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Nigel Farage: If Germany Said, 'We've Had Enough', It Would Be the End of the Euro"

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I agree 100%

I lived in Germany for over two years and I got to know the German people quite well. They are very conservative and austere on issues regarding money. They generally do not live above their means.

I think the next election will tell us a lot. If Merkle continues on her current path she will face a challenge. If German's in mass decide they have had enough...Merkle will be gone and the German people will want to vacate the EU and that will be it for the EU. God willing.

Another great interview

Thanks for posting!

you're welcome

you are welcome

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BUMP. Thank you for finding and sharing once again, fonzdrew.

BUMP. Thank you for finding and sharing once again, fonzdrew.

Woa. Nigel is definitely on a rampage for pushing Truth in their face over there, lately!

Greater KILLER points starting at 4 min 5 secs, and on!

He even has the guts to finish with a couple predictions a la Ron Paul for the next couple years in the E.U., if they stay on the negative slope.

... Excellent interview.

Now it's on record. Go slap them, Nigel!

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thanks for bumping me. :)