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TEDTalks: Building Beautiful Homes Out of Junk

Hey everyone. I see a lot of people here that seem to be interested in building themselves a self-sustained comfortable home without spending a fortune. What would be more liberating than to have a home that doesn't require bending to "The Man"? I am going to start posting threads now and then on how to get off the grid, how to build really awesome homes for cheap and how to get involved in workshops. I have been researching these things for years. Below is a link to a very resourceful man I had the honor of spending a day with at his "bone house" in Huntsville Tx. We and others built a really cool cob oven in his yard. Please don't let the "sponsor" at the beginning of the video throw you off. It is TEDX's sponsor not Dan's. Hope you enjoy and get some ideas from the video!


Uploaded on Nov 29, 2010
‪http://www.ted.com‬ In this funny and insightful talk from TEDxHouston, builder Dan Phillips tours us through a dozen homes he's built in Texas using recycled and reclaimed materials in wildly creative ways. Brilliant, low-tech design details will refresh your own creative drive.

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Unfortunately due to local building ordinances

It's almost impossible to get a permit to build an unconventional home. Once again that is another area of our society that is way over regulated.

It depends

on where you build but I know what you mean. That's part of the rigged system. It's so builders and building suppliers and so on can keep fleecing us. Always in the name of "keeping us safe" Yeah, right! If enough people refuse to buy those crappy tract houses then things will change. Once again I say we have to have a paradigm shift for real change. I can't stress that enough.


Enjoyed that very much :)

Loved his resourcefulness, creativity, and humor.

Yes Me Too

I also love his message! He helps poor people own their own homes without going into debt forever.


Cool stuff!

Cool stuff!

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Thanks Skippy D

I loved the porch of branches at 4:48

I want to live in the house at 10:35


Thank You Back!

Loved the video. I Loved the Treehouses.


You Are Welcome

Please pass the video on to anyone who will watch it. If we can get more people to start thinking of housing from a different angle we might be able to break away from the conventional expensive environmental unfriendly tract houses they shove down our throats these days.