz caught the employees of the Supreme Court actively
obstructing justice and tampering with the documents submitted to the
Supreme Court.     Taitz provided the court with Federal Express
receipts showing packages received by the Supreme Court and signed for
by the employees of the Supreme Court, but never docketed and hidden
from the Justices of the Supreme Court by the employees. These employees
of the court were not appointed by the President, were not confirmed by
the Senate, they never took an Oath of Allegiance and nobody knows
where their allegiance lies.

This is only one of a number of suspicious activities in the Supreme Court of the
United States. Previously a case Lightfoot v Bowen
A-084524 by the same attorney Taitz  was deleted from the docket of the
Supreme Court on inauguration day January 21, 2008, ostensibly to give
an impression that there are no more challenges to Obama’s legitimacy.
Only after the enormous pressure from the public,  media, State
Representatives and sworn affidavits from attorneys the case was
reentered in the public docket. Clerk in charge for STAYs Danny Bickle
repeatedly made incorrect statements claiming that all files were
deleted due to some type of computer malfunction, which was not the
case. Later, in March of 2009 during a meeting with attorneys and book
signing in Los Angeles Taitz was able to discuss the case with Justice
Scalia, who was absolutely clueless that the case even existed, even
though according to the docket he was a part of the conference of
justices who denied that case dealing with the legitimacy of the U.S.
President and he voted to deny that case.

One can believe that a judge
would forget a case about some trivial dispute, but not a case dealing
with the U.S. Presidency he supposedly discussed in conference only a
month and a half earlier. It is clear that the case Lightfoot v Bowen
was decided by the clerks, the names of the justices were printed on
the order when the justices had no clue the case even existed. In a case
at hand dealing with the usurpation of the U.S. Presidency this is HIGH
TREASON, for which guilty parties should be getting a life in prison or
death penalty and the nation is entitled to know who these people
In a different case Rhodes v MacDonald 10A56 (entered by the Supreme Court as
Taitz v MacDonald) a docket entry showing Justice Clarence Thomas denying an
application for STAY was made retroactively on a weekend when Justice
Thomas was thousands of miles away giving a seminar in Utah. When Taitz
demanded to see an actual signature by Justice Thomas on the order to
deny stay or on the cover page of the application, she was referred to
Eric Fossum, the same
employee, who signed the denial letter in the Taitz v Astrue case, who admitted to her on the phone that there is no signature of Justice Thomas either on the order or on the cover page of the petition.
As such, there is no proof justice Thomas ever saw the petition or ever
read a word written in the petition. When citizens went to the Supreme
Court and requested copies of the pleadings in aforementioned cases,
they were told that there are no such documents available.

Noonan v Bowen is a
case which provides an undeniable evidence of usurpation of the U.S.
Presidency by a criminal, a citizen of Indonesia who claims that his
name is Barack Obama, who is using all forged IDs and a stolen Social
Security number and a last name not legally his. Allowing this
usurpation to go on is an act of HIGH TREASON. The
nation has a right to know who is committing high treason: 9 justices of
the Supreme Court of clerks, who hide the pleadings and sworn
affidavits from justices. For that reason plaintiffs respectfully demand
signatures of the justices on the order or on the front page of the
application. If there are no actual signatures of the justices the
plaintiffs and the nation as a whole will know that the justices never
saw a word of pleadings an the case was “ruled upon” by court employees
with unknown allegiance.   Plaintiffs also demand to know the names of
the court employees who summarized the case, provided it to the justices
and compiled the list of approved or denied applications. Plaintiffs,
U.S. Congress, law enforcement and World Community at large deserve to
know who committed HIGH TREASON, who should be tried for high treason,
who should be getting a penalty which is customary in such cases, which
is a life in prison or death penalty.


Plaintiffs and their attorney are demanding an immediate
investigation of both the actions of the employees of the Supreme Court
of the United States in hiding pleadings and exhibits from the Justices
and Barack Obama’s use of forged IDs and a stolen Social Security

Not addressing this case represents high treason against the United States of America and people of the United States of America

Respectfully submitted
/s/ Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2
Noonan supplemental brief with the SCOTUS stamp 02.12.2013



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I am a 75 y/o Korean Veteran-

I am a 75 y/o Korean Veteran- who is ashamed of what our country has become- and shame on the SUPREME COURT and the Dept of Justice- and shame on those rich bastards who helped Obama hide his past history (at the cost of millions) and helped him FORGE his birth certificate-

I am a 75 y/o Korean Veteran-

I am a 75 y/o Korean Veteran- who is ashamed of what our country has become- and shame on the SUPREME COURT and the Dept of Justice- and shame on those rich bastards who helped Obama hide his past history (at the cost of millions) and helped him FORGE his birth certificate-

I've Dealt with the Same Shenanigans

...whether by "design" or "accident".
Court clerks not delivering briefs, or judges "blaming them for "being unaware" of Motions before the Court.

