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How Iran Deals with Banking Corruption

Does the government of Iran coddle the banking industry? Are they too big to fail, too big to jail?

Take a look:

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They were not too big to flail.


justice is terrorism

justice is terrorism

Too Bad We Can't Send

all the world banksters to Iran. This pretty much is a good indication as to why the pigs that be are wanting to take them out!


Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria didn't have a private central bank until recently. Iran has yet to establish a private central bank. See a pattern forming?

Sounds Like Iran is an Enemy to the Bankers

Which means the corporate owned news will villianize Iran, make up a bunch of stuff about them, maybe stage a violent event and blame it on justify U.S. military force invading, bombings, killing, and overthrowing their government and media; to put banker puppets in charge there too.


Your comment reminds me of

Any more irony in the news

... and my head will explode.

I can hardly take it anymore. Irony is leaching out of the pores of my skin, I can taste it in my mouth.

I'm puking irony. the Liberty movement is determined to...

...bring Sharia-Law to the United States!

That's how this will be received, since we brought up proper application of "the rule of law"!