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Glen Bradley - One of our own running for NCGOP Vice Chairman

North Carolina has a legit strict constructionist candidate for vice chair of the GOP. Thing is, we need HELP from the grassroots. Glen Bradley CANNOT run a campaign if this is not done. If we want real change at all ranks, we can't just nominate a liberty candidate & then throw them out on their own. Our liberty folks don't have the support & big money from the establishment like other candidates. If we want it, we have to put some of our own resources into it. Here is what needs to be done:

1) MONEY. There will be a money bomb this Friday, Feb. 22, the results of which will dictate just how far this campaign goes. If nothing is raised, this campaign will very likely die in its tracks due to lack of support. This is a crucial time for the campaign to travel to local conventions in order to meet delegates, motivate further participation at the state convention, and distribute materials. If we can't get that far, then there's not much point in taking it further, to be brutally honest. I ask at this time that you put half as much support into this campaign as you put into purchasing new electronics, or going out to eat in a week, because it is JUST as important. I am pretty much a dinosaur when it comes to technology, but I know I've spent hundreds of dollars in the past 6 months on computer items, phone items, etc. This race is MORE important than the latest electronics, and if won will have effects that last much longer. Yes, North Carolina Constitutionalists, I am asking you to contribute half as much to the campaign as you have put into a new tv, tablet, iphone, etc. in the last 6 months. How much do you spend going out to eat in a week? If you eat a $10 lunch/ weekday, at $50/week, I ask that you give half as much to the campaign this week - $25 this week, to Glen Bradley's campaign. This is MORE important than eating out, and you will get more for your money. Look for our Glen Bradley money bomb this Friday through Sunday, February 22 to February 24.

2) MAN POWER. Not everyone can afford to donate to the campaign at this time. If you are unable to contribute, please volunteer to: -be a proxy for Glen Bradley to a precinct, county, or district convention -make fundraising phone calls -distribute materials for the campaign, etc. We need HELP getting the word out & getting folks to show up to their conventions, in order to be delegates & have a vote for Glen. Aside from these things, we need social media promotional materials: please write an article, a recommendation, an endorsement, make a meme, a video, whatever area in which you personally can help get his name out & encourage participation at the conventions, please do it. This is a call to action.


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Glen's total.

With your help, we are just shy of $2K, $1988.44. Rumor has it, we are going to have a BBQ fundraiser in Durham County. Keep watching for updates.

Freedom Mom

Freedom Mom

Glen Bradley for Vice Chairman http://glenbradley.net/

1/2 why there!

A word from Freedom Mom. We are 1/2 way to the fundraising goal for Glen Bradley's run for NC GOP Vice chairman. We, the Liberty people, asked him to run, it will be his burden to keep his word to us. Since we asked, he stood up to the plate and made the decision. It is our burden to get him there. Many liberty friends have helped so far. We are at $1573.44 of the $3000 goal. If everyone on RFP will give $5 we will meet and exceed our goal for this 1st fundraiser.


Freedom Mom

Glen Bradley for Vice Chairman http://glenbradley.net/

Today's the day. Help Glen

Today's the day. Help Glen Bradley become our next NC GOP Vice Chair.


Freedom Mom

Glen Bradley for Vice Chairman http://glenbradley.net/

Your link is broken

We need him! But who is he, a constitutionalist?



Definitely, he's a Ron Paul supporter.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Yes he is a

Yes he is a constitutionalist. He was endorsed by Ron Paul during the NC Senate Primary. You can see Ron Paul's endorsement letter on Glen's website.


Freedom Mom

Glen Bradley for Vice Chairman http://glenbradley.net/

Sometimes they cross party endorsements

But not for president. Be good if he would come into the GOP.

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He has been mentioned on the DP re: moneybomb in 2010

More info here:

In the House, Bradley filed bills to study whether or not the state should authorize an alternative currency, and to require the state to accept gold and silver as legal tender.[3][4]

Bradley ran for the North Carolina Senate in 2012 but lost the Republican primary on May 8, 2012. He finished in last place out of three candidates, getting about 14% of the vote, behind winner Chad Barefoot (46%) and second-place finisher Michael Schriver (40%).[5]

In 2013, Bradley announced that he would be running for Vice-Chair of the North Carolina Republican Party.[6]

link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glen_Bradley

I've seen him mentioned repeatedly on DP

I'm looking forward to what Rand has to say about him and this situation.

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Thanks. We need someone like

Thanks. We need someone like Glen on the GOP staff.

Freedom Mom

Glen Bradley for Vice Chairman http://glenbradley.net/