Govt officials (court clerk's office in my case) that resulted in a petition for stay of an order being returned to me for no reasonable explanation...a timely delay...foot-dragging...stone-walling.

In My Case:
The County Clerk, who attempted to help was outraged,Court Clerk made herself "unavailable", whereupon the COUNTY CLERK told me:
"She works for THE JUDGE...I work for THE PEOPLE".

These are all methods to discourage, disable, and deny "due process".

These buraucracies are adept at this sort of thing.Also, considering the charges leveled here by "maeve" this could be a false-flag-op.

Shoulda bought that flak-vest at the gunshow...it's probably gonna come in handy....JUSTICE is DEAD in AMERICA.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Her job is to fail and look like she's actually trying

She may very well be trying, who knows. One way or the other, she's doing exactly what they (the people who would rather kill this whole eligibility thing) expect of her.

wish I didn't need to say

wish I didn't need to say this - Honorable Judges will you please stand upright and take your hands off of your face! Face reality! and do something about it! Orly has a mountain of evil for you to look at.

I quite admire this woman's

I quite admire this woman's tenacity and will of iron against insurmountable odds. She has more respect for the judicial process than any of the justices conducting their kangaroo courts. This sinister business with Obama aka Soetoro needs to be addressed at some point. The world is aware of its implications. While he offers amnesty to illegals and eligibilty of illegals to hold presidential office, he paves the way for his own absolution of deceit and fraud having used the system for his own personal ambitions and gains. Perhaps it is the ilk of someone like Orly Taitz that needs to sit on the bench.

She has no respect for the

She has no respect for the judicial process at all. Her brief includes my work on Obama's SS# used without my permission. In addition, she's allowed someone else to illegally swear to my work and has submitted it as a valid affidavit. I filed a cease and desist with her to get her to withdraw my work from her case and she refused.

What she is doing is taking my open and pending case with the SS admin, submitting it prematurely to the Supreme Court without it going through due process of the District Court and allowing it to climb through the ranks as prescribed by law. She knows this. Basically, when that bit of "evidence" gets thrown out of the court because its not complete, and doesn't meet the standard of evidence for a court, yet, she has destroyed my case with the SS admin and there will be no court left to hear it. She is making it impossible for me to pursue the case I began which in the end would have proved the original owner of Obama's SS#.

Blessings )o(

I don't know what your

I don't know what your evidence is but I have seen the court actions where her case was never heard let alone throw out any particular piece of evidence. Why would you not want her to proceed? This is not a copyright issue. Help the woman with the plethora of evidence piled up. The investigator who discovered the #SS fraud came forth and publicly said so. Is this you?

Albert Hendershot found the

Albert Hendershot found the reference to Harrison J Bounel associated with Obama's stolen SS#. I found the reference to Harry Bounel in the 1940 census and filed a FOIA based on that find. It is my FOIA info that she's using in her case without my permission. That FOIA is only the first step in a case with the SS admin that I started and had intended to pursue. Hendershot gave her the scan of my document, that I showed him, and swore to it in his affidavit.

You can't just take a current open and pending incomplete case and put it before the Supreme Court until its heard in a District Court, and an appeals court etc. She's using my case as evidence which means she's presenting it before a court out of turn and against all proper court procedure. If her case gets thrown out, then it means my case gets thrown out too and I will never be able to bring it to any court to pursue it. That's what the problem is, and she acknowledges that its an open case, and it does not yet meet the standard of evidence required by a court.

Blessings )o(

...then good luck to both of

...then good luck to both of you. I really would like to see Obama held in contempt for all this. Can you not continue your case independently during the hiatus while you can?

It may seem to you to be a possessive,

but the contraction for it is really is it's.

The possessive of it is its, just one more exception to the rule in the English language.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Pfft! Whatever.

Pfft! Whatever.

Blessings )o(


is she doing this:

"She knows this. Basically, when that bit of "evidence" gets thrown out of the court because its not complete, and doesn't meet the standard of evidence for a court, yet, she has destroyed my case with the SS admin and there will be no court left to hear it. She is making it impossible for me to pursue the case I began which in the end would have proved the original owner of Obama's SS#."


She loses always, and it seems that it is usually for evidentiary snafus that shouldn't be tripping up an experienced attorney...Then it looks as if the issue has been litigated.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Bear, I don't know why she

Bear, I don't know why she insists on doing this. In the email I got from her she said she knows my FOIA does not meet the standard of evidence but its a piece of the puzzle. Then she says she's obligated to use it. It makes no sense to me since her using it in SCOTUS will destroy any chance of me taking it any further. She acknowledges to me that she knows its an open and pending case, but she still insisted she had every right to use it. I made the mistake of trusting someone with a scan of the original FOIA I got from the SS admin, and they used it to swear an affidavit and give it to Orly. The first mistake was mine, I own up to that one, but she is destroying my case by taking it to SCOTUS before I can even get the proof needed to argue it in a District Court. So, your guess is as good as mine about why she'd want to scuttle my case by her actions.

Blessings )o(

If she wins at the Supreme Court

will you still need to present your case? Is it likely that she will win? I remember early on when someone was questioning Obama's citizenship that the court said they didn't have "standing." http://content.usatoday.com/communities/theoval/post/2012/06...

Is that likely to happen again with a this case?

They have to decide to hear

They have to decide to hear it before she can win anything. Her case has only gone to conference. That's where they determine if they even want to take the case.

Cody Robert Judy brought the exact same case to the Supreme Court and they chose not to hear it after they had a conference on it. The conference is only the first step where they decide if its even worth their time.

And, depending on what they rule if they do take the case, I may or may not have to pursue it. Either way, because its been presented as evidence, meaning that my open case is now before the court, I can't pursue the information through a court again because its already had its day in court. The only way I will get the info I need now is if I can get enough info for Mike Zullo to use to issue a subpeona for documents rather than continue with the avenue I'd originally planned. I'm working on finding that info instead since my SS case is now shot.

Blessings )o(


thanks for explaining to me how things work...what a mess. I suppose someone could gather all kinds of pending evidence and cause it to be inadmissible...on purpose...or is my thinking to extreme...


Very interesting, Maeve. I may be wrong and will admit to it if and when proven...but I just do not trust her. There's always some excuse as to why her case(s) go no further.

DallasGoldBug (video) alleges that she is someone actually named Ellie Wohl. I do not know if this is true, but anything's possible today.

Several years ago, when Orly alleged that she had a copy of Obama's Kenyan birth certificate, the following video was shared here at the DP (I think Mike Lawson is the one who shared it):


O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Habit4ming, I have a good

Habit4ming, I have a good friend who has tried to check her out and believes she's Mossad. Also, I am in contact with people who have shown me emails they've received from some of her supporters. One of them goes through several proxies to disguise the source, and contains misinformation deliberately sent out as press releases. Another one comes up as one of the email addresses in the Stratfor leaks that anonymous published. Bottom line, she's surrounded by intelligence agents and people posing as supporters. Whether she's working with them or not, is anyone's guess. But, I have personally traced those emails and that's what I've found and it confirms what others have found as well.

Blessings )o(

There is no longer any rule of law

Abandon all hope ye who hope to redress this government

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights


I feel that this should be on the front page.

Feel free to reuse any resources/ideas that I post on the DailyPaul on other networking sites.

At Some Point...

...it would be nice if people would shelve their 'faith', their 'hope' and their 'reliance' on established institutions for such redress and accountability, in the face of the mountains of evidence, empirical and otherwise, that the Republic has been completely usurped.

It has been readily apparent for decades that the game is utterly rigged and these established institutions are merely in place as a clown-circus to continue to fool the masses.

It still works like a charm, because people do not WANT to believe that america could be co-opted and perverted so completely, let alone has been.

Liberty's Teeth are what it will come down to, when all is said and done. Sadly, most will play the staged-game until it is far to late for any effective result.

And so it goes...

This boils my blood!

This boils my blood!

I wonder if ...

I wonder if the real story is that the court clerks are just being made the scape goats. And what they are said to have done is coming from a higher source. Is it possible that the government is corrupt?


I wonder

if Orly is not making the clerks scapegoats for her errors. How come in every case she files, there are conspiracies involving court clerks, bailiffs, law clerks, and probably judges? Every single case. Either you have to be an off your rocker conspiracy nut or she's the problem. Me, this is easy to figure out.

It's like the guy who is late to work every day because of a big pile up on the freeway. It stops becoming relevant whether there was a pile up on any given day, because there simply couldn't have been one every day. Or maybe I should've used an analogy involving wrecked trains.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

The Plot Thickens

Some might say it's a conspiracy among conspiracies.
Imagine the chaos if BO was forced from office on a finding of fraud.
Though I doubt it will ever happen, oh, what a glorious thought for all of his usurpations of the Constitution.

TwelveOhOne's picture

Typo near beginning

12.11.2013 hasn't happened yet.

Otherwise, excellent!

Edit: there's a misspelling "Suplemental" as well.

Edit 2: "was not legally his use of" needs a comma: "was not legally his, use of".

I hope it's clear that I completely support this cause and am attempting to provide corrections in order to improve.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
http://fija.org - Fully Informed Jury Association
http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

Pretty clear the courts are not a place to petition for justice

So we have a congress that ignores and passes laws not allowed by our constitution. We have an executive and his minions that ignore and defy the constitution constantly. And we are now show evidence that the courts are corrupted and deny citizens a fair hearing and any semblance of justice. Informing citizens about jury nullification may get you harrassed and jailed.

Not many peaceful avenues left to defend our rights.