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Robert Wenzel: Justin Raimondo Stomps on Rand Paul's Head (Again)

Do not expect Justin Raimondo to be named Secretary of State in a Rand Paul administration.

First he sent out this tweet:

It's time for libertarians to treat Rand Paul like the turncoat he is: boycott. No $$, no support, & start calling him Paul the Lesser. — Justin Raimondo (@JustinRaimondo) February 14, 2013

He followed that up with these comments this morning:

Ah, the many faces of Rand Paul – the man’s a walking contradiction wrapped inside a conundrum. The conundrum is how to retain the support – especially the financial support – of the nationwide network organized by his father’s followers, while sucking up to the same people who derided and smeared the elder Paul for his anti-interventionist views.

Raimondo is calling it correctly. Rand is attempting to hold two contradictory positions. He wants to attract the non-interventionist libertarian followers and at the same time hold aggressive interventionist views in favor of Israel.

The full Raimondo takedown of Rand is here (Scroll down to Notes in the Margin), it is not to be missed.

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It reminds me of Rand's pandering to

all the libertarians at his dad's Tampa rally with his dad's famous anti-war quotes only to drive over to the RNC to chameleonically assist in the war propaganda.

At first I was intrigued to

At first I was intrigued to see what Justin had to say. Some of Justin R's works are very salient.

Then I saw it was more of the claptrap surrounding Hagel nomination. Rand is absolutely on target when he says ""’You would think by some of the comments I get that Hagel is really Harry Browne"

I campaigned for Harry Browne in 2000, and can say in no uncertain terms.. Hagel is not him. Not close.

Ok, some people think Hagel is not the worst guy Obama could nominate. Fair enough. But the kind of vitriol it has sparked.. especially given how Hagel answered the panel questions as well as some other stances and dealings.. is beyond me.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Maybe thats the case here with McCain & co.

i would suggest a closer read

raimondo agrees with you that hagel is no libertarian and says no one is saying he is.

the GOP (neocons) don't want him because he isn't war hungry enough, although they would not admit that. and as ron paul has pointed out it's more about the policy than the individual in these cases. there's also a lot more to the article than the one bit you have selected.

anyhow, ron paul says (if he was in the senate) he would probably vote for hagel.

Has-beens love to attack

Has-beens love to attack up-and-comers.

somehow i get the feeling

you did not give raimondo's well written, well thought out and honest report a close reading. raimondo has been doing a terrific job forever cutting through the bull and is highly respected in the libertarian community. recently lew rockwell conducted an excellent interview with him on one of his podcasts.

for you to simply write one of your quickie name calling posts speaks volumes though. once you drink anyone's kool aid you put blinders on and drop any critical thinking.

i don't really care for his

i don't really care for his style... lew rockwell's either. they're cannibals.

they're truth tellers,

they always have been. it's common knowledge, but i understand the truth is hard to come to grips with sometimes.

its not the truth i have a

its not the truth i have a problem with

finding truth, honesty & integrity

in politics is nearly impossible since lying, back stabbing & special interest rule the day. this is why the libertarians are so important (not infallible) but they don't pick sides. they realize that both parties are to blame and they are not shy in pointing out the bs, regardless of who it is.
ron paul is a very big exception to the rule. there are a few others. the acid test is foreign policy. if you heard the geraldo interviews with ron paul recently he said if he was in the senate he'd probably vote for hagel because some of his sentiments echo his. rand however has instead lined up with the worst of the worst neocons. if you applaud that or chose to ignore it fine, but at least admit it.

Truth has nothing to do with

Truth has nothing to do with it. I don't like them personally because they're abrasive cannibals. They have no future. Lew Rockwell is a Ron Paul coat tailer. Justin is a bitter blogger. And if you think Rand lined up witb the neocons, then you're as fetish obsessed with Bill Kristol as JR.

of course you realize

lew rockwell is a very close friend of the entire paul family? he's known rand since he was in short pants. that's why you don't see him write about rand except to say that father & son are quite different. to lew's credit he does allow criticism of rand at LRC by others when he feels it's warranted.

this is probably a good time for us to end our exchange. you don't seem to be able to discuss topics in a civil manner. name calling is a sure sign that a person has lost confidence in their argument. feel free to have the last word.

lol make 7 points and

lol make 7 points and run...?

anyway, Lew Rockwell being a friend of the Paul's doesn't influence me. My family has friends too... I wouldn't have picked all of them myself.

And if Rand is not his father, Lew Rockwell is certainly not Rand's father... not even close.