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Good News: Nullification Advancing In Co

UPDATE: 2/18. 3:45 PM. The Colorado House Committee on State, Veterans and Military Affairs has PASSED 13-1045. It now moves on to the full house.

From Rep. Wright, “The Colorado Citizen’s Freedom Act – state NDAA nullification passes committee 7-4! Thank you Democrat Representatives Salazar, Labuda & Moreno for your votes. Now the bill is headed to the House floor. Looking forward to getting it passed and sending it over to the Senate for the very able Senator Jessie Ulibarri to take the flag and run with it.”

Read the Rest: http://rlccolorado.com/2013/02/18/72-hours-to-fight-the-ndaa/

There is still bad news re: Traitors trying to pass "gun control", but there are rays of Hope here in CO too.

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