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The Granger did Sacramento last year 2013

EDIT: 02 March 2014. This is an old thread. Granger been there done that. Convention is in San Francisco and I am not going, nor will I say anything until after the convention mid-March.

I'm glad I did the convention. I'm glad for the position of treasurer because it's a political eye opener from a BUSINESS perspective, that many candidates don't completely understand, but those who KNOW how the party operates.. really operates..

CENSURE PREIBUS!! Now let this thread take it's rightful place in history. Thank you.

I'm very moved and appreciative to those who offered me support for my first CA GOP convention, on the fundraising thread, Send The Granger to Sacramento, less than 24 hours ago, the goal was reached and I'm very humbled and grateful.

Here's a breakdown of donations received in denominations:

Donations received by denominations:

$100.00 donation 1 supporter
$57.70 "" 1
$50.00 "" 1
$40.00 "" 1
$30.00 "" 2
$25.00 "" 5
$20.00 "" 6
$15.00 "" 2
$02.00 "" 1

Totals $584.70 20

THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! I go to the convention in 10 days, so let's discuss issues, especially about CA this before I go. Mental Health and Guns are a big double whammy to fight.

I will be emailing those who contributed donations an email of thanks.

AGAIN THANK YOU, I am very proud to be taking the Daily Paul community with me into the CA GOP Spring Convention!! I will be reporting from the convention and make a report when I return home. I leave for the convention 28 February and Return March 4th.


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What they need ((((Freedom's Remnant))))

is to stop taking marching orders from the bay area council, where the elected and corporate leaders do business by precident and not the constitution.. they pass right under our noses while foklks go on and on about old conspiracy, rather than active.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Granger,I've given up on


I've given up on politics, for now. The change we seek will come only when enough people wake up to reality, and so my contribution to the cause now is speaking out - often and in many places and with passion and with no holds barred when it comes to the truth. People are so propagandized that they need to hear the truth many times before they even start to consider it's possibility, and until there is a critical mass of liberty minded voters, politics is a waste of time.

But I know that you feel differently about politics. Your passion for what you are doing within the GOP is evident, and I know that if you could afford to do this on your own you wouldn't be asking for help. It is your passion to which I contributed.

Here's what I hope you will convey to your establishment GOP friends:

Tell them that for every awakened Granger willing to work within the GOP, there are many awakened others, currently disgusted by the thought.

Tell them that we are tired of their endless wars and the deaths of innocents, conducted solely to enrich the MIC. We're tired of paying for these wars via the collusion of banksters and politicians stealing our wealth through the debasement of our money, and we're REALLY tired of GOP politicians explaining away their gifts to the banksters as necessary to save capitalism.

We're tired of the corporate fascists and their control of the medical and agricultural and health insurance industries, producing garbage for food, telling us it's good for us and then when we are sick and dying plying us with destructive and costly drugs, all for their own enrichment and subsidized by our tax dollars, again, courtesy of the GOP establishment.

We're tired of the dumbing down of our youth via the one-size-fits-all GOP supported outcome-based education establishment, now controlled by propagandists out of DC. We're sickened by what this system is producing - good little mind controlled "citizens", workers for the corporations, happy to leave college with mortgages on their backs - payable to the bankster establishment - and happy to tow the line for the corporate masters in exchange for their free weekends full of bread and circus. "Educated" zombies, unable to think critically enough to imagine a better way of living.

And we're tired of so much else; the GOP supported theft of the freedoms of those who dare to try to escape their reality via illegal drugs, the MSM propaganda machine, the endless vote-buying spending in DC paid for with debt placed on the backs of our sons and daughters and their sons and daughters.

But most of all we're tired of the lying, thieving GOP establishment, mouthing "freedom for the people" rhetorically while accepting their contributions from their corporate masters, then twisting the system into one of control over the people's lives.

Tell your establishment GOP friends that many of us will NEVER vote for another GOP establishment candidate, no matter WHO the Democrats put up. I would rather see this experiment in freedom implode under the direction of a sniveling socialist like Hillary than it's death be associated with another GOP establishment freedom faker. Tell them that, if we have anything to say about it, that their days of rule through propaganda are over.

And if your establishment GOP friends insist that they're not the problem - that they'd support liberty minded candidates who will do the right thing but that these sorts of politicians are unelectable - then tell them that nothing less than their full support of liberty minded candidates is acceptable to us, so it's either that they're with us and we win or go down fighting, or they're on their own and they will lose.

(Whew, nothing like a politics invoked blood pressure rush to start the day!)

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

I watched a movie last night

I wanted to just shift gears, and decided to watch a movie.. I have no idea why I picked the movie I did.. "Bamako", African female bar singer and problem with husband. Not my kind of movie.

What this movie actually is, a story of a town in Mali that is standing up to a state court, about how the globalization has destroyed them. One African witness, brilliant people, I'm sure they LOVE Ron Paul, probably even knows who he is, because it's a mind blowing movie, the arguments against the UN agenda is well said, and I think you would appreciate it based on what you have provided here as advice.

When Ron Paul invited us into the republican party as delegates, he wasn't inviting us to a cake walk, but a good fight. I'm happy to have the support and advice! THANK YOU


(((((Granger))))) take Freedom's Remnant's list with you. That says it all perfectly.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Young Lady...

I see you said, "don't send the check"...Try to remember (as if you would know) I'm off grid up here so I just snail mail cash to show my support...And it is all I can do...So I humbly ask that next time your gonna travel that you please send me an email and give me a chance to mail some help out ahead of time...It helps me get through the day knowing I've done SOMETHING...You give em hell in Sac, and if a 911 comes up there, you don't be afraid to ask me for help...I have a ton of friends in Mendo and all over NorCal!

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!


Today you have stregthened the rEVOLution in the GOP to bring that message deeper into the heart of the state party, where it desperately needs help. THANK YOU!

Me too.

I am not sure where you read it but I am with you. I am snail mailing - out tomorrow, Wednesday. I like to utilize the only two benefits I receive from government - the roads and the PO.

Btw, how were we supposed to send the doe?


The thread I posted explaining my attending the CA GOP Spring convention. I asked the mods to close replies it because we had achieved the goal and I didn't want to go beyond what I was asking.

When I get back from the convention, I hope I will have heard back from those who sponsored me, and this would include snail mailed funds. I'll report what I spent money on, unless it's my own money that I don't expect my committee or the DP community to pay for, like my membership and office dues.

I have three pending payment on PayPal, so it may be that I did not reach my goal, but since I didn't ever expect anyone to help me, and Boy, does it make me feel humbled and determined, I'm so pleased by the support.. blown away and very grateful and impressed. Wow!

It's a high light of my life. Thank you for sharing that with me ((((dducky))))

Okay Grang.

Enjoying yourself is the most important thing!! I know you will represent the liberty 'fringe' well. Just do not let them influence your peaceful foreign policy stances. Never give an inch on this particular item. And if you have extra funds do not hesitate to slap some R3VOLution badges on their back ends - of their cars, of course. But please have fun. If their are additional funds from your expenses and the badges (and, don't forget the beans, popcorn, Doritos, and Roquefort) than send it to the DP providers for their enjoyment too.


Oh bother, you had to mention doritos and roguefort

.. day seven..


lemonade is good..

Wish you...

best of luck.

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.


Thank you! :D


I'm glad to see the community support you!

Maybe you can find Joan and see if she's had a change of heart, of if she's willing to form an alliance...or perhaps she has no remorse. I would be interested to know her thoughts on how things transpired since she became a meme.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!



THANK YOU. I am moved and fired up to breathe new life into the GOP.

Isn't Joan in Texas? Joan wouldn't do that to me. Being a lady has some advantages over being silencer in a republic sworn to a constitution with the first amendment being freedom of speach.


She's from the CA delegation.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Then I look forward to meeting her

I am with the republiCAN future and she's toast.

best of luck

Breaking through to only one person will help immensely because these are the most involved people in the state.


Yes, and yet, I know I will break through to many because I am determined, and I believe, "you can not stop an idea that's time has come", and I want that idea to be Liberty, and materialize it through "restoring the republic", by getting into government, the party which we were invited, by Ron Paul, who remains in the republican party, where we have a GOOD FIGHT, not a cake walk.

The support from my committee and the Daily PAul community lifts me, by more than my own efforts of being elected to a committee, and suffering through loyalty oaths, and learning Roberts Rules of Order and the political machine, and how the voices of explaination echo, the dimmer being the more inside you are, where the talk changes, within the echos. Echo chamber.. and why did Ron Paul stand out? He stood alone for Liberty, Sound Money, Sane Defence policy, smaller government and more businesses, natural rights instead of a UN Agenda..

And Rand teaches us the political games of trading rights bait and switch, right now gun rights are being threatened, but the real threat is the 5TH Amendment, because people are willing to give up their 5th to the 2nd.. accepting mental health screening tests to legally own a gun, and putting mental HEALTH into a prison system.

My committee is like Daily PAul in real life. For all I know, my chair and half my community read Daily Paul, after the convention, my hope is all the attendees will.


I love this:

what judge Andrew Napolitano said on Freedom Watch when talking about laws and an historical figure he quoted: Be careful about wishing laws be done away with immediately, because it is those laws that although they are detriment to society, they are impediments against those who could run roughshod over society, because there'd be no ability to corral those people. It's that classic case of those who create so much crap that they too are mired in it.

The constitution should be our guide. As long as people in government become how you are, freedom loving, the individual will win in every activity he does. The free American must get to the point of not only feeling no fear of government attacking him but indeed NOT be attacked by government for what he does and that if he does someone wrong, he and that person work out their problems with each other unless one of them calls upon the court to intervene. What's at heart is the nonaggression principle and that the government employ it, do it, thereby positioning itself as server to the people. What I mean by server is that it would be the arbiter of last resort when parties in conflict cannot come to resolution peacefully. This stance of the government, the defense stance, is the key to creating heaven on Earth at least where we are concerned, in the United States.

Also, Granger, ...they only use Roberts Rules of Order informally at meetings to formalize what they already had planned. That observation is sharp, keen. You, my friend, are aware and observant. You possess the ability to discern, that is, to recognize things for what they are: You see logic and illogic, I think probably because you allow things to be what they are rather apply your thoughts onto them. Keep up the fantastic work. I am proud of you, Ms. Grace, you free woman, you free human being.


I just saw this thread :-)

Well I am a little slow sometimes, it must be that '70's things [thanks for the Rocky vid, Granger, I love that show!].

Lady-like, as you noted below. Very cool :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul



I wrote you a post on the other thread, but it was closed as I feared it may be..

I made the post to you on the other thread very quickly, wanting ti respond immediatly to tell you THANK YOU, but I also want you to know that I do not take your contribution lightly, for to me it respresents the spiritual part, that Jesus is with me because you are with me. I know you made a sacrifice to help me, and this means a great deal to me, knowing you have a husband, children, animals, a congrgation that was just ribbed and dealing with the social environment our nation appears plaqued.

It means more to me that I have immediate words for, how deeply you contribution means to me.

From the bottom if me heart. THANK YOU (((((((((((((bear)))))))))))))

I think I got it

and I wrote this:


Granger, you are doing what I wish I was doing. My very small contribution is sent because sometimes we send people when we can't go ourselves. I wish I could duplicate you here in Missouri, but alas, California has the one and only Granger!

Your words are too kind! You will be in my prayers!

No, it was much longer


It was a long post about how your sacrifice showed me, that my sister in Jesus on DP, is showing me that God is willing and I feel stregthened, and humbled, by your contribution in that very special way.

THANK YOU ((((((((bear))))))))


I have no intention of getting mouthy with Mr. Rove anymore than Ron Paul would. That's not how we win. We win by showing up and looking presidential, in a feminie way, if you know what I mean. I am who I am. And I'm respected in my community, and respected by those who are supporting me to this convention. I am a Republican, and I don't agree with Mr. Rove, and this convention affords me the opportunity to educate Rove's listeners who and how he's killing the GOP and how we are the future and invest in LIBERTY, not slavery.

The support I've received from this community is something that will inspire me in my heart. I'm an individual, and not alone in my thoughts or goal to restore the republic.