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The Slaves are so excited! It's Presidents Day!

The slaves ask each other, which one is your favorite? The media honors the slave masters by showing the slaves endless propaganda about all their "glorious" rulers. The slaves get so excited they about piss their pants.

The slaves whisper to each other, it has been over 230 years, one day we will pick the right one. Then they will love us and take care of us.

"YEAH, one day" the slaves all scream. The slaves do not have much but they do have "delusion", they feed their delusion with faith. This is how they have been conditioned to think and their delusion has become obese with faith.

The thing that is most sad, they are so blind, they can not see the prison planet they are in.

They keep you doped with religion, sex and TV. You think your so clever and classless and free. But you're still fu*king peasants as far as I can see. (John Lennon)