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Into the rabbit hole while chugging red pills; the world was never what we thought

The videos just keep getting better and better... I was led to this video from the Michael Rivero video "All Wars Are Bankers Wars"... thought that was the best ever, then, while searching for info about the Rothschilds creating Israel, I found this about Eustace Mullins and "The New World Order".. it is chock full of history and details! And this video is pretty old, back from Clinton era, and yet, all of this was known back then, by whoever bought Eustace's book. And yet after being on DailyPaul for a few years, I still never heard of or knew any of this.

These problems certainly can't be solved unless you know what the problems are, and to know that you are solving a real problem and not just some setup problem meant to divert your efforts.



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Waking up is exhilarating, although some aspects are more fun than others. Go check out a video I post the other day called "Believing is Not Seeing." It got no attention at all, but I am pretty sure you will love it. Thanks for the video, Mullins was a great man.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Thanks will check it out

I BCC'd everyone on my email list the other day with the "All Wars are Bankers Wars" the other day... only got a few replies, but they were very positive... everyone else, I can only imagine are in denial due to the lifetime of brainwashing and watching, believing, and living in the poor theatre productions that have been our lives up until this point.

Good find

I find it interesting how so many of these people from the older generations have done their research and learned what we think today is a new revelation.

A good friend of mine passed a couple years ago. He was prominent in this area too. Maybe you've heard of him because he has some videos out as well. His name was Ret. Director of the FBI, Ted Gunderson. When I first met him, I thought he was the absolute craziest wacco loon out there but every story has come to light. (Not every fact yet though) About a dozen of us used to have 'fire-side chats' til very late and the details would fly!

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you really want to scratch around in the rabbit hole there is one called "Ring of Power: Empire of the City" which is very long and a bit dry, but full of info.

There is also one called "Esoteric Agenda" which is pretty informative as well.

Great video


xlent: 1992..

now listening to AJ interview from 2005:


(if AJ doesent suit you, there are many more choices in the sidebar)


oldy but a goody