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The Granger did Sacramento last year 2013

EDIT: 02 March 2014. This is an old thread. Granger been there done that. Convention is in San Francisco and I am not going, nor will I say anything until after the convention mid-March.

I'm glad I did the convention. I'm glad for the position of treasurer because it's a political eye opener from a BUSINESS perspective, that many candidates don't completely understand, but those who KNOW how the party operates.. really operates..

CENSURE PREIBUS!! Now let this thread take it's rightful place in history. Thank you.

I'm very moved and appreciative to those who offered me support for my first CA GOP convention, on the fundraising thread, Send The Granger to Sacramento, less than 24 hours ago, the goal was reached and I'm very humbled and grateful.

Here's a breakdown of donations received in denominations:

Donations received by denominations:

$100.00 donation 1 supporter
$57.70 "" 1
$50.00 "" 1
$40.00 "" 1
$30.00 "" 2
$25.00 "" 5
$20.00 "" 6
$15.00 "" 2
$02.00 "" 1

Totals $584.70 20

THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! I go to the convention in 10 days, so let's discuss issues, especially about CA this before I go. Mental Health and Guns are a big double whammy to fight.

I will be emailing those who contributed donations an email of thanks.

AGAIN THANK YOU, I am very proud to be taking the Daily Paul community with me into the CA GOP Spring Convention!! I will be reporting from the convention and make a report when I return home. I leave for the convention 28 February and Return March 4th.


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Don't let politics and political success get confused

I don't know why Hydroman below bumped this thread a year after it's direct relevance
( )

But I read it and the comments again, even though they are old and I do see relevance to a new subject that has recently come up about Owen Hill getting sidelined by COGOP leadership in favor of a handpicked senate candidate:

First, I see a lot of confusion below of DPers who reject Granger's personal politics with a rejection of the framework for success in the GOP that Granger has repeatedly shared with people here.

Granger has been extremely successful getting into county party GOP leadership and onto the GOP state central committee.

Whatever you may feel about Granger's personal politics, do not let your disagreement with that blind you to the clear framework for success in GOP politics that she has shared here over and over. I see people directly state that they refuse to avail themselves of the success formula in GOP politics because they disagree with Granger personally.

That is a recipe for FAILURE and CONTINUED LOSS.

Take what's going on in CO right now with Owen Hill. The TRUTH is that almost 50% of Ron Paul republicans (RPRs) in CO are no longer engaged in the GOP party process. Additionally, very few RPRs in CO have done precinct canvassing and recruiting since the 2012 race.

Then I hear about how nasty the COGOP is being to liberty candidates. Well what the h*ll did you expect? When your numbers drop by 50% and you're not recruiting, do you expect them to applaud liberty candidates when they show up? This is POLITICS. If you want a friend in politics GET A DOG. Otherwise, you will continue to lose if your numbers are not increasing.


So, don't begrudge Granger her model for success in the GOP, regardless of what you feel about her personal politics personally. If you want to win in the GOP, it's easy to follow the Granger success model, even if you do not believe in her personal politics.

If you don't, then don't complain when the GOP rolls liberty candidates.

The "loyalty oath" is a non-issue. Loyalty oaths are non-enforceable and, if ever one were sued - which will never happen - for an assertion that one violated their "loyalty oath", the standard for exoneration is low - i.e. you show you made a "best effort" to uphold it, but could not, or, show some evidence that the people you are representing as delegate strenuously communicated with you to go another direction. Easy.


Enonesoch says good luck. Enonesoch hopes you have a productive time. Enonesoch hopes you have a chance to promote the liberty message.


Good luck - try not to become

Good luck - try not to become too soiled while having to rub shoulders with criminals of the GOP establishment


Liberty = Responsibility

She should head straight for Tel Aviv...

...take up with a balding portly hummus hawker...and stay there for the duration...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Good luck and please carry the message of Liberty with you.


It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

Remember to warm up the crowd with this one...

"Before I start, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all of our brothers and sisters in the Nation of Islam and their spectacularly misunderstood leader, Louis Farrakhan. As-salamu alaykum." (Wait for applause... keep waiting........)

I'm not going to give a speach

but if I was, and they were there, I would welcome them, and they would appaulse while the racists wouldn't.

You must understand that

You must understand that Farrakhan's history and the principles of his organization are based on racism. You don't get a free pass based on a single instance of agreement with Ron Paul with decades of prior hate-mongering.

Racism that affected Farrahkan and Muslims?

Farrakhan has a long list of issues he agrees with Ron Paul, and being he was raised from the Civil Rights, has withstood decades of MSM censorship, slander and bias, worse that what we experienced campaigning for Ron Paul.. of all political groups emerging, I would think, that we the people are not just white or Judeo Christian, or Hispanic, or based on what has been claomed one said in the past, least we forget the notorious Ron Paul Newsletter.

Farrakhan represents the blowback of racism, the caged and controlled, perpetually assulted and the quest to be liberated under a constitution that actually stands for all, not just rich white folk.

Liberty doesn't mean we have to homogenize, it means we are free to be who and what we are, God's will or our own and taking responsibility for our wrongs while working to make more rights.

So... you disapprove of

So... you disapprove of "white racism" toward blacks, but approve of "black racism" toward whites. That appears to be the message you're promoting.

