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The $7.00 MoneyBomb 2/19/2012

I posted earlier today encouraging the DP community to spend $7 on Facebook to help make the 'How the Govt Killed the Ron Paul Movement' http://youtu.be/YXlWiTPn7pQ go viral.

This idea will not shake out of my head. So I googled, 'Best days of the week to post to facebook 2012' and found this interesting story:


Tuesday is the best day of the week to promote a message on Facebook. It makes sense. The middle of the week is when life is pretty mundane.

Although I have already paid the $7 and I pledge to do it again. I had alot of feedback from people I dont normally talk to. (I have over 1000 friends)

The DP usually gets 100,000+ hits a day. We have the power to make this video go viral.

I dont know about you, but this video brought me a feeling of vindication for all the tricks and treachery we endured. The friends that made snide remarks or rolled their eyes as I proclaimed the media and party were screwing us.

We have to do something to combat the media and Karl Rove. Please get behind this idea. If I can bring ONE person to the Liberty Movement for $7 it is money well spent.

Please comment, criticize, up or down vote.

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before you throw money at this

have the vid owner change the damn title. That is NOT a title that the movement would want to propagate. The info is a good mash-up, but the title is awful.
suggestion "how the establishment cheated Dr Ron Paul and the American people" or something like that. The current title is defeatist and should not be used.

I agree...

and I also have brought it up. Using the word 'Killed' in the title is an instant turn off.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul