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Paul Craig Roberts - Republicans are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Israel Lobby.

(Paul Craig Roberts) Americans have been shamed many times by their elected representatives who cravenly bow to vested interests and betray the American people. But no previous disgraceful behavior can match the public shame brought to Americans by the behavior of the Senate Republicans in the confirmation hearing of Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

Forty Senate Republicans made it clear that not only do they refuse to put their service to America ahead of their service to Israel, but also that they will not even put their service to America on a par with their service to Israel. To every American’s shame, the Republicans demonstrated for all the world to see that they are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Israel Lobby. (The Israel Lobby is not their only master. They are also owned by other powerful interest groups, such as Wall Street and the Military/Security Complex.)

The most embarrassing behavior of all came from the craven Lindsay Graham, who, while in the act of demonstrating his complete subservience by crawling on his belly before the Israel Lobby, dared Hagel to name one single person in the US Congress who is afraid of the Israel Lobby.


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To hear Chuck Schumer equate Hagel with pogroms, though

To hear Chuck Schumer equate Hagel with pogroms, though, claiming the phrase "Jewish lobby" is equal to the ghetto and the yellow star, is simply unreal. I had to wonder if this is actually happening, or was I attempting to upload my consciousness into Kurzweil's singularity -- and accidently ended up in Abe Foxman's dreams?

But honestly. The power here: the raw, naked, unbridled power of this _____ish Lobby is breath-taking to behold. Love it or hate it, its incredible to witness the power of a state the size of Connecticut (and its apparatus) throttle the neck of the greatest empire in world history at will.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

It was a vote to continue debate. Hagel will get a vote.

Relax people.

People fail to realize, not only

does the Israeli Lobby pressure Congress, but their lead, also, dictates the Apostate Christian Zionist Lobby, who are even a bigger threat to campaign funding and especially the voting box! Write this down, if we don't find a way to wake up these apostates to the Rothschild hoax of the Israel creation, and their corrupt ministers, we are going to lose the fight. These fools will continue to focus on Israel, lay down to the governments tyranny, all because they are waiting to be 'raptured' to the heavens. However, this foolishness of failing to read Christ's Word for themselves, will lead to their slaughter, and the 'rapture' they will get for following 'deceivers' in complete ignorance, will be to Hades. If they read Rev. 2:9 and 3:9, which their apostate ministry will never teach, they would see they are working for Lucifer, and blaspheming their Lord.

All lobbyists in Washington

All lobbyists in Washington should be outlawed. Any politician receiving donations from lobbyists should be tried for receiving bribes and sent to jail. Our politicians take an oath of office to defend the United States and not some foreign government, including Israel. IMO, for our politicians to put another country's interest above that of the US is pure treason. We have a corporatist government that discarded our Constitution years ago, therefore I see no change in the near future -- as a nation we will keep bumping along and doing business as usual until our country experiences a major financial disaster. In the mean time Lindsay Graham and his ilk will keep on keeping on doing what they do.

Who cares, really?

It is just another distraction.. the Israelis were created by the Rothschilds, and so was the fed, so were the wars, and just about everything else. Arguing over what is going on in the 3rd tier of these mobsters and below, is just a total waste of time.

Here, educate yourself:

I disagree.

Exposing the Israel ties to the Rothschilds is a vital part of "The Big Truth." I posted a thing quite a while back where one of them admits quite frankly that his grandaddy created Israel. Couple that with the number is US-Israel dual citizens in our government - including positions that are a few "heartbeats from the Presidency" makes this one of the key elements to exposing our government's role in the scam.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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whole thing is somewhat confusing to me. Why would someone like Hagel be put forward by this administration in the first place?

Is the administration trying to appear like they are parading someone with a sensible "America First" foreign policy to make themselves look like they were trying, when an attack on Iran and or Syria takes place?

There is no doubt in my mind that those from the committee chairmen and up are corrupt and working for the same interests, regardless if they have a "R" or "D" after their names. I just don't understand the purpose of this theatrical display.

In my opinion Petraus had to

In my opinion Petraus had to be taken out because of his failure at defending the Benghazi CIA torture site and unwillingness to take the blame for it, almost costing Obama the election. Obama needs people that are more loyal to him personally than any other lobby including even the Israel lobby. Yes I know Hagel is not up for CIA director but thats not the point.

Ventura 2012

Perhaps to see who will come to Hagel's defense?

This could simply be a way to out those who aren't going to "play ball" the way they want them to.

They don't intend Hagel to be confirmed.

They want to use this as a way to fine tune their "list" of enemies.

Democrats Too

He should have just said that they are all in bed together. DUH