Pandering to "race card" politics is not the way to grow the liberty movement. This is the cardboard cutout mentality that has poisoned both Democrats and Republicans.

Not at all Velveeta

I think all racism is based in fear.

I am promoting a disscussion about Farrakham and The Nation of Islam because I see simularities between them and the Liberty Movement. If we can not make peace in America with Americans, then what's to make us think in terms of global peace?

One thing I noticed about ALL Liberty lovers, they don't appreciate pandering.

Straying from the constitution and selling us out is what poisoned both major parties.

Any similarities between the

Any similarities between the liberty movement and Farrakhan's organization are coincidental. There are certain appeals to fear in both, to be sure (fear of a destroyed America, fear of the "white man"). Both are fringe movements. Both have symbolic leaders who are controversial... But you are sympathizing with a movement contrary to the liberty cause with a questionable premise. Because you view "broadening the base" of the liberty movement as your primary goal, you are grasping at any group you suspect might align with Ron Paul's beliefs. It's desperate and misguided.

I thought of it as learning

My primary goal politically, is to educate myself and restore the republic within the GOP by voting in republiCANs who understand Ron Paul's message. The Liberty Movement is seperate from the rEVOLution, though they quest for Ron paul's message to materialize, the rEVOLution is now, for the most part with Rand, and the Loberty Movement is seeking ways to grow, of course reaching out to others is key. But who? Farrakhan has a huge following. I would not be surprized if someone said he voted for Obama. But three days ago, I could'nt honestly say much about Farrakhan from my own inniative or interest. Why you find it desperate and misquided is because the idea I presented strikes fear: False Evidece Appearing Real.

I think the answer, the real answer, is Ron paul would not appear with Farrakhan, and there will never be a reason given. And that's ok too.

Really? You think Farrakhan might have voted for Obama?

I doubt that very much. From the speeches he's given that I've heard on YouTube, it wouldn't surprise me if he and his people sat that election out. It seemed clear to me he was more than hinting to them to vote for Ron Paul.

BTW, I am friends with one of his devoted followers. (So much for the racist bigotry lie.) It was clear to me that she felt it was "Ron Paul or none at all".

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I agree with you you ((((((Nonna))))))

I think it's more likely they didn't vote, and I see no record of his voting. And yeah, it seems he has stood more for Ron Paul which is why I even bothered looking at him in the first place.

You're not going to vote for Romney again are you?

Remember - supporting establishment republicans is supporting killing tens of thousands of innocent people around the world with OUR TAX MONEY.

It's a shame I have to explain this to a member of the DailyPaul.

Something's way out of whack with that.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I think keeping a loyalty oath

is more important when it comes to principles, then a vote for a stooge.

Now I'm an elected RepubliCAN and fighting on the front line, while you make jokes as if theat's restoring the republic.

I think it's a shame you are refusing to learn how to win, rather than keep rehashing losses.


Taking a loyalty oath to

Taking a loyalty oath to support "immoral" principles is even worse. If I had been given that choice, I would've resigned from the organization.

I wanted to be a RP national delegate

and I had to sign that oath just like hundreds of other RP national delegates. We are now in and remain fighting.

"Fighting" for WHAT?

You have become the system. You are the system.

Restoring the republic

yes, I have become the system.

Ron Paul was the system.

talk is cheap

it's your actions that show the real person. you can talk the liberty talk all you want, but when you shamelessly and tirelessly shill for the establishment then you are the establishment. if it looks like a duck......

Yes, I am very new to being the establishment

and I hope that I represent one among many working to restore the republic to a constitutional one.

talk is cheap

If you think shilling for the establishment is going to "restore the republic to a constitutional one," then you are completely ignorant to what is going on around you.

you say one thing, but your actions have different are a perfect establishment shill.


you can get them to repeal oaths so that you wont have to be such a shill for whatever establishment scumbag you think your oath ties you to.


She CHOSE to support Rombama, that oath crap is an excuse. She sure doesn't care that the creeps she supported broke oaths and rules and bones.

So I guess that makes me "crazee, hurt and jealous". Whatever. At least I didn't support a fascist liar.

The more you learn about politics, the better the vocabulary

when speaking about politics.

By shill standards, I am now a shill for the rEVOLution Liberty Movement.

I'm not alone.


I've been out of the loop lately. I wasn't aware you were doing this. I'd like to donate something to your trip. Are you able to still accept contributions? Do you have a link or instructions as to how to do this?


(((((((Nansea)))))) One did not need to be out of a loop to miss the fundraiser for my, Send The Granger to Sacramento, post. It was up for less than 24 hours before we achived the goal of $575.00

I closed the post to terminate more donations and began this one to THANK everyone who offered me, good luck, best wishes, "give 'em Hell", "Go get em", and donations.

Please accept my offering you a place on this post in saying THANK YOU (((((Nansea)))) for the offer to contribute to my pending trip to the CA GOP Spring Convention in Sacramento, where I look forward to passout the business cards I ordered that have on the back, and flyers with up and coming federal/national level liberty candidates in the GOP like Justin Amash. I hope to look Karl Rove in the eye and say, "The people are catching on, Karl.", and show some silver at the dinner and lunch table to teach people about sound money, and talk about the constitution, and how far we've lost our way by being played to losing our rights.

I'm taking you in my heart with me.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Thank you Granger,

for giving me the opportunity to